how to create a webinar invitation email

23 Best Practices for Webinar Invitation Emails (Examples Included!) to Boost Attendance

Email is one of the best tools to boost registration numbers and increase your leads. Learn our top tips and view examples for creating the best webinar invitation for your event.
March 9, 2023

Along with strong promotional efforts, a great way to spread the word about your webinar is by sending an invitation email. According to recent studies, email (78%) is the most popular event promotion channel, compared to social media (73%) and event websites (72%).Sending a webinar invitation email is one of the top ways to let potential attendees know firsthand about the event you have coming up. We’ll go over the basics of sending webinar invitations, examples, and tips for an invitation email that attracts visitors and creates an exciting buzz around your event. 

What to include in a webinar invitation email

It can be a delicate balance of what to include and what not to include in your webinar invitation email. Some of the most important things to include are: 

  • <span class="mid-size-title">Who</span>

Make sure to introduce your company and everyone who will be involved in the webinar you’re hosting, including guest speakers and presenters. 

  • <span class="mid-size-title">What</span>

Explain what your webinar will be about in the title. Introduce the topic and give a brief description of what will be covered within that topic.  

  • <span class="mid-size-title">When</span>

Clearly indicate  when the webinar is taking place, and add in the website or hosting platform it will be held on. 

  • <span class="mid-size-title">Why</span>

Explain the purpose behind the webinar. This is where you can convey what you hope viewers take away from the webinar and what value they can receive from attending. 

  • <span class="mid-size-title">How</span>

Guide users on how to register for your webinar event by including CTA buttons and links. 

10 subject lines for webinar invitations 

The subject lines on your webinar invitation email are one of the most important parts of your email. This is what will grab recipients' attention and has the potential to make or break whether they open your email or not. We’ve gathered 10 examples of subject lines that will kickstart your webinar invitation email: 

  1. Don’t miss out on this month’s webinar
  2. Don’t get lost on [date]
  3. Your Instagram feed will be full of this in X days
  4. This webinar will have your LinkedIn circles talking
  5. 5 things to prepare to [webinar name]
  6. Join all major influencers of [topic]
  7. Meet the speakers of [some really desired subject]
  8. Last chance:
  9. Grab your VIP ticket and watch the official
  10. Are you ready for _?

The webinar email sequence 

Webinar emails have so many benefits, but it’s essential to know the correct webinar email sequence to make the most out of your event. 

1. Webinar confirmation email

This initial email is sent to people who officially have registered for your webinar event. On average, the click-through rate for event invitations is around 3.5%.This email will confirm that they purchased or signed up for the event and will include details such as the date and time of the webinar. Include a calendar link in the email to allow attendees to sync the event to their personal or work calendars so they don’t forget, and add in any required next steps for attendees. Reiterate your webinar’s value so attendees will be satisfied with their decision to sign up!

creating a webinar email sequence

2. Webinar (or event) reminder emails

Prevent guests from forgetting about your event by sending them a reminder email as the day of the event gets closer. It’s recommended to send one the week before your event, the day before the event, and on the day of the event. All of these emails should remind guests not only of the upcoming webinar but also of the many benefits of attending. Sending reminder emails will ensure your attendees remain in the loop and keep the webinar at the top of everyone’s mind! 

3. Thank you for attending emails 

A post-event email is always a good idea, even if your event was on the shorter side. Show your gratitude towards guests by thanking them for attending your event and, if you chose to record it, provide a link to the recorded webinar. A thank you email is also a great opportunity to guide your attendees towards becoming customers; add links and calls to action that would allow them to learn more about your services or products. 

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3 best webinar invitation examples 

With all this talk about webinar invitation emails, let’s cover some examples of ones that will make an impact ! 

General webinar invitation email template

[Webinar invitation header image with webinar title]

Hi there,

Join us on [webinar date and time] to learn more about [webinar topic].

In this webinar, [webinar presenter(s)] will discuss:

– [Webinar subtopic 1]

– [Webinar subtopic 2]

– [Webinar subtopic 3]

Don’t wait to save your spot!

[CTA button]

Register now

Personalized webinar invitation email template

[Webinar invitation header image with webinar title]

Hi there [subscriber name],

Have you always been curious about [webinar topic]?

