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20 Practical Presentation Tips for Successful Webinars

Discover 20 essential tips for presenting webinars like a pro. Boost engagement, use creative elements, and implement best practices to ensure your webinars leave a powerful and lasting impression on your audience.
July 24, 2023

Presenting a webinar is far from a walk in the park. The success of any presentation hinges on its content. Undoubtedly, content forms the core of your story, but equally vital is the way you present that story. Consider that one uncle at family gatherings who always has jokes ready but struggles to deliver them with a punchline that resonates. While his jokes may not be terrible, his delivery might not be on point. This analogy holds for a webinar presentation.

A webinar involves both storytelling and visual content, akin to a performance. Picture yourself on a stage where you must captivate your audience's attention and draw them into your narrative. Presenting is often a novel and intimidating experience for many. Using a webcam or camera exposes you to audience feedback, and initial moments might feel awkward, making practice essential. 

Webinar presentation tips for presenters 

Now, the one thing you must practice is your delivery. While it might be tempting to "wing it," proper preparation can prevent time-wasting issues like rambling and not knowing what to say next. Ensuring your message is delivered effectively and sticks with the audience will be challenging. We have compiled a list of tips every webinar presenter should know. Equipping your presenters with this know-how will enable them to consistently deliver engaging and memorable presentations.

1. Host from a noise-free webinar environment

Ensure you host your webinar in a noise-free environment to guarantee clear audibility of your voice and eliminate distractions, allowing you to maintain a smooth flow of thoughts.

To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Close all background tabs to prevent unintended sounds from playing during the webinar.
  • Choose a room with soft surfaces like carpet and curtains that absorb sound and reduce echo. If working from home, ensure the room is inaccessible to children and pets.
  • Wear headphones to minimize background noise and echo.
  • Invest in a professional microphone, as audio quality is more crucial than visual quality. Avoid relying on your laptop's built-in microphone and consider a lavalier or clip-on mic to enhance audience comprehension.

2. Pace

Find the right pace in your presentation by slowing down and avoiding rushing through it. Practice your talk several times, preferably out loud, to become more comfortable. During the webinar, seek feedback from attendees after a few minutes, asking, "Am I going too fast or too slow?" The audience will assist you in determining the ideal pace for an engaging presentation.

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3. Tone

Experiment with your tone of voice to maintain the audience's attention over an extended period. Utilize the nuances of your voice to emphasize crucial points, aiding the audience's memory of critical aspects of the presentation. Identify your strengths in public speaking to effectively leverage your tone of voice and turn it into an advantage!

4. Add humor

Incorporate humor appropriately during your presentation, avoiding attempts to be a comedian or cracking constant jokes. Instead, consider using self-deprecating humor to connect with the audience. This approach will create a sense of relatability, making the audience feel like you are approachable and one of them. As a result, they can identify with you better, enhancing their engagement and receptivity to your message.

5. The power of repetition

Reiterate the key takeaways that form the core message of your presentation, ensuring their consistent presence throughout your story. Repeating these key points is a straightforward and effective technique. After every few slides, summarize the topics discussed to reinforce their importance and help the audience retain the critical information. This repetition reinforces the main ideas, ensuring your message sticks with your audience.

6. Be passionate and energetic

32% of attendees felt most engaged when the webinar host is passionate and energetic. Encourage your webinar presenters to showcase their personalities while presenting. Interacting with the attendees is a crucial aspect of a successful webinar. The most effective way to achieve this is by demonstrating your passion for the subject. Present the topic with enthusiasm and joy, as it encourages attendees to respond actively and establish a quicker connection with the subject matter. 

Bringing energy to your webinar presentation will boost audience engagement and reduce drop-offs. Attendees prefer listening to an enthusiastic industry expert over a monotonous speaker reading from a script. So let your passion shine through and make your webinar a memorable experience for your audience. Your genuine enthusiasm will resonate with the audience, creating a more engaging and unique webinar experience for everyone involved.

7. Share personal experiences

Webinar presenters should share their personal experiences to connect with the audience. Presenters can engage attendees and prompt meaningful interactions by sharing real-world applications of the discussed topics. However, keeping the stories relevant to the webinar's primary focus is essential.

8. Encourage audience engagement

To capture and maintain your audience's attention during a webinar, focus on the first minute to make a strong impression. Utilize interactive features like live polls, live chat, and Q&A sessions to encourage real-time engagement. This two-way interaction will enhance viewer satisfaction and keep them involved throughout the presentation.

To improve engagement, incorporate rich media, such as images, GIFs, and videos. Visual content is powerful, as 90% of information processed by the brain is visual. A short video can convey vast data, making it an effective tool for connecting with your audience.

webinar engagement

9. Meet audience expectations

Meeting audience expectations and serving user intent is crucial for the success of your webinar. You aim to leave your audience with a sense of investing their time wisely, gaining newfound knowledge, solutions, or inspiration during the 30-60 minutes.

Ensuring the delivery of promised content is vital. For example, you must fulfill that promise if you guarantee registrants teach them how to create a step-by-step email workflow.

Gathering feedback is an excellent method to ensure you have delivered a satisfactory webinar and met attendees' expectations. You can achieve this by simply sending a webinar follow-up email.

10. Curate questions for the Q&A session

To facilitate a smooth Q&A session, proactively request questions in advance. 92% of attendees expect a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar. This approach allows you to jump into the Q&A without experiencing awkward silences while waiting for attendees to share their queries. Gather questions through the webinar sign-up form or actively seek them from your social media or newsletter community. This way, you can be well-prepared and provide valuable answers during your webinar.

webinar presenter QnA sessions

11. Present to a global audience

When presenting to a global audience, using language that resonates with them and considering the difference in time zones in your opening and closing statements is essential. Keep your introduction open and inclusive.

