How to create an event invitation email

How to Write The Perfect Event Invitation Email

Create and build excitement around your event with an invitation email! Learn how to answer the 5 w's, discover your tone, and brand your email with your company logo!
December 18, 2022

The time has come! Your event is planned and you have created the perfect guest list! Now, it’s time to invite all of your special guests. Almost everyone has access to an email address, so sending your event invitations via email is the best route to take. It is reported that there are 4 billion daily email users, according to HubSpot. Your guests can have all of the information regarding your event right at their fingertips!

What are event invitation emails?

An event invitation email is the best way to not only invite your guests to your event, but it’s also a great way to generate a buzz around your event! Providing as many details as you can about the event will leave no room for confusion. Event invitation emails can also have a special call to action with a link to register for your event or to buy tickets! 

4 key elements to include in your event invitation email

In order to provide your guests with all of the important information about your event, be sure to include the following4 key elements. This information will ensure your guests know all of the details, and if any questions do arise, your guests can easily email the event organizers for answers. 

1. Date/Rain Date

One of the top details that you need to include in your invitation email is the date! It takes months to plan your special event, and you should be sure to give enough time for your guests to RSVP and make accommodations if necessary. Once the invitation is sent, and your guests RSVP that they’re attending, the event can immediately be added to their calendar! If your event is taking place outside, be sure to include a rain date in case of a cancellation.

2. Time

Your event typically will have a start and end time, so putting this information on the invitation email will clear up any questions. If your event spans over the course of a few days, make sure to include start and end times for however many days your event is. Once the event concludes, if you plan on having a happy hour or networking time, adding this to the event invitation email will let your guests know it’s happening. Adding noted time for breaks will also let your guests know when they are free to make phone calls, have a bite to eat, or use the restroom! 

3. Location

In order to get your guests to the correct event, the location may be the most important piece of information to add! The location of your event may be right at your place of work, or it could be at an alternate location. If this is the case, providing your guests with as much information will only be beneficial to them. Giving your guests an address, city, state and zip code will also allow them to search the area surrounding the event. Another piece of information to add is any parking locations nearby- you may have guests attending from out of state who may need a place to park! 

4. Duration

Let’s face it- everyone who attends any type of event wants to know how long it will run. Adding the duration time of your event will be beneficial to your guests, as they will be able to plan around the time you provided. 

3 types of event invitation emails

Event invitation emails should be sent out months in advance to give your guests plenty of time to RSVP. Depending on the type of event you’re throwing, you may have a certain guest list in mind. As an event organizer, keeping these lists handy as you plan events will help you invite the right people to the right event! 

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Inviting new event goers 

As you plan for your next event, keep in mind that there may be new employees who have been hired since the last event. If they align with the guest list, you will definitely want to invite them! If your event invites external guests who aren’t employed at your company, market your event to the right people in the industry! By doing this, you will not only have a successful event, but you will also be able to grow your guest list for future events. 

Inviting last year's attendees

If your event last year was a success, why not invite those people back to this year’s event? You already know how well these guests align with your event, and they helped bring last year’s event to life. They understand what to expect from your event, and may even help bring new ideas to the table!‍

Post-event follow-ups follow ups and thank yous 

Once the event concludes, sending out thank you notes to your guests will let them know how much you appreciate them being there. Sending follow up emails and surveys can also help to gain feedback from your guests, and from this, you can get a better understanding of what worked for your event. 

What to put in your event invitation email

9 essential components of an event invitation email

Whether you’re creating your event invitation email from scratch or using a template, these tips will help you create an effective email. Using your company brand, logo and tone will set your company email apart from the rest and will capture the eye of your future guests! 

1. Subject line 

As you have probably seen with your personal email, it’s possible to get dozens of emails a day. Important emails can sometimes get lost in the shuffle between all of the spam emails you instantly delete. In order to prevent this from happening, selecting a catchy subject line will help your invitation email stand out among the rest! According to Zippia, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. Creating a sense of urgency in the subject line will also catch the attention of your guest and will entice them to open your email right away.

The 10  best email subject lines for event invitation emails

The best way to capture the attention of your audience is to include an eyecatching email subject line. By capturing the attention of your audience early on, they will be intrigued to register for your event! Here are 10 of the best subject lines for event invitation emails: 

  • Get Ready For (Event Name)
  • Don’t Miss Out On (Event Name)
  • The (Event Name) Is Back!
  • Announcing (Event Name)
  • (Event Name) Is Coming To A City Near You!
  • The (Event Name) Is Live!
  • Countdown To (Event Name)
  • Last Week To Save On Tickets For (Event Name)
  • Discount Tickets For Our Loyal Patrons!
  • Reminder: (Event Name) Starts Next Week!

2. Sender name

As you’re sending out event invitation emails, be sure to send them out through a company email address. Sending the emails from your personal email may be ignored by your guests, as they might not recognize the sender. Also, using the company name in the email will let your guests know who is hosting the event! 

3. Preview text

The preview text of an email appears either next to or below the subject line. This text can display what exactly is in the email, and will give an incentive to open it! Try to focus on the exciting and intriguing details of your event in this field. By doing this, your readers will understand what’s in the body of the email. 

4. Headline and body copy

Being upfront about your event with your guests will let them know exactly what you have planned for them! Getting your point across about why you’re hosting this event can be a driving force behind getting guests to attend. While the body copy should remain functional and informative, have fun with it! The use of pictures and GIFs can be fun and engaging for your guests. 

5. Header logo

Your company’s logo is the heart and soul of your company, and using it within your invitation email will let your guests know who exactly the email is from. Your company logo will serve as a reminder of who your company is and what they do. You will be able to build brand awareness by using your logo on not only the email, but also on banners, napkins and stationary at the actual event. 

6. Brand identity

Many companies have their own signature colors, logos and fonts. When drafting an email, be sure to include these, as this email is representing your company and brand identity. The more cohesive you are with your event invitation email, the more cohesive your event will become!

7. Rich media 

When creating your event invitation email, using pictures of the event location and venue will be more of an incentive for your guests to RSVP that they’re attending. You don’t want your guests to lose interest in the email or the event, so by using pictures and even videos, you can capture the attention of your guests. It’s estimated that having the word “video” in the subject line increases open rates by 7% to 13%.

8. Call to action

As discussed above, a call to action, or CTA for short, is the best way to engage with your guests from the very first email. Providing links or buttons for your guests to register or purchase tickets will catch their eye right away. You can also use the subject of these emails as a reminder to take action. If there are a certain number of days left to register or purchase tickets, sending out an email with a CTA is the best way to remind your guests they only have a few days left to do so!

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9. Email signature

You should begin each event invitation email with your name, and what your title is at your company. At the end of your email, you should close again with your name, title and company logo compiled into an email signature. This is a great way to end your email on a good note, and it will ensure that your guests have a place to refer to any information they may need about the event.

6 tips for writing an event invitation email

In order to create a fun yet informative event invitation email, carefully think about what you want to include. Creating an email with all of the correct information without overwhelming your audience is the best practice to follow. Following these steps will help with writing the best event invitation email. 

1. Use catchy invitation phrases

Catchy invitation phrases will captivate your audience right from the start! Using phrases such as “Don’t Miss Out!” or “Are You Ready?” will be intriguing for your audience; they will want to click on the invitation to see what your event is about!

2. Make email design appealing to your brand

Designing an email is much more than writing the body copy and including the date and time of your event. You can create a compelling event invitation email by including your company colors, logo and signature font. By doing this, your email will stand out from the rest and will catch the attention of your guests. Keep in mind, however, that adding too many pictures or having too many outstanding details can become overwhelming in the eyes of your audience and they might ignore the email. 

3. Create a catchy email subject line 

The subject line of an email is the first thing your guests will see in their inbox. Capturing the attention of your guests right from the start is the best way to ensure they will attend your event! Adding your guest’s name or adding an emoji will add a personalized touch to your email! 

4. Answer the 5 W’s

Who, What, When, Where and Why are the most important parts of email body copy. When drafting your event invitation email, be sure to have all of these points covered! Think of it this way: if you, the event organizer, were to receive this email, would you know everything you need to know in order to attend the event? Are all of the 5 W’s answered? If you feel that any of this information is missing, your guests will be missