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How to Drive Conversions with a Great Webinar Agenda

Learn how to create an effective webinar agenda that keeps your event organized and maximizes its potential. Discover the benefits of a well-structured agenda, what to include, and how to use it to enhance future webinars.
June 23, 2023

Webinars can offer your business tremendous returns. When you run a well-organized, high-value webinar, you can see an attendee-to-lead conversion rate of about 20-40%, which can go a long way in building your sales pipeline. As many as 73% of B2B marketers also say that webinars are one of the best ways for them to find qualified leads. 

Webinars allow you to build your brand reputation and demonstrate to your target audience that you have the knowledge and experience they want to see as they evaluate their options. 

However, the cornerstone of this successful webinar strategy is creating a webinar agenda. You need to ensure you have fully prepared for your webinar, and the agenda will provide a way to keep yourself organized so you know exactly what you want to say and cover.

Let's explore how you can create a helpful webinar agenda. 

What is a webinar agenda?

A webinar agenda outlines what will happen throughout your event. When you sit down to host your webinar, you can use your agenda to guide you throughout the session so that you stay on track with what you want to accomplish.

What role does the webinar agenda play?

Creating a webinar agenda is beneficial for various types of webinars. The agenda keeps everything on track so everyone knows what's coming next. Some of the styles where you might find it most advantageous include:

  • Educational webinars, where you want to ensure you cover all the important information related to the topic and pay attention to important types of information.
  • Employee training webinars, where you do not want to accidentally neglect to cover important information about working with your organization
  • Product launches, when you want to make sure you hit all the major selling points of your new product.
  • Onboarding webinars can help you hit all the important areas of working with your business.

However, remember that a webinar agenda is not a script. It serves more as an outline, reminding you of the subtopics you want to cover and any details you want to include. Since your webinar should have a personal feel, you do not want people to feel as though your presenters simply read from a piece of paper. 

webinar agenda

What are the benefits of having a webinar agenda?

As you set out to write your webinar agenda, noting the central benefits of your webinar can help you determine what you need to include in the outline and how you want to structure it. When you build out a well-constructed agenda, you will quickly notice a few key benefits. Let's explore some of the most important ones you will experience.

  1. You will set a clear schedule for your webinar guest speakers. Since you know the order of topics throughout the webinar, you will know when each speaker will start, which can help them plan and keep the transitions running smoothly.
  2. You will keep everyone involved aware of important details. Those involved in the webinar will know what topics are approaching, how the presentation needs to advance, and what they can expect as the event progresses.
  3. You will find it easier to keep the event on track about time. An agenda will help you estimate how long you want to spend on different subtopics within your webinar. Since you told your audience your webinar would last for a certain length, such as one hour, you want to stay within that or have enough material to fill the hour with value. An agenda helps you keep your pacing. 
  4. You will also encounter short-term benefits. For example, the agenda will guide your overall webinar planning process, which will help you stay organized and dedicate your resources effectively.
  5. In the long term, you will see benefits such as having a guide to model your future webinars and agendas and simplifying the planning process. 

Planning your webinar agenda effectively can help you improve your webinar program and make it easier to run your event and plan for future opportunities.

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What should be included in a webinar agenda?

Your webinar agenda should contain key information that will help you keep your event organized. As you develop your agenda, pay close attention to these areas.

Date, time, and location

Note the practical details of the webinar so you can track when and where your webinar will take place. If you use the webinar agenda in the future, this can help you remember the surroundings of the webinar as well.

Moderator and guest speaker information

As you organize your webinar agenda, track the guest speakers you invite. Keeping this information organized will make it easier for you to contact them if needed. Remembering who helped you present on the topic when consulting the agenda in the future makes it easier to review post-event notes on how the webinar went and plan if you want to cover a similar topic.

guest speaker at webinar

Objectives and goals

Note on your agenda what you hope to accomplish with your webinar. Note the webinar metrics and KPIs you will use to track your success so that you know whether or not you achieved your objectives.

Your time blocks

As you organize your webinar, you must also record how you want to divide the time blocks to cover your different portions. For example, you might have a block for your introduction, a block for the initial presentation, a block for breakout rooms, followed by a second presentation session, and then a final block for Q&A. Note the portions you want to have during your webinar and how long each will need to be.

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Your next steps after the webinar

Your agenda should also note the steps you will follow after the webinar. For example, include your email opt-in offer or the additional resources you will offer the audience following the event. 

Rehearse with the webinar agenda

After you create your webinar, rehearsing with your final structure can help your event run smoothly on the big day. We recommend you run through your webinar presentation 1-2 times before the main event. This allows you to test how all the different pieces work and see if anything needs to shift within your webinar plan. 

Specifically, you will find that these rehearsals give you the following benefits:

  • You can make sure your webinar runs on time. You want enough content to fill up your allotted period without going over.
  • You can see how the presentation flow comes together and if any sessions need rearranging.
  • You will verify that you have allotted enough time to all your different sections for them to cover what they need.
  • You can fine-tune your transitions between blocks of the presentations so your audience members have a smooth experience. 
  • You verify that everyone knows what precisely they need to accomplish. The run-through provides insight into whether or not the other members of their team have been managing their responsibilities effectively. If something needs to be noticed, you want to correct it before your event officially starts. 
Rehearse with the webinar agenda

How to create a webinar agenda using a template 

As you start working on your document, look at a webinar agenda template to see how you might organize your sheet. Here is a webinar agenda sample that you might model after.

Webinar date, time, and location June 1, 2023
Webinar hosts and guest speakers Karen Rosenburg and Sasha Fedyk
Webinar Outline
Welcome and introduction Duration: 5 minutes Points to cover
Block One Duration: 15 minutes Points to cover
Poll One Questions included
Block Two Duration: 10 minutes Points to cover
Breakout Discussion rooms Duration: 15 minutes
Poll Two Questions included
Q&A Session Duration 12 minutes Introductory questions to include
Thank you and CTA Duration: 3 minutes CTA included such as
Email list to join

Additional webinar signup

Contact email for additional questions

How to use a webinar agenda after the event ends 

Once your webinar finishes, we recommend you review your agenda to review how the webinar went. This can offer you an opportunity to seize a few different unique benefits. 

  1. You can update your webinar based on how the event proceeded so that you can make any necessary changes before future events. You can modify it to serve as a template, improving your planning for webinars you host later on.
  2. You can use your webinar agenda as an example when you reach out to sponsors, guest speakers, or partners for future webinars. 
  3. You can make notes on your webinar agenda about how well different webinar parts came together. For example, you might note the popularity of particular speakers or sessions, which can guide your preparations for future webinars. 
webinar agenda after the event ends

Plan your next webinar agenda with Hubilo

Crafting a great webinar agenda is a powerful strategy to drive conversions and achieve desired outcomes. Creating a webinar agenda can help you keep track of all these different moving parts so that you can make sure you hit your most important points and stay on track with your time. By carefully selecting relevant topics and aligning them with the needs and interests of your target audience, you can ensure that your webinar agenda resonates with attendees and captures their attention from the start. Strategically structuring your agenda with a logical flow and time management ensures a smooth and organized webinar experience. This allows participants to absorb the content effectively and minimizes potential distractions or confusion.

When designing an impactful webinar agenda, Hubilo provides the tools and capabilities to create content that captivates your audience. With Hubilo's intuitive webinar platform, you can curate diverse content formats to keep your attendees engaged throughout the event. Request a demo today to experience the full capabilities of Hubilo and see how it can transform your webinar planning. Create an engaging and successful webinar that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.


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