Leverage Event Surveys to make Your Next Event a Big Hit

Angela White
October 23, 2018

Conducting a business event is your ultimate opportunity to assess various aspects of your company, interact with your target audience, enhance your presence in the industry, hook in potential customers, evaluate current market trends, and formulate new strategies to better your performance.

In short, while the competition is brewing tough, events will help you stay ahead of the curve and can be your stepping stone towards success.

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However, organizing an event is not as simple as it may seem. From searching for sponsors to arranging event speakers and choosing a location to publicize to your audience, it involves a whole lot of hectic schedules and countless efforts from your side. And above all, if there is anything that slips through your hand, the entire purpose of doing so will go in vain.

Your event will be of no use if you are unable to structure it to cater to the needs of your audience. One way to keep yourself at arm’s length from such adversities is to use event survey templates, which offers you practical insights into its different uses-

Types of event surveys:

leverage event surveys

1. Pre-event surveys:

It is good if you already have an event planned in your head according to what you feel is essential. However, to ensure your event’s success and get the best results, it is crucial that you structure it as per your customer’s demands.

You can do so by using pre-event surveys and reach your target audience to analyse their expectations. Here are a few essential points you must include to have a better understanding:

  • Take their suggestions for event speakers and content: Ask what your audience would like to see and who they would love to listen to at the upcoming event. Remember, that you are setting it up for the consumers, which will, in turn, improve your business.So make sure to include appropriate questions in your pre-event survey that will give an insight into their needs. You may even do a poll on your social media handles or use emails to achieve the said purpose.
  • Make a note of your marketing standards: Talk to your customers about where they first heard of your event. Place a few options, as in your facebook page, website or any other media you chose to promote your event; this will help you in assessing the performance of your marketing strategies and the areas that bring in more conversions to your business.

For around 46% of marketers, the initial planning process is the toughest of all tasks. But when you conduct pre-event surveys, the complications reduce to a great extent. Here are a few sample questions:

  • What topics would you like to get covered at the event?
  • Suggest us a few speakers of your choice?
  • When would you like to attend our event? (ask for morning or evening preferences)

2. Mid-event surveys:

Apart from intriguing speeches and product demonstrations, you need to have something peculiar that can draw the attendees’ interest during the event. An engaged and actively participating audience is crucial to keep the atmosphere lively and happening. One such way to ensure this is to conduct mid-event surveys, which will help you evaluate the following things:

  • Ask your customers to share their opinion on various event aspects, as in the content topic, food arrangements, event venue, and whether or not they are enjoying the speakers; so that you may improve the next performances. Hold polls or simple one-click surveys to make it easy for them to answer. Moreover, ensure that you will display the calculated responses when the event ends; this will increase their interest further.
  • Utilize this opportunity to generate attendee ROI with the help of lead generation and customer engagement.Sponsor giveaways and cool prizes to people who complete the surveys, and eventually, assess the fundamental marketing concepts of your business.

Sample questions:

  • Rate the venue on a scale of 1–10.
  • What was the most beneficial speech for you until now?
  • How good were the food stalls? (provide a rating scale)

3. Post-event surveys:

While the purpose of the first two polls was to evaluate your target audience’s requirements and track their experience during the program; post-event surveys give you vital statistics and figures on whether or not your event was a success.

Moreover, unlike the other two categories, this type, not only covers the customers’ opinions but also of your sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and other such people who were equally involved in building your event.

  • Sending your post-event surveys right after it ends with precise questions that include a combination of open-ended, multiple choice, and rating scales will assist in analyzing the overall accomplishment of your event and your attendees’ willingness to attend more of such events.
  • Prepare the questionnaire in such a way that it gives you deep insights into the likes and dislikes of your customers so that you can generate the necessary techniques to work on the loopholes in your event organisation efforts.
  • Since, you have various focus groups, i.e., attendees, sponsors, speakers, etc. Cater to the different categories with questions specific to their involvement in the event.

Sample questions:

  • Were the speakers competitive enough to meet your expectations?
  • What was the best/worst part of the event?
  • Rate your overall experience?
  • Would you attend more of such events?

You must note that about 87% of people prefer to have their say in a company’s products and services. So don’t back away from surveying them when necessary.


From gathering central ideas and planning the content or venue to all the way down assessing your attendees’ experience after it ends; surveys are a complete package to make your current and upcoming events a big hit.

Moreover, with over 73% of businesses considering events better than other methods to enhance customer engagement, it is necessary that you leverage event surveys to reap its full benefits.

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