Best webinar promotion strategies

25 Webinar Promotion Strategies to Increase Registration

As you plan your upcoming webinar, don't let your promotional strategy be an after-thought! Here are 25 webinar promotion ideas to gather leads and increase registration numbers.
March 14, 2023

You’ve gathered all the basic information you need to plan your webinar, and now it’s time for one of the most important steps: promotion! How you promote your webinar can impact the registration process and more, so having a strategy underway will result in a quality event that everyone will enjoy. We’ll go over the different ways to promote your event and how to do so successfully. 

25 Ideas for webinar promotion 

Get more people at your event with these 25 effective webinar promotion ideas! From special website additions to online social techniques, you’re bound to find something you can add to your webinar strategy! 

1. Hello bar

A hello bar is a great addition to your site that can help increase event registration numbers. A small banner is added underneath your site navigation menu with messaging of your choice paired with a CTA and link to your desired action. 

2. Exit-intent pop-up 

An exit intent pop-up is another effective tactic to increase registration numbers through your website. With this website addition, a pop-up appears on the site page when a user moves their cursor to a different area of the tier screen. You can use a pop-up to advertise your webinar and include a CTA for users to register. 

3. Teaser video

Let your audience see your webinar in action! Create a teaser video highlighting the benefits of your webinar and what attendees will take away from the event. Include any guest speakers and the topic they will be speaking on to entice attendees even more!

4. Webinar listing sites

What better way to promote your webinar than listing it on a webinar site? There are many sites you can choose from, so you can pick one that aligns with your webinar topic to receive a boost in relevant registrations. 

5. Email signature

An email signature is an easy way to include a webinar link to people who may not make it to your site. You can include a sentence or two about the webinar underneath your name to get people’s attention and click the link. 

6. Thank you pages

Thank you pages are a great way to get attendees to stay on your site longer - and lead to webinar registrations! 

7. Webinar landing pages

Optimizing your webinar landing page will benefit your event in many ways. Include all the essential details of your webinar, including the date and time, speakers who will be participating, and what attendees will learn if they attend the event. State that once attendees register, more valuable information will be available to them about the event that they won’t want to miss. 

8. Bottom of your blog articles

Your company’s blogs are a great place to promote your webinar event! As long as the blog topic relates to the webinar, you can add a section to the bottom of blog articles where you describe the webinar in detail. Including a CTA at the bottom as well as an internal link the webinar page in your blog will help to get more visitors to your webinar page. 

9. Write a blog post

There’s no better way to get the word out about your event than writing a blog article on the same topic! Research different ideas of what to write about that relate to your webinar topic. That way, you can internally link to the webinar landing page and talk about the event in more depth in your blog. Or, dedicate an entire blog to the event itself! Talk about all the highlights of the event, like guest speakers, and what attendees will gain by attending your webinar. 

Webinar promotion through blog posts

10. Lead magnet

Implementing a lead magnet to your website can be an effective way to increase webinar registrations. Create something you can offer visitors that will show up in their inboxes right away when they sign up for your webinar.

11. Announcement email

Email is a great tool for webinar promotion! Sending an email about your webinar ensures that it gets to your audience who you know is interested in what your company does. You can include a link that directly brings them to the webinar landing page.

12. Email workflow

Setting up a webinar promotion strategy through email is an effective way to gather webinar leads - but having a detailed plan is key! There are certain timeframes that are best to send out nudge emails to keep your webinar at the top of people’s minds. 

2 weeks before: The initial invite

Consider this email the announcement to your audience that your webinar is scheduled and ready to happen. It should include all the information they could find on the landing page: dates and times, topics being discussed, and any guest speakers. 

1 week before: The reminder

This email can be broken up into 2 different types: one geared towards people who opened your initial email and didn’t register, and those who didn’t open the initial event announcement email. Include plenty of information on the webinar in both of these emails along with the opportunity for recipients to give feedback on their inaction with the previous emails. 

1 day before: The second reminder (optional) 

Sending an email the day before can be beneficial for some attendees! Remind them of the event and anything they’ll need to attend the event. 

1-3 days after: The thank you email

Sending a follow-up email to all your attendees thanking them for attending is a crucial step and can be split up into those who registered and those who did not. For the registrants, thank those who joined the webinar and even those who registered but could not make it. Include a recording of the webinar for those who missed it, and incorporate links to social media pages with sharing capabilities. For those who did not register, send a follow-up email with the webinar recording and all the positive outcomes of the event. Make sure to implement a tracking code in your recording URL to see who watched! 