For instance, use greetings like "welcome" or "hi everyone, thanks for attending" to avoid alienating any portion of your audience and ensure everyone feels valued and included. Tailoring your language will create a more positive and engaging experience for all participants.

12. Practice each slide

Without practice, you are likely to ramble, making your argument less concise, and filling your speech with "umms" and other fillers that can distract the audience. To hold your audience's attention effectively, the solution is simple: Practice extensively. Consider seeking assistance from someone on your team or record yourself to identify areas where you stammer or digress.

If the webinar involves multiple speakers, it is wise to plan the flow of the presentation and allocate time slots for each presenter. Conduct a run-through to assess each presenter's performance and refine the flow and transitions between speakers. Practicing diligently ensures a more polished and engaging webinar experience for your audience.

13. Smile and look into the camera, not on the screen

Webinar presenters should focus on looking at their camera rather than the screen. This practice creates a more personal and attentive experience for the audience. When presenters direct their gaze at the camera, it gives the illusion of direct eye contact with the attendees, fostering a sense of connection and enhancing the overall engagement of the presentation.

Smiling and maintaining eye contact with the camera exude confidence and relaxation, which is noticeable to the attendees. When you appear relaxed and consistently engage with the camera, the audience will feel a sense of connection, as if they are having a one-on-one conversation with you in the same room. This change in approach transforms the entire webinar experience. The attendees will feel a more personal connection to your story and perceive your message as explicitly directed to them, resulting in a deeper and more impactful engagement with your content.

14. Stand up while presenting

Most webinar hosts typically choose to sit during their presentations. However, adopting the practice of standing up can be beneficial. Standing allows for better breathing, enabling you to convey your story with tremendous enthusiasm and power. As a result, your persuasiveness increases, and the overall effectiveness of the presentation improves.

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15. Pay attention to body language

Nonverbal communication plays a significant role, accounting for approximately 80-90% of overall communication. To convey your message effectively, focus on your tone of voice and body language. Regularly changing your position and using hand gestures can enhance your presentation. Avoid displaying 'lazy' or 'closed' body language, like crossing your arms or hiding your hands. Instead, adopt open body language and exude confidence to create a more engaging and impactful webinar experience for your audience.

16. Use storytelling

Stories are powerful tools that aid in focus and memory retention. Incorporating storytelling into your webinar enhances participants' ability to remember key presentation aspects even after it concludes. Therefore, when you begin your presentation, consider starting with a compelling story. This storytelling approach captivates the audience, making the information more memorable and leaving a lasting impact on the attendees.

17. Be calm and cool

Stay calm throughout the process, and remain composed in handling any unexpected challenges. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. If you lose your internet connection or your phone gets cut off, you should have a contingency plan ready.

Prepare plans A, B, and C for the presentation to alleviate potential issues and reduce stress. Always carry a printed or local version of your slides to ensure you can continue the presentation in case of internet connection problems. Remember, your moderator or fellow presenters can take over transitioning slides. At the same time, you log back in, and if you lose your phone connection, your moderator can step in to keep the audience informed.

18. Be punctual and on time

Arriving on time is crucial for webinars, unlike being fashionably late at a party. Make sure you show up on time, so you can start promptly at the scheduled time and avoid making your audience wait.

Always log in to your webinar platform at least 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time to check and ensure everything is working correctly, including your mic, internet connection, and webcam. This step is crucial when international attendees from different time zones cannot attend your live webinar.

Moreover, it's essential to adhere to your allocated time. If you advertised a 60-minute live webinar, stay within that timeframe and avoid going over. However, if you anticipate running overtime, inform your audience in advance, allowing them to plan accordingly and ask any final questions before they need to leave.

Be punctual on Webinars

19. Think outside the box

When presenting, engage your audience by thinking outside the box and grabbing their attention. You can take various creative approaches, such as showing a video of yourself presenting at a conference or using a news article to introduce yourself to the attendees. Remember, there are no strict rules when presenting, so feel free to be innovative.

To enhance webinar engagement, consider utilizing screen share or webcam features, depending on your webinar platform. However, ensure that you activate the webcam mindfully and remember to lock the door if you choose to do so. These creative elements can make your presentation more dynamic and captivating for the audience.

20. Check your lighting and background

Emphasizing the importance once again, checking your lighting and background is crucial for creating a professional and visually appealing webinar environment. If the lighting is too bright or dim, attendees may struggle to see you clearly, making you appear ghost-like or obscured.

Moreover, a cluttered or distracting background can divert attendees' attention from your presentation content. Prioritize finding the best lighting setup, and consider investing in a ring light if needed. Also, ensure your background is free from distractions by dedicating some time before the webinar to set up a suitable space. This simple effort can significantly impact the overall quality of your presentation.

Presenting your webinar

Have these tips been helpful to you? Are you feeling enthusiastic and ready to get started? With the knowledge you've gained, presenting a successful webinar should be easier for you. Applying the advice shared here will undoubtedly contribute to the success of your first webinar.

Remember, you have the opportunity to shine in the spotlight, capturing your audience's attention with a captivating presentation. Embrace any nerves you may feel as a natural part of the learning process and enjoy the moment.

To enhance your webinar experience further, consider utilizing Hubilo's webinar platform. With Hubilo, you can deliver seamless and engaging webinars, making it easier to connect with your audience and share your story with enthusiasm. Embrace this learning experience, avoid common mistakes, and deliver a fantastic presentation that leaves a lasting impact on your attendees. Ready to take your webinars to the next level?

Request a demo of Hubilo's webinar platform today and discover how it can elevate your webinar presentations. Best of luck on your webinar journey!

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