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Your Post-Webinar Checklist: Things to Do After Your Webinar

Maximize the impact of your webinar with our comprehensive post-webinar checklist. Learn what to do after your webinar to extend its reach, engage your audience, and drive meaningful results.
July 10, 2023

You have just hosted the most remarkable webinar of your entire life! Hundreds of people actively participated in your live broadcast, and you skillfully delivered the information engagingly and professionally. 

Sitting back and relishing in your accomplishment may be tempting, right? We understand the feeling! However, before you relax completely, it is essential to go through our post-webinar checklist. The post-webinar phase is equally crucial as the planning and execution of the webinar itself. If you still need to prioritize the post-webinar stage, it's time to reconsider your approach. The first 48 hours following the conclusion of a webinar are critical. This timeframe presents the ideal opportunity to maintain contact with participants, including those unable to attend the live event. It's important to remember that only some people who sign up will be able to join the live stream, but they are still warm contacts who expressed interest. The study reveals that nearly 60% of webinar attendees prefer watching live webinars, whereas only 5% opt for both live and on-demand viewing. Additionally, 36% of attendees consistently watch always-on webinars. This statistic highlights the significance of post-webinar actions with your audience.

Sounds like a plan? Fantastic! Let's dive into the post-webinar activities and see what it entails! Let's explore the necessary actions to help maintain your audience's engagement after the webinar ends.

Why post-webinar audience engagement is important

Webinars thrive on audience engagement, making it essential to promote interaction before, during, and after the webinar. Even if your webinar was successful, building upon that achievement is crucial before moving on to the next project. Continued engagement with users after the webinar is vital for the following reasons:

  • Capitalizing on Success: You can leverage the webinar's success to redirect attention toward your website, products, and services. It allows you to maximize the impact of the webinar and generate further interest and conversions.
  • Nurturing Connections: The connections established during the webinar can be nurtured and strengthened. By engaging with the audience beyond the webinar, you can continue building authority, fostering relationships, and establishing long-term rapport with this new audience.
  • Learning from Feedback: Regardless of the outcome of the webinar, you can utilize the experience and, significantly, the feedback from viewers to improve future webinars. Incorporating viewer feedback enables continuous growth and refinement of your webinar strategy.
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Building a relationship with your audience requires time and careful attention. A well-designed webinar serves as a catalyst, but it's crucial to integrate the event into your overall strategy and keep sight of the bigger picture.

Post-webinar activities for ongoing audience engagement

Hosting a killer webinar is only half the battle. Knowing what to do after your webinar concludes is equally essential. That's why we have designed an easy-to-follow post-webinar checklist to guide you through the necessary steps to take after your webinar concludes.

Send a Thank-You email

Begin by promptly sending an email to express gratitude to your attendees for their presence.

Your audience played a vital role in the success of your webinar, and it is crucial to convey your sincere appreciation through a concise and heartfelt thank-you message. Post-webinar thank-you emails hold immense significance as they show gratitude and facilitate the nurturing of relationships with your audience.

Your thank-you message should include:

  • Express Appreciation: Begin by genuinely expressing your gratitude. Send a thank-you email to thank your attendees for participating in the webinar. Your audience's decision to spend valuable time with you is highly valued. Acknowledge their many choices and the fact that they chose your webinar.
  • Summary: Briefly recap the key talking points covered during the webinar. This summary will reinforce the information shared and help solidify it in their memory. Include a link to the webinar replay and consider sharing additional relevant resources they may find beneficial. Webinars receive 47% of their views up to ten days after the initial event.
  • Call-To-Action: Include a clear call-to-action in your thank-you webinar email. Clearly state the desired action you want your audience to take after watching the webinar. It could involve inviting them to join your Facebook group for ongoing discussions or reminding them about a special discounted offer on your product. Encourage them to take the next step.
Send a webinar Thank-You email

Encourage audience members to discuss your webinar

Promote ongoing discussion among audience members to extend the impact of your webinar. After investing significant time and effort in creating and planning for the webinar, you can continue to reap the benefits by engaging users after the webinar. Encouraging conversation and keeping the audience talking about the webinar, the introduced topics and your company or website can yield long-term returns. Here are effective ways to achieve this:

  • Incorporate questions and calls to action: End your webinar with thought-provoking questions or calls to action. Alternatively, send a webinar follow-up email to subscribers that include these prompts. Encourage attendees to share their thoughts on the talk and provide practical next steps, such as signing up for your website or upcoming webinars.
  • Foster social media conversation: Post the webinar on your accounts and actively respond to viewers discussing it. Encourage audience members to engage in conversation and share their experiences or insights related to the webinar.
  • Establish a dedicated discussion platform: Direct your audience to a specific forum or discussion board to continue discussing the webinar and related topics. This dedicated space facilitates ongoing engagement and serves as a hub for participants to connect.
Encourage audience members to discuss your webinar

Conduct a post-webinar survey

After expressing gratitude to your audience, it is essential to gauge their feedback through a post-webinar survey. It will help you understand their perceptions and insights regarding your presentation, whether it was engaging or uninteresting, and whether it met their expectations. Here are a few recommended questions to include in your survey:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your webinar experience?
  • Did you encounter any technical difficulties during the broadcast?
  • Did we provide the information you desired in an engaging manner?
  • What improvements can we make to enhance future webinars?
  • What specific topics would you like us to cover in upcoming webinars?