13. Automate emails

An easy way to get your webinar promotion strategy in line is by automating your emails. Select a program that can automatically send out your webinar event emails for you without having to do it yourself. You can automate different email campaigns tailored to each webinar reminder. Use Hubilo’s Email Marketing Engine to target specific groups and customize pre-built templates. 

14. Send personalized webinar invites 

Personalized messages are perfect for furthering your connection with your audience. You can use email generators to help send out messages that include personalized names to each person in your contact list. Have your sales team choose which contacts are the ones that should have more in-depth and personalized webinar invites!

15. Email sign offs

Adding a line to your email signature as part of your email signoff is a great way to plug your webinar event! Have everyone in your company include a line about your latest webinar event to get new leads visiting the webinar page and registering. 

16. Social media

One of the most effective tools you can use for webinar promotion is social media. According to SproutSocial, there are an estimated 4.89 billion social media users worldwide.With social media, there are so many ways you can promote your webinar, like through paid ads or organic posting, and so many platforms to choose from, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Decide which platforms your intended audience prefers to use and focus the majority of your webinar promotion on that platform. Post the webinar information on your company’s page and encourage your colleagues to share it on their pages to spread the word! 

How to use social media for webinar promotion

17. Collaborate with partner companies

Utilize the connections you have in your industry to promote your webinar! Contact other companies that are involved in the same industry and partner with them to promote your webinar further to a similar customer base. 

18. Influencers

Similar to social media marketing, influencer marketing is becoming an important tool in the digital marketing space! Influencer Marketing Hub released a report stating that 92% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing. Influencers can help spread the word about your webinar to their large audience, which helps get more eyes on your webinar! They can encourage their audience to register and even provide a discount code for their audience. 

19. Use paid ads

Social media has all the best tools for you to promote your webinar event, and this includes paid ads! You can pay to have posts about your webinar event at the top of everyone’s feed and target certain areas or audience interests. Check how much budget you have in your promotional plan to run paid ads so they can work as effectively as possible. Paid social media ads allow you to reach audiences larger than you normally would, which allows more people the chance to learn about your webinar and attend. 

20. Retargeting ads

A great aspect of paid social media advertising is the ability to customize who comes across your ads. According to statistics collected from 99Firms, only 2% of website visitors convert in their first visit.Review the number of conversions and visitors you’ve gotten from your first round of paid ads, and retarget them if necessary. You can retarget your ads to a more narrow audience who have a higher rate of converting to see the best results for your webinar. 

21. Community outreach

Community outreach can be a big driver in getting webinar registrations! Figure out who your exact target audience is, and from there join any online groups where your webinar would be sought after. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have opportunities to join groups where webinars can be promoted - just make sure to read the admin rules and follow the group regulations! 

22. Offer incentives & rewards 

A great way to attract potential attendees into registering for your webinar is by offering rewards once they register! A lead magnet is a tactic many companies use to gather leads who then become webinar registrants. You can offer to send your audience training videos, PDFs, ebooks, and more! 

23. Involve your employees in webinar marketing 

Expand your webinar reach by utilizing one of your most valuable assets - your employees! Encourage employees across all departments to share the webinar information on their social media pages once you post it on your pages. 

24. Involve speakers

Including any guest speakers in your webinar promotional ads can be a useful tactic to get people interested in your event. Post a quote from them about how excited they are to speak at your event, or film a promotional teaser video and include a clip of your guest speakers. 

25. Place a compelling CTA on your homepage

Grab users' attention when they visit your site by including a call to action for your webinar. Make your CTA a button or banner on your site that users can’t miss paired with a phrase that grabs their attention! 

Best webpage design to promote your webinar

Do webinar promotion the right way 

Using one or more of the promotional ideas for your webinar above, you’ll be on your way to a fully booked webinar in no time! No matter what topic your webinar focuses on, these webinar promotion ideas can accelerate the number of registrations you receive from a wide audience. In addition, the webinar hosting platform you choose to use plays an important part in your webinar strategy, as well as, a platform that handles things like email automation and landing page design will elevate your events and make the planning process that much easier. 

Hubilo's event marketing tool helps spread the word about your webinar worldwide. Easy to use platform allows you to build personalised event landing pages, manage event ticketing, and communicate with attendees directly. Want to know more? Request a demo right away to find out more!


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