How to write a great webinar title

6 Creative Tips for Writing Webinar Titles

The title of a webinar is the first thing a visitor will see. Here are some tips and examples on how to create an unforgettable webinar title.
March 15, 2023

A key part in planning a webinar that people want to attend is developing an interesting title. As shown in a previous study by Statista, webinars were voted the top digital activity amongst respondents. The title of any event has the power to grab people’s attention and create a feeling of excitement that’s hard to muster with an unrelated or uninteresting title. As experts in planning successful events, we’ll break down how to create webinar titles that generates positive results, along with solid examples to get you started. 

How to create unique webinar titles that convert 

1. Use the most relevant keywords 

In order to get the best possible outcome for your webinar, add relevant and effective keywords to the title. Doing this can help your webinar page rank higher in search engines, especially when you’ve researched relevant keywords through keyword programs. Including keywords that relate to the webinar topic will also help visitors get an idea of what the webinar will be about. Look at the kinds of titles other successful webinars have used to get an idea for yours!

2. Make sure the copy is descriptive 

Not only should you choose a title that is attention-grabbing, but it should also convey enough information about what the webinar is about. In the description for your webinar, your copy should include all necessary information and give a brief summary of what attendees can expect. 

3. Keep messaging on-brand 

Decide on what exactly your webinar will be able to provide for your audience, and keep your messaging around that! According to statistics shared by HubSpot, consistent brand presentation can boost revenue by as much as 23%. Focus on what the audience will gain from this event, like valuable industry insights or first-hand accounts from guest speakers. 

Consistent branding for your webinar

4. Keep your audience & topic in mind 

Every element of your webinar should be geared towards the audience you have in mind. According to 99Firms, 78% of buyers avoid webinars that come across too marketing-focused or “salesy”. If you stick to your webinar branding and cater it to your audience’s needs during every planning stage, you’ll generate the best results possible.  

5. Spotlight a specific challenge or goal 

Increase the chances of your intended audience clicking on your webinar by targeting a specific challenge they have right in the title. It will grab your audience’s attention if you include a solution to a problem that’s relatable and specific to your industry. 

6. Keep it concise 

When writing webinar titles, keep it as short and simple as possible - it should not be a drawn-out sentence! Writing a title that remains on the longer side has the potential to bore your audience or overwhelm them. Keep it as short but compelling as possible to draw people in and get them to register! 

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7 examples of catchy webinar titles

  • “_ Ways to Increase _”
  • “Web Design Tips to Increase Conversions”
  • “The Do’s and Don’ts of _”
  • “Best Practices for Promoting _”
  • “Everyday (strategy) Hacks for (event/industry)” 
  • “10 Secrets to _ Like a Pro”
  • “The Ultimate Webinar for _”

9 tips for improving webinar titles 

1. Make the most of short webinar titles 

When it comes to creating a webinar title that makes an impact, follow best practices of keeping it short but compelling. Webinar titles don’t have to be elaborate long sentences - just enough to convey the topic at hand while drawing the audience in. Longer titles may have the effect of boring or overwhelming the audience it’s actually supposed to attract. Hubspot suggests writing a title 6-13 words long for the best possible outcome. 

2. Use the target audience as your webinar title 

Another tip for creating a webinar title that grabs users'  attention is to include your target audience in your title. There’s no better way to attract your target audience than by incorporating them right in the name of your webinar! 

3. Test catchy webinar titles

One way to know if a webinar title will sound appealing to your audience is to test them. See how it sounds to pair different phrases together that grab users'  attention and have your team help choose which one sounds best. Research different webinar titles from competitors to get inspired and even incorporate CTAs to your titles to get people registering! 

Creating catchy webinar titles

4. Create a list

A great tactic to use when advertising anything online is to utilize a numbered list. Instead of choosing a title similar to “Tips for Event Marketing,” opt for a title that incorporates numbers like “12 Tips for Event Marketing.” Readers like to know what to expect in an event, so prepping them ahead of time with a list gives them extra insight. 

5. Be provocative (with your questions) 

Mix things up and veer away from mainstream webinar titles by asking a question in your title. People tend to remember things that they don't normally see, so catching  them off guard with an intriguing question will grab their attention and spark their interest.  

6. Use keywords in webinar titles

When it comes to creating a title for your webinar, keywords matter! Using a variety of different programs, you can research which keywords will perform better on the web to boost your event page’s SEO. The more keywords you include in the title that relates to your event, the chances of people finding your event page through a search engine increase. 

7. Show your webinar Value in the Title 

Along with the tips above, another piece of helpful information is to convey the value that your webinar will provide to all future attendees in the title. That way, visitors can decide whether or not they'll be interested in signing up right off the bat. If it sounds like something they’d be interested in, they’ll likely click to find out more- leading to a possible registration! 

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8. Create intrigue & curiosity 

The key to getting an audience to click on your webinar title is to use a title that sparks curiosity. Test different phrases that balance mystery and conveying enough information about the webinar to generate clicks and registrations!

9. Get inspiration from other webinar titles

A great way to formulate ideas and get inspired for your upcoming webinar title is to do some competitive research. Check companies that are similar to your industry to see what kinds of titles they’ve used for webinars - and ones that have been successful! This will help you get an idea of title possibilities as you plan your webinar further. 

Developing your the name and title of your webinar

Frequently Asked Questions about Webinar Titles

1. Why are webinar titles so important?

Webinar titles are crucial because they are the first impression you make on potential attendees. A compelling title can increase interest and attendance.

2. Can you explain the difference between a creative title and a generic one?

A creative title is unique, intriguing, and often includes elements like wordplay, humor, or a twist. A generic title is bland and doesn't capture attention.

3. Should I always reveal the entire webinar content in the title?

While it's essential to provide clarity, leaving a bit of intrigue can entice people to learn more. Balance is key; don't give away everything, but don't be too cryptic either.

4. How do I ensure my webinar title resonates with my target audience?

Understand your audience's needs, preferences, and pain points. Tailor your title to address these aspects, showing how the webinar benefits them.

5. Are there any taboo words or phrases to avoid in webinar titles?

Avoid jargon, overly technical terms, and offensive language. Use language that's clear, respectful, and inclusive.

6. Can I test multiple titles before choosing one for my webinar?

Yes, A/B testing or gathering feedback from a sample audience can help you determine which title resonates best and increases attendance.

7. Should I prioritize SEO keywords in my webinar title?

While it's important to consider SEO, don't sacrifice creativity for keywords. Find a balance by incorporating relevant keywords naturally.

8. What role does the title play in branding my webinars?

Consistency in title style can help establish your brand identity. Maintain a similar tone, format, or elements in your webinar titles for brand recognition.

9. Can a webinar title be too long or too short?

Yes, extremes can be problematic. Aim for a title that's concise and to the point, typically around 6-12 words.

10. How do I adapt a creative title for various promotional channels?

Tailor your title for each channel while keeping the core creativity intact. Adjust it to fit character limits on platforms like social media or email subject lines.

Kick off your next event with a memorable webinar title  

The quest to figure out a quality webinar title doesn’t have to be difficult if you utilize the tips above! Once you have people’s attention with the title, they’ll be pulled in, even more, to register for your event. An increase in attendance rates and registrations means more potential customers for your business, which is always a good thing! Our experts can assist you in any way to further develop your webinar during the planning and execution process. Go forth and webinar!

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