My name is [presenter name], [presenter job title] at [company name]. I’m thrilled to invite you to our next exclusive webinar on [webinar date and time].

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– [Webinar subtopic 1]

– [Webinar subtopic 2]

– [Webinar subtopic 3]

Hope to see you there!

[CTA button]

Register now

Last-chance webinar invitation email template

[Webinar invitation header image with webinar title]

Hi there,

[Webinar title] is starting in only [x] [hours/days]!

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn about [webinar topic].

Sign up for free, but be quick! Spots are filling up fast.

[Webinar title]

[Webinar date and time]

[CTA button]

Register now

23 best practices for email webinar invitations 

Sending a webinar invitation email doesn’t have to be a challenge. We’ve gathered 25 tips on how to send  a webinar invitation email that converts recipients into attendees. 

1. Make the subject line meaningful

Your subject line will be one of the first parts of your email that recipients will see, and can make or break whether they decide to open the email or not. According to Campaign Monitor’s 2022 Email Marketing Benchmarks Report, the average open rate was 21.5%, across all industries in 2021.Write a subject line that relates to the webinar topic in a concise but descriptive way. 

2. Put all necessary information on a banner

Banners are the main point of an email, so make sure to build yours out in a way that everyone can see all the important information. Include the webinar title, a brief description, guest speakers, and the date and time. 

3. Provide a complete agenda of your webinar 

Including an event agenda is a great way to let your guests know what to expect . In your email, you can list out the time durations that certain segments will occur along with the times that any guest speakers will give their presentation. This will give guests a clear idea of what to expect when they register for your webinar. 

4. Make your CTA button noticeable 

Once you capture your recipient’s attention through your email’s subject line, banner, and agenda, add a noticeable call to action button. Stand out to email recipients by making it a bright color, like red or yellow, and add a line of text that calls people’s attention. This could be something like “RSVP!” or “Reserve My Seat.”

5. Promise to share slides and recordings

Make sure to also prioritize the participants who wanted to come  but couldn’t make it. Let them know in your email that you’ll be recording the presentation and will have it available for people to watch once the event is over. 

6. Add timers to webinar invite emails

Create a sense of urgency for your recipients regarding your event by adding a countdown timer to your webinar invite email. This will encourage them to register and will let them know how much time they have left to register before the window to register closes.

7. Build a series of webinar invitations & reminder emails

The key to an email strategy that works is having different variations of emails set and ready to send out. Getting email sequences of invitations and reminders ready to send out will keep your audience at the forefront of all important event information. 

8. Include the “Add to Calendar” link

Make the registration process as easy as possible for your recipients right from your invitation email by including a link that adds the event to their calendar. This saves them the risk of forgetting about your event by adding it directly to their calendar. 

webinar email invitation best practices

9. Work on the webinar description

The webinar description is an important part to include in your webinar invitation email. Make sure it has enough information to get your point across and explain enough about the webinar. 

10. Write for your audience

As you prepare your webinar invitation email copy, you should think about who your audience is. Consider who the people you want to attract to your event are- what their problems are, what issues they face, and how your webinar can help. 

11. Focus on attendee benefit

When you center your email copy around what benefits your audience will receive from attending your webinar, you’ll make it easier for them to register. State the many positive aspects of your webinar so attendees will want to experience it for themselves. 

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12. Show off your speaker panel

Attract potential attendees to register for your webinar by showcasing your panel speakers right in your invitation email. Include a small intro for each one, why they’re a great speaker for your webinar, and what your audience will learn from them. 

13. Trigger FOMO

Fear of missing out is a tried and true marketing tactic used by many event marketers to increase event registrations. Use certain phrases like ‘once and a lifetime” or “exclusive” when describing your webinar, and highlight everything that could be learned from attending your event. When used correctly, FOMO can create a sense of urgency for your audience and will motivate them to sign up. 

14. Personalize your email

Personalizing anything can be a wonderful way to get people to sign up for your webinar event! Use an email automation program that is able to begin every email with each recipient’s name, almost like you’re talking to them directly. This will make them feel more appreciated and give them a sense of closeness. 

15. Create a trailer

adding video into email invitations for webinars

Video content is king these days! Adding a video trailer all about your webinar will be a great addition to your webinar invitation email. You can tease all of the great things the webinar will cover and have any guest speakers give anecdotes about the webinar as well. 