Remember to keep your survey concise and straightforward. Your audience may need more time or willingness to answer an extensive questionnaire. Focus on gathering the necessary information that will help you improve. You can send the post-webinar survey as a separate message or include a survey link in your thank-you email. To increase response rates, consider offering a small incentive or reward for completing the survey.

post webinar survey

Post and promote the on-demand recording

Promote the on-demand webinar recording effectively to generate leads and maximize the impact of your webinar. Follow these steps to achieve that:

  • Post the on-demand recording the day after the webinar and email attendees and non-attendees, informing them about the availability of the recorded version.
  • Ensure that your team consistently promotes the webinar through email and social media channels for the next 30 to 60 days. Send emails to express gratitude to attendees and remind those who registered but didn't attend that they still have a relationship with you.
  • Utilize the on-demand webinar as a call to action in a blog post related to a closely related topic or offer it as part of a newsletter. This strategy encourages further engagement with your audience.
  • Create a steady cadence of social media updates on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, directing prospects to the on-demand webinar and increasing its reach.
  • Consider creating an events resource center on your website, where on-demand recordings are easily accessible and provide notifications of upcoming events. It establishes a centralized hub for your webinar content and keeps your audience informed.

By actively promoting the on-demand recording and incorporating it into various marketing channels, you can continue generating leads and nurturing relationships with your audience after the live webinar.

Give special attention to those who didn't attend the webinar

Now it's time to reach out to those who registered but still need to participate in the webinar. Regardless of your fame or the quality of your content, some individuals will inevitably miss the live event for various reasons.

Don't disregard these individuals. Send them a brief message expressing that their absence was noticed and missed. Assure them that we have recorded the entire webinar and provide them a link to watch the recorded version at their convenience. 

It's important to remember that those who register for your webinars have expressed interest in your content. Their inability to attend the live broadcast does not diminish their interest.

Utilizing webinar software tools like Hubilo allows you to automate thank-you emails, post-webinar surveys, and messages to non-attendees. This automation eliminates manual tracking, which can lead to errors or oversight.

Segment your attendees

Segment your participants in the database to acknowledge their special status and tailor communication accordingly. Participants who attended your promoted webinar have a higher engagement level with your business than those who didn't. Hence, they deserve special attention as they are closer to purchasing or taking further action.

To effectively manage these participants within a sales funnel, divide them into three categories:

  • "Ready for Sales": These individuals actively express interest in a sales meeting, free trial, product demonstration, or more detailed information about your offerings. 
  • "Need to be Nurtured": This group comprises participants who highly rated your webinar, displayed genuine interest in your products, and actively engaged by asking questions during the live stream. While they may need more time to be ready to make a purchase, they seek continued information and education. Provide relevant content to nurture their interest and keep them engaged with your brand.
  • "Not Suitable": These individuals do not align with your business's customer profile or target persona. They may need more decision-making power within their company or fall outside your target market. This category may also include participants who rated your webinar poorly or did not find value in the content. Focus on the first two categories rather than trying to appeal to everyone.

By segmenting and prioritizing these participant categories, you can focus on nurturing the leads who show the most promise and are actively interested in taking the following steps with your business.

Inform sales about the webinar

Ensure your sales team is well-informed about the webinar to follow up on leads effectively. Provide them with essential details such as the webinar topic, presenter information, and key messages and takeaways. To further assist them, consider offering sample follow-up scripts and email templates that align with the webinar content.

Equipping your sales team with this information enables them to have meaningful conversations with leads and effectively communicate the webinar's value. Consistent messaging and a well-prepared approach can enhance the sales process and contribute to the overall success of your webinar campaign.

Analyze your webinar stats

It's time to delve into the metrics to evaluate the success of your webinar after sending your post-webinar messages. Here are five key metrics to consider:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): This metric measures the number of people who visited your webinar's registration page and proceeded to register. A low CTR indicates that your registration page copy may need improvement.
  • Attendee ratio: This metric examines the percentage of registered attendees to the number of people who attended the live broadcast. It provides insights into how compelling your webinar topics are to the audience.
  • Audience Engagement: Engaging webinars involve interactive conversations. Metrics related to audience engagement, such as participation in polls, surveys, and in-app chats, reflect the level of interactivity and interest generated.
  • Audience retention: This metric measures the duration attendees viewed your webinar. Did they remain engaged throughout or drop off early? Audience retention statistics help identify areas for improvement in content engagement and retention.
  • General Data: Tracking general webinar data includes factors such as the duration of the event, the number of attendees, their geographical locations, the devices they used to access the webinar, and more. This data provides an overview of the event's reach and audience characteristics.

