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Creating Webinar Slides That Power Your Presentation

Discover the importance of crafting detailed webinar slides to enhance audience comprehension and satisfaction. Gain insights on what elements to include in your webinar slides to create a compelling and informative presentation.
June 30, 2023

Over the past few years, webinars have seen exponential growth as a marketing tool, with 95% of marketers saying webinars are crucial to their marketing strategy. By the end of 2023, the webinar market is expected to reach $800 million, nearly doubling the market size of 8 years ago. 

With webinars, you can present your brand and expertise to your target audience, engaging them directly and personally. Companies and audience members have also increasingly turned to webinars because their online nature adds even more convenience. When events are held online, you do not have to worry about traveling to an event or renting out a venue to host. People can tune in on their lunch breaks and participate around their schedule. 

To create successful webinars, you will need to design your webinar slides. These slides complement your presentation and can go a long way in keeping your audience engaged. We will explore how you can design slides that keep people engaged and keep the flow of your webinar moving so that you can take your presentation to the next level.

What are webinar slides?

Your webinar slides are used during a presentation to provide a visual or audio representation for the audience. Your slides can utilize a variety of different formats, such as:

  • Sound clips
  • Short video clips
  • Pictures and graphics
  • Bullet points
  • Graphs and charts

These different types of slides capture key points from what the presenter is saying, supporting their main ideas and helping the audience focus on the information conveyed.

Slides are put to use in the webinars across a variety of different industries. Consider these examples:

  • A business in the financial industry uses graphs and charts to help audience members easily see the patterns of certain types of investments.
  • SaaS businesses use slides to show short video segments or images from product demonstrations so that audience members can see how the product works
  • Education industry businesses might use slides to show picture examples of student work before and after using a particular learning strategy.
  • A digital marketing agency uses an organizing chart to show audience members how a lead will respond to different touchpoints.

Across any of these examples, the best webinar example slides focus on providing clear, accessible information that people can quickly digest. Now that you can see the variety of ways businesses can use slides during webinar presentations let's look more closely at the benefits these slides can offer.

webinar slides

What are the benefits of webinar slides?

Designing quality slides can provide you with several different benefits during and after your presentation. Here are just a few benefits you will experience as you begin to create quality webinar slides.

Increase audience attention

You make it easier for audience members to focus on your important points and give them something to engage with actively. Both of these factors will help increase their attention to your presentation.

A reminder of the important points

Your presenters and speakers will provide a wealth of information. The slides can remind people of the most important points made so that they will commit them to memory.

Visual support for talking points

As your speakers present, your slides can support what they say. For example, a chart might illustrate data they reference or provide a sound or audio clip that backs up what they say.

The ability to share the slides after the presentation

Providing audience members a chance to look at the slides after the webinar will help them continue building positive associations with your brand. The audience is reminded of your branding and expertise when they open the document. If your slides contain helpful information, your leads will be encouraged to read them repeatedly.

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What to include in a webinar slide deck

Now that you see why you should create perfect webinar slides let's break down the types of webinar presentation slides you want to include in your slide deck.

Engaging title slide

Start with an engaging title slide that welcomes the audience to your webinar. The title slide holds utmost importance as it serves as attendees' initial point of contact. It serves promotional purposes for webinars and acts as a captivating thumbnail for the on-demand version, enticing new viewers to click the play button. Hence, the title slide must have an appealing visual appearance.

Ensure the following essential elements are present on every title slide:

  • Webinar title: Choose a simple font of an appropriate size. Make sure your title grabs attention and effectively communicates the value. Refer to our compilation of successful webinar title formulas if you need inspiration.
  • Subtitle: Utilize a bold font slightly smaller than the webinar title. Elaborate on your title to convey to the audience precisely why they should register.
  • Your logo and partner logos: Display the logos of the webinar hosts. If you have collaborated with a well-known influencer, ensure their name is also mentioned on the title slide.
  • Eye-catching graphics and image: The image you choose should not hinder the legibility of the title but rather assist in capturing the audience's attention.
webinar presentation slides

Consistent branding/color palette

Select a color palette and maintain consistency to achieve a professional look for your webinar slides. Whether you opt for your brand colors or not, choosing two or three colors to use consistently throughout your presentation is crucial. This approach will lend your slides a unified and polished appearance.

Utilize these colors for various elements such as text boxes, transparent image overlays (which are particularly important for ensuring the readability of text over images), shapes, and backgrounds. Ensure that the chosen colors facilitate the easy readability of your text. Avoid combinations like green fonts on dark blue backgrounds. 

Your webinar agenda slide

Capture your attendees' expectations by providing a clear agenda slide at the beginning of your presentation. Let the audience know what you will cover with them and what they should expect. Use bullet points to maintain focus and conciseness while employing language that entices them with the exciting content that lies ahead.

