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Pre & Post Webinar Survey Questions to Ask Your Audience

Asking the right questions in your post-webinar survey can help you get the best feedback about your event. The feedback provided by attendees can helps event organizers plan for events in the future!
November 25, 2022

Surveys of all types are important for any type of event! It helps event organizers gather all types of information about the attendees and any events they might have attended before! Asking questions before, during and after your event allows organizers to better plan future events with all of the information they receive. One important detail to keep in mind is that your post-webinar survey should have between 5-10 questions for your attendees to answer. While this guide has many questions you should be asking, you don’t need to ask all 28 questions; feel free to mix and match any combination of the provided questions on your post-webinar survey.

Why are webinar surveys important?

Webinar surveys are important for a multitude of reasons! Webinar hosts can create questions that directly tie into the event and its objectives. You can also find out the number of people who have attended a webinar before and who haven’t. If you have guests that have never attended a webinar before, they might need a few extra minutes at the beginning of the event to become familiar with the process. You can also ask questions during the event to see if anyone has questions or concerns, which you will be able to address right away.

9 pre-webinar survey questions to ask before

These pre-webinar survey questions can give event organizers information and data about the experience levels of the attendees. From finding out how your attendees heard about the webinar to the type of device they will be joining the webinar on, you will have a more clear picture of your guests and their goals!

1. Which speakers are you excited about?

This question helps webinar organizers determine which speakers are the most intriguing to the guests! If there is a certain speaker that your guests are excited about seeing, try to give them extra time in the schedule to speak.

2. Have you attended our events or webinars before?

By asking this question, you can determine which guests are returning customers. This will give the event hosts insight into the retention rate for your events.

3. How did you hear about this webinar?

Your guests may have heard about this event from a variety of marketing channels! By finding out where they heard about the event, you may want to increase or improve your marketing in certain areas if it was not as popular as the others. 

4. Why did you choose to attend this webinar?

Different guests may be attending the event for different reasons. Some might be looking to expand their knowledge on the subject, while others are interested in the guest speakers. You can plan for future events with this knowledge, especially if the subject of the webinar is popular among many of the guests.

5. What device are you planning on using?

Guests may be attending the event on different types of devices, like a laptop, a desktop, or even their mobile phone. By having this information, event organizers can make sure that their webinar platform supports all of the devices being used!

Best devices to use for a webinar

6. Was there any information that was hard to find?

If you created a webinar event website, make sure all of your information is clear and easy to find. If there is someone who has difficulty finding any of the important information, be sure to address it quickly. For any future events, make sure the information is easy to find, so there are no questions or confusion.

7. What is your preferred social media platform?

This question is important to ask because it will give deeper insights as to how to market to your audience! You can create an event flier and post it on all social media platforms, ensuring your guests and any future attendees will see it and be intrigued. 

8. What are you hoping to get out of this webinar?

Asking this question will give event organizers a better understanding of what the goals of the guests are! By having this knowledge, you can then tailor your event to the needs of your guests. For example, if many guests are looking to network with other attendees, maybe create a longer networking session.

9. Will you need any video or audio accommodations?

There may be people who have video or audio issues while on their devices that can impact their experience. According to 3PlayMedia, 71% of people with disabilities leave a website immediately if not accessible. If this is the case, be sure to accommodate these needs so all of your guests can fully enjoy the event!

3 questions to ask during the webinar

There are certain questions to ask your guests during the webinar, to ensure that everyone is engaged and focused. Also, if there are any issues or concerns that your guests may have during the webinar, you can address them immediately.

1. Are there any technical issues you’re experiencing?

Asking this question helps to determine if there are any technical issues, and if there are, it allows them to be addressed right away! Keep in mind that if there are any technical issues, they could be on the guest’s end and not within the webinar itself.

2. Are there any things you would like the speakers to elaborate on?

Speakers usually have an agenda of things they need to speak on during the webinar, and because of this, they may move on to a new topic quickly. Asking your guests during the event if there is anything they would like to hear more about can help direct the speaker’s presentation. If time allows, have the guest speakers go back to the portion that the guests have been requesting to hear more about.

3. Are there any questions?

By asking a general question like this, you can directly identify any questions or problems that your guests have. Guests can have questions, whether general or specific, answered immediately by including this question during your webinar.

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16 post-webinar survey questions to ask after the event

Post-webinar questions are possibly the most important questions to ask your guests. They help event organizers determine if the webinar was a success and can be useful for planning any future events.

1. How would you rate the webinar?

Using a rating scale, you can ask your guests to rate the webinar on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. If your guests enjoyed the webinar, then you know you did a great job planning! If your guests did not enjoy the webinar, then you can reevaluate and plan better for the next one. 

2. How would you rate the speakers?

The guest speakers are such an important part of your webinar, as they provide all kinds of information to your guests. Asking your guests to rate the speakers and the information they provide ensures that your guests took something away from the webinar. You can also determine if your guests will return to future webinars if they enjoyed the speakers!

