How to send out webinar reminder emails

The Complete Guide to Webinar Reminder Emails (including Templates & Examples!)

Learn How to Create and Customize Webinar Reminder Emails! Boost attendance and engagement for any type of webinar by creating exciting reminder emails with just a few clicks.
July 1, 2024

Webinar reminder emails play a crucial role in ensuring your audience doesn't miss out on your upcoming sessions. Amidst busy schedules, these emails serve as gentle nudges to keep your webinar top-of-mind for attendees, while also building anticipation.

What is a webinar reminder email?

A webinar reminder email is a strategically crafted message sent to participants to remind them about your upcoming online session. These emails, sent weeks, days, or hours before the event, ensure attendees are prepared. They can be easily integrated into participants' calendars for quick access, boosting attendance and engagement.

Why send webinar reminder emails?

Sending webinar reminder emails is crucial for maintaining awareness and engagement. They communicate updates and changes, helping attendees plan. Infusing excitement and anticipation, these emails set the stage for a successful webinar experience.

How to Craft an Effective Webinar Email Sequence + Examples

7 key elements to include in your webinar reminder email template:

No matter what type of webinar you're hosting, include these elements in your reminder emails:

1. Title and Topic: Clearly state the theme and focus of your webinar in the subject line or at the beginning of the email to grab attendees' attention.

2. Date and Time: Prominently display the date and time of your webinar, and send multiple reminders to reinforce the event.

3. Location: Provide the meeting link and any necessary access codes or passwords.

4. Required Preparation: Highlight any prerequisites or materials participants need, such as downloading apps or reviewing documents.

5. Thank You Note: Express appreciation to attendees for registering and convey excitement about their participation. Send thank-you notes upon registration and after the event.

6. Additional Information: Include details about the webinar agenda or other relevant information to enhance the attendees' experience.

7. FAQ Page: Anticipate common questions and address them in a dedicated FAQ section to provide clarity and reduce uncertainties.

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Best practices for writing webinar reminder emails

Creating effective webinar reminder emails can be challenging. Follow these practices to ensure success:

1. Keep it short and simple: Ensure your emails are brief, focusing on essential details to maintain attendees' interest, especially on mobile devices.

2. Provide key event details: Include crucial information such as date, time, location, and agenda to help attendees prepare and participate.

3, Personalize and use a friendly tone: Infuse warmth into your emails to create a welcoming atmosphere and establish a connection with attendees. Include contact information for inquiries.

4. Send plain-text reminder emails: Keep your emails simple and straightforward, free of elaborate formatting or graphics, to enhance readability and accessibility.

5. Use active voice: Employ an active voice to convey energy and excitement, generating enthusiasm among attendees for the upcoming event.

The optimal timing for sending webinar reminder emails:

Best time to send out event reminder emails

To maximize visibility and impact, follow this schedule for sending webinar reminder emails

1st Reminder - One Week Before the Webinar

2nd Reminder - One Day Before the Webinar

3rd Reminder - On the Day Of / Morning of the Webinar

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Webinar Reminder Email Templates & Examples 

General Webinar Email:

Subject: Countdown to [Webinar Name] - Only (x) Days Left!

Hi/ Hello [Name],

Can you believe there are only (x) days left until the [event name] webinar?

When: [Date and Time] Where: Online (Add webinar link here) Who: Join our guest speakers:

  • [Guest Speaker #1], [Credentials]
  • [Guest Speaker #2], [Credentials]
  • [Guest Speaker #3], [Credentials]

DAILY AGENDA: Don’t forget to mark your calendar for this event, and please let us know if you have any questions!

HOW TO JOIN: Simply click the link below to join the webinar and enter the provided password to gain access.

We can’t wait to see you there!

[Your signature]

Webinar Email Reminder #1 (One Week Before)

Hello (Name)!

This email serves as a reminder for the webinar for educators, happening in only one week! We are so excited to host you as well as our guest speakers!

[Guest speaker #1 name]

[Guest speaker #2 name]

During the scheduled webinar time, simply click the link below and enter the password: WKDNTL9321. This will give you access directly to the webinar!

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to (contact person name and info).

See you soon!


Webinar Email Reminder #2 (Day Of The Event):

Hi (Name)!

Today’s the day! How excited are you?! We can’t wait to see you today at [event name]!

How To Join The Webinar: 

Click the button below to join the webinar! Once prompted, enter the password WKDNTL9321 and you will be entered right into the webinar!

(Webinar Link)

If there are any questions, please let us know immediately! (Name) is our point of contact, and their contact information is [contact info].

See you in a few hours!


Post-Webinar Follow-Up Email:

Hello [Name]!

We wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for attending [webinar name]! We hope you found it valuable.

Would you mind sharing your feedback with us through a quick survey? Your insights will help us improve future webinars.

Thank you once again, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!


[Your signature]

Use Webinar Reminder Emails for Your Next Session

Webinar reminder emails are a powerful tool to keep your audience engaged and informed about upcoming sessions. Focus on providing essential details and building anticipation for the event.

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