Presenter names and brief biographies

Highlight your webinar speakers by dedicating a presenter slide specifically for them. This slide should prominently feature headshots of each presenter, accompanied by their name, title, and the logo of their respective company. Introduce those speakers and remind your audience about their expertise and experience.

Informative slides

Use informative slides with data, statistics, and charts to support the information given by the presenters. Elevate the impact and credibility of your message by incorporating compelling statistics within a strong narrative. Instead of simply presenting numbers on a slide, take it a step further and enhance your webinar with mini infographics. You can effortlessly create visually appealing and informative infographic-style slides by combining relevant data points with complementary icons.

A recap slide for the end of your presentation

Give your audience a summary of what you covered throughout the presentation. Benefit your attendees by including a slide highlighting your webinar's key takeaways. Recognize that repetition aids in learning, and despite concerns of appearing redundant or boring, a recap slide serves as a helpful reminder for your audience regarding the crucial points discussed during the webinar. Moreover, it provides them valuable food for thought once the webinar concludes.

A CTA slide

Clearly communicate your desired action to your audience, whether signing up for another webinar, purchasing, trying a new product feature, or any other objective. Craft a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that resonates with your audience, and position it on your final slide to ensure it is the last thing they see before logging out. For example, they might contact a sales rep after watching a product demonstration or get a personal evaluation after listening to your educational webinar. This is your chance to capitalize on your nurtured leads throughout the event.

webinar CTA slide

What not to include in a webinar slide deck 

Given the value that your webinar slides can offer, you also want to pay attention to what should be excluded from the slides. Including these features can disrupt the flow of your presentations or bore your audience. 

  • Your presenter's notes
  • The personal information of your presenters or guest speakers
  • Unrelated information
  • Long video clips
  • Blank slides or slides that offer little value
  • Unfamiliar abbreviations for common terms
  • Full sentences or paragraphs that you expect audience members to read.

Following these webinar slides, best practices can help you create presentation slides that will keep your audience engaged so that you can nurture your sales funnel.

How to share presentation slides after the webinar

Once you finish building your slide deck, you should maximize your investment. Sharing your slides with your audience after the webinar provides an excellent strategy to keep the conversation going with the audience. You can remind them of your expertise and provide them with a helpful resource to look at when they want to review what they have learned about your core webinar topic.

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Three main strategies work best to get your slides in front of your audience.

  1. Share your slides through a password-protected member portal. You can create a member portal that admits people who attended the webinar, creating an exclusive-access feel.
  2. You might link to the slides in a post-webinar email. When you reach out to the audience after the webinar to thank them for participating, you include a link to your presentation slides, encouraging people to open and engage with your email message.
  3. You can share the link through social media. Social media groups to bring together attendees of your events can be a great way to engage those interested in your target topic, including providing them with exclusive resources-- like your slide deck.
share presentation slides after the webinar

3 webinar slide templates

Here are three webinar slide examples you can use to begin building your deck.

Introduction slide

Welcome to Our Educational Webinar

Let’s dive into TOPIC

Meet our experts

Jane A. Thakur, Degree list

  • Years of experience
  • Accomplishments
  • Past major work locations

Mark Swain, Degrees

  • Years of experience
  • Accomplishments
  • Past major work locations

Informational slide

What Value Will This Investment Offer Clients?

Incorporating this investment style into your clients' portfolios can:

  • Increase earnings by X%
  • Create better balance and diversification for economic turndowns
  • Increase client confidence in their investor by X%

CTA/Conclusion slide

Thank You For Joining Us!

Have more questions about how outsourcing IT can benefit your business?

Reach out to us directly!

We'd happily answer any questions about IT and your specific organization.

My email is [hostname@ITcompany.com]

Create your webinar slide deck

Creating killer slides is the perfect way to complement your reputation and boost audience engagement as you build your next webinar. Consider how you can use these templates and ideas as outlines that can improve your webinar construction and set you up for success moving forward. Creating an impactful and professional webinar slide deck requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Following this guide's guidelines and best practices, you can craft a compelling and visually appealing slide deck that engages your audience and effectively delivers your message. 

In addition to excellent presentation slides, a quality webinar platform is essential for seamlessly bringing together your slides and delivering a successful webinar. One such platform worth considering is Hubilo. Hubilo offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities to enhance your webinar experience. Their platform is designed to ensure a smooth and engaging webinar experience for both presenters and attendees

With Hubilo, you can benefit from interactive engagement tools, customizable registration pages, seamless live streaming capabilities, audience polling, Q&A features, analytics and reporting functionalities, and more. Request a demo today to explore the full potential of Hubilo and see how it can elevate your webinars. 

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