3. How would you rate the technology?

Webinars, because they are fully online, use technology to present information. Guests can rate the technology used for the webinar, especially if you use a virtual event platform. If they find something difficult to use, you can use this information to improve any future webinars. 

4. How satisfied are you with the networking tools provided?

Networking helps guests gain personal and professional relationships with other guests! Useful networking tools can help guests learn about one another and develop professional relationships that last a lifetime.

How to network at a webinar event

5. Would you contact someone you networked within the webinar?

By asking this question, you can see how many of your guests will contact someone they met in the webinar in the future. The connections guests make can help them in their professional careers, and by having the knowledge that they are likely to reach out to someone they met at your webinar, you will know that your webinar was successful in the networking portion!

6. What part of the webinar did you like the most?

This question allows your guests to define their favorite parts of the webinar. If you have multiple guests who have the same favorite part of the webinar, you should include it in any future webinars which can help boost guest interest and retention.

7. What topics would you want to see at our future events?

In order to help plan any future webinars, you can ask your guests what topics they would like to see. There may be several guests who wish to see a certain topic covered through your webinar, so take that into consideration when planning your next webinar.

8. Were your expectations met?

Guests typically go into virtual events with goals in mind and expectations for the webinar. Ask your guests if their expectations were met; that will determine if your guests think your webinar was a success. If they say their expectations were not met, ask them what their expectations were and what can be done differently in the future!

9. Has your perception of the company improved through the webinar?

Guests may have a perception of your company before they attend your event. This perception can come from your event marketing, past events, or social media posts. After the event, the perception of your company may have changed completely. Asking your guests this question gives event organizers an insight into how they view your company.

10. What were your favorite/least favorite moments in the webinar?

This question allows your guests to express their favorite and least favorite aspects of the webinar. All of your guests are going to have different parts that they liked and disliked, but all of the favorite parts should be celebrated! If many guests have a least favorite part of the event, try to determine what can be changed for any future events.

11. How happy were you with the length of the webinar and the amount of information presented?

Sometimes, webinars can be too long and there is too much information being presented, which can overwhelm the guests. In order to keep everyone engaged throughout the entire webinar, keep the webinar short and the information relevant. 

12. What time of day works best for you for future webinars?

The great thing about webinars is that they are able to happen at any hour during the work day and even after! Asking your guests what time works best for them allows webinar organizers to plan around any previous engagements the guests may have. If many guests are able to gather for a webinar at a certain time, then plan the webinar for that time.

13. Did you find the platform easy to use?

Whichever virtual event platform you choose to host your webinar on, keep in mind that there may be guests who aren’t familiar with the platform. Hosting your webinar on an easy-to-use webinar platform will be beneficial to both the guests and the hosts. Your guests will be able to easily navigate through the webinar and hosts will have the reassurance that their guests received the right information, thanks to the platform.

14. How likely are you to recommend this webinar to a friend?

This question gives webinar organizers a better understanding of if guests will recommend this webinar to their friends and colleagues. If guests enjoyed at your webinar, they are more likely to recommend it to a friend. Depending on the topic of the webinar, your friends and colleagues can learn more about the subjects they are interested in.

15. Will you join our next event?

Companies host all types of events throughout the year, not just webinars! Asking your guests if they will attend any other types of events in the future is a great way to determine any future guest lists. There may be networking events, virtual conferences, and even virtual parties. If all goes right, your guests may want to attend every event you host in the future!

16. Are there any improvements that can be made to our webinar?

There is always room for improvement when it comes to hosting events. Allowing your guests to speak about what can be improved only helps you plan for better events in the future.

Why should you do a post-webinar survey?

Post-webinar surveys help webinar hosts receive honest feedback from their guests that   can be used while planning events in the future. If there is an aspect of the webinar that didn’t necessarily work or it wasn’t enjoyed by your guests, you should try to eliminate it for any future events.

To scale up your efforts

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of webinars has increased drastically. Webinars can be attended by people all over the world. People are making an effort to join these webinars, specifically if the webinar topic is relative to them or interests them in any way. The survey you send at the conclusion of the webinar collects all of the feedback, both positive and negative, and you can use that feedback to your advantage when planning the next webinar. 

To improve your webinar quality

No matter how well you plan your webinar, there still may be bumps in the road when the day comes. The video may not work or the audio may be choppy for your guests. By asking your guests if they ran into any of these issues, you can try to troubleshoot them before the next webinar begins. If your webinar does indeed run smoothly on the day of, keep in mind that not all events are like that, so be prepared for any hiccups in the future.

webinar quality with audio video

To understand your audience

When your guests attend your webinar and interact with others within the event, they begin to develop relationships with one another. By asking questions to find out what it is that keeps guests coming back, you can learn and continue to create successful events. Once a guest sees the value of an event, they will want to return to broaden their knowledge and create more relationships with other guests. 