Analyzing these metrics will enable you to select better webinar topics, enhance your webinar marketing strategies, and increase engagement during live broadcasts.

webinar stats and metrics

Evaluate the feedback you receive

As you receive survey responses, it is crucial to evaluate them carefully.

Identify patterns within the feedback. For instance, if multiple participants express enjoyment but suggest shorter durations for future webinars, you can adjust accordingly.

Pay attention to recurring comments about the visual elements utilized in your presentation. Incorporating similar visual elements in your upcoming broadcasts can cater to your audience's preferences.

Try to learn from positive and negative feedback, and avoid taking criticism personally. Embracing constructive criticism allows you to enhance your webinar content effectively, ultimately benefiting your business.

Establish exclusive communication channels

Implement an incentive campaign during the post-webinar phase to engage and nurture the active participants and guide them through your webinar sales funnel, ultimately converting them into customers.

To maintain a strong connection with these individuals, consider creating dedicated WhatsApp or Facebook groups. These groups serve as platforms to keep the discussions initiated during the webinar active and foster a closer relationship with the participants.

Turn webinar questions into valuable content

Consider your webinars as the driving force behind your content marketing strategy. The better your webinars, the more high-quality content you can create from them. You can effectively engage your audience, strengthen your brand, and increase sales with valuable content. It's a win-win situation!

After the webinar, gathering and documenting all audience questions and discussions raised during the live stream is essential. 81% of marketers use Q&A as an engagement tool during webinars. These questions and discussions hold the potential to inspire other valuable content, such as blog posts, infographics, or podcasts. You can share the audience questions and discussions to provide value to attendees and those who could not participate. Utilizing these audience-generated questions to create new material enhances the overall content offering and provides even more value to the audience. 

webinar content

Repurpose your webinar content

One of the notable advantages of webinar content is its versatility for repurposing into various formats. Take your recorded broadcast and explore the following repurposing options:

  • Create automated webinars: Transform your recorded presentation into an automated webinar, allowing it to run at specific times without requiring additional effort. 
  • Post video shorts on social media: Chop your recorded webinar into bite-sized videos and share them on social media platforms. This strategy engages your social following and generates interest in future webinars, creating a win-win situation.
  • Turn the transcript into a blog post: Repurpose the transcript of your recorded webinar into an engaging blog post. The transcript can provide valuable content for your company blog with some editing. Consider embedding the webinar recording within the blog to offer your audience multiple consumption options.
  • Use stats to create infographics: Extract relevant statistics from your recorded webinars and transform them into visually appealing and shareable infographics. Utilize user-friendly tools like Canva to design infographics that effectively communicate key insights.
  • Create long-form content pieces: Utilize recorded webinars as a foundation for long-form content such as ebooks or white papers. Convert the webinar transcript into a downloadable resource, enhancing it with additional information and design elements to create a compelling piece.

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AI-generated Video shorts with Hubilo's Snackable Content Hub

Plan your next webinar

Now that you have identified areas for improvement and success in your webinars, it's time to leverage that knowledge and plan an even more excellent webinar!

Regularly hosting webinars increases your chances of success. It lets you improve your production skills, establish a predictable promotion cadence, and attract high-quality speakers. You can start by hosting one webinar per quarter and gradually increase the frequency to once a month. Maintaining a consistent schedule of well-crafted webinars enhances your visibility, drives higher engagement, and achieves better results.

Going beyond the webinar with Hubilo

Post-webinar activities are crucial in maximizing your event's impact and success. You can prolong the momentum and derive additional value from your webinar by allocating ample time and effort to these activities. Encouraging audience engagement through various channels, such as interactive Q&A sessions, polls, and discussions, keeps participants involved even after the event concludes. Furthermore, soliciting feedback from attendees allows you to gather valuable insights and identify areas of improvement for future webinars. You can refine your content, delivery, and overall webinar strategy by listening to your audience's opinions and suggestions.

Hubilo, as a leading webinar platform with its comprehensive suite of event management solutions, can significantly assist you in executing post-webinar activities seamlessly. With Hubilo, you can effortlessly engage your audience through interactive features and create a platform for meaningful discussions. Additionally, Hubilo offers robust feedback and survey tools to help you gather valuable feedback from your attendees. It is also a powerful platform for measuring and analyzing webinar metrics, enabling you to extract valuable insights and drive informed post-webinar strategies. Request a demo today to experience the full potential of Hubilo's capabilities and how it can enhance your webinar success. Discover how Hubilo can streamline your webinar management process and drive exceptional engagement and results.

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