16. Incentivize people to join

There’s no better way to motivate people to join an event than by promising them something in return! Create excitement around your event by offering registrants surprise gifts, giveaways, and a chance for all their burning questions to be answered by experts. 

17. Write personality-rich copy

You’ve gotten your recipients to open the email, but now you’ve got to keep them engaged in what your email says! This is where the importance of email copy comes into play. Insert funny quotes or fun emojis into the copy to keep your audience interested. Adding some personality to your invitation email copy will make them want to attend and increase the excitement around the event!

18. Use the community building approach 

To increase the number of email recipients who sign up for your event, putting an emphasis on the community will be to your advantage. Include information about the audience from your last event; how many people attended, testimonials, and even pictures of your past attendees enjoying your event. 

19. Make the webinar email easy to read

Don’t let long and uninteresting text make your email another “added to trash” message! Use easy-to-read  formats to keep people interested in what your email has to say. Use things like bullet points, short subheadings, and visuals to maintain your audience’s attention. 

20. Offer an early bird discount

Everyone loves to receive great deals and steals - and early bird discounts are just that! Offer a chance for attendees who register within a certain time frame to receive a discount on their webinar tickets. This will encourage people to register as soon as possible for your webinar event. 

21. Provide your contact info

Some recipients may have questions regarding the webinar event that you’re hosting - and that’s great! Providing your contact information in your webinar invitation email so recipients can get in touch with any questions will save a lot of work and confusion for future attendees. 

22. Include all key webinar details

Because you’re sending out an invitation for an important event, all of the key details should be included. Add to your email the date and time, a brief description of the event topic, guest speaker details, and the duration of the event. 

23. Design an eye-catching header image

Garb recipients’ attention right away with a visually appealing header image. It can include details like the date and time, as well as headshots of your guest speakers. Make sure to add an eye-catching CTA button to your header image with a link to your registration page as well!

Frequently asked questions about webinar invitations

1. Why is the webinar invitation email so important for attendance?

The email serves as the first point of contact with potential attendees. A well-crafted invitation email can pique their interest and encourage them to register.

2. What are some key elements to include in a webinar invitation email?

Important elements include a clear and compelling subject line, a concise yet informative message, registration details, date and time, and a call to action (CTA).

3. How can I make my subject line more attention-grabbing?

Use creativity, urgency, and relevance in your subject line. Personalization and curiosity can also work well to capture recipients' interest.

4. Are there any best practices for the email body content?

Keep the message concise, highlight the value of the webinar, include speaker information, and use persuasive language. Make sure it's mobile-friendly.

5. Should I include visuals in my webinar invitation email?

Yes, visuals like images or banners can enhance the email's appeal and convey information effectively. Use them judiciously to complement the content.

6. How can I personalize webinar invitation emails for better results?

Address recipients by their names, segment your email list, and tailor the message to their interests or needs. Personalization can significantly boost engagement.

7. Is it necessary to include social proof or testimonials in the email?

Social proof can build trust and credibility. Consider including testimonials from previous attendees or endorsements from industry experts if applicable.

8. What should the call to action (CTA) in the email say?

Your CTA should be clear, action-oriented, and reflect the desired outcome, such as "Register Now," "Save Your Spot," or "Join the Webinar."

9. How can I ensure that my webinar invitation email is accessible to everyone?

Use accessible email templates, provide alternative text for images, and ensure the email is easy to read and navigate for people with disabilities.

10. Can you share some real-life examples of effective webinar invitation emails?

Certainly, during the webinar, we'll showcase examples of successful invitation emails that have led to increased attendance and engagement.

Create excitement for your event with webinar invitations 

email strategies for webinar invitations

Generating registrations for your webinar through an invitation email doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right strategy and best practices like the ones listed above, you can receive all the webinar sign-ups that you’ve always dreamt about! The webinar hosting platform can impact your email strategy as well - choose one that has capabilities like email automation and email customization. This makes the process of creating and sending out webinar invitations and reminders so much easier! Let your email recipients be wowed by your webinar invitation and immediately want to join in on all the valuable information your webinar has to offer! 

Choose an event platform that has email marketing tools to make sure your marketing strategy is solid. You may create personalised pre- and post-event emails with Hubilo Email Marketing Engine that help increase registration rates. Set up a demo right away to find out more!

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