To earn social proof

In order to build your brand, you will want your audience to feel valued - and if they feel valued, they will be more likely to talk about your events on social media. Sharing your event and company on social media effectively, will drive registrations and RSVPs for any future events.

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A 10-step checklist for to conduct an effective post-webinar survey

Once your event is planned and ready to be executed, you should have a checklist for your post-webinar survey. These 10 points will help you create a successful post-webinar survey and you will receive the most honest feedback from your guests.

1. Start with the easy questions

Easy questions like “What were your favorite parts about the webinar?” ease your guests into the survey. They can begin talking about what they liked the most about your webinar, putting them in a good mood for the whole survey. As the survey goes on, you can incorporate more difficult questions to answer.

2. Don’t make the survey too long

Nobody wants to answer dozens of questions about an event that was only a few hours long. Post-webinar surveys should be between 5-10 questions max, and they should cover a variety of topics. You can ask how the guest enjoyed their webinar, what their favorite part of the webinar was, and any part of the webinar that they didn’t enjoy. You can collect a lot of feedback from your guests from a few simple questions, as long as they are the right questions to ask!

3. Limit the choices

As discussed above, you should only have between 5-10 questions on post-webinar survey. When you choose the correct questions, you will receive all the feedback you need. If you feel the need for more feedback, leave a spot on the survey for guests to have an open-ended conversation about the webinar. This allows guests to mention anything they liked or disliked about the webinar that wasn’t covered in the survey. 

4. Send your survey as soon as the webinar ends

When you send out the survey right after the webinar ends, the webinar will still be fresh in your guest’s minds. They will remember the good and bad parts of the webinar, and they can express how they feel in their survey. If you wait too long to send the survey, your guests may forget key parts that they wanted to give feedback about.

5. Thank your attendees for showing up

Thanking your guests for attending the webinar goes a long way! It shows your guests that you truly care about them and value them as a guest. Be sure to thank them within the webinar as it comes to a close, and be sure to thank them right within the survey itself.

6. Follow up on the bad reviews

No matter how well you plan your webinar, there still may be people who leave a bad review with bad feedback. However, don’t take it personally! If you do receive a negative review, try to communicate with the guest and see if there is anything different you can do in the future to make it better. Your guest may have an idea that will help improve any future events, hopefully eliminating any more negative reviews. 

7. Promote your next webinar or related event

Within your survey, you should promote any future webinars or events. You can provide a call to action by providing a link to register or purchase tickets and include dates, times, and locations for these events. 

8. Analyze your key webinar metrics

Once the webinar concludes, you can take a look at the metrics of the event and determine if it was a success or not. There may be certain aspects of the webinar that had more interaction than others, so those should be prioritized over the aspects that didn’t really work.

9. Evaluate the post-webinar survey feedback

Once you have collected all of the post-webinar surveys, you can then begin to go through all of the feedback! It’s estimated that for every customer that complains to a business, 26 other customers do not voice their feelings. Keep this information in mind when taking note of what guests liked and didn’t like, as that is what is going to be important when creating future events! 

10. Repurpose the webinar content into blogs, social media, and content pieces

After the webinar is over, you can then take pieces of the webinar and incorporate them into blogs and social media posts. If you choose to write about the webinar in a blog, take testimonials from your guests and put that into the blogs. Anyone who reads the blogs will be able to see and read these testimonials to see how much they enjoyed the event. According to Big Commerce, 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. You can also do this with social media; for any marketing on your social media pages, you can post testimonials from past webinars and use them as marketing for new events!

Turn your webinar content into blog opportunities

Collect honest feedback with post-webinar surveys

Your post-webinar survey is the best way to collect honest feedback from your guests! You can ask easy questions that will only require a rating, or more in-depth questions which can help you plan future webinars. Be sure to include a thank you message to your guests, as that will show them how much you truly appreciate their attendance. When you create solid relationships with your guests, and show them how valuable your webinars and other events can be, you can be sure your guests will return in the future!

Hubilo addresses the need for collecting comprehensive feedback by introducing its Survey feature within the organizer dashboard. Hubilo's Survey feature is a game-changer when collecting extensive feedback from event attendees. Organizers can create a dynamic and continuous feedback collection process throughout the event. Participants now have the flexibility to submit their responses before, during, and after the event. The Survey feature in Hubilo's organizer dashboard allows for the quick creation and distribution of multiple questionnaires, making it easy for organizers to gather valuable insights. Real-time feedback enables organizers to identify areas for improvement and make immediate adjustments, enhancing the overall event experience.

With Hubilo's Survey feature, event organizers can unlock the power of attendee engagement and leverage the collected feedback to elevate future events. By understanding the preferences and opinions of participants, organizers can tailor their offerings to meet and exceed expectations, creating memorable and impactful experiences. To see firsthand how Hubilo's Survey feature can revolutionize your event feedback collection, request a demo today. Experience the seamless integration of instant surveys and comprehensive event management capabilities that Hubilo offers, and take your events to new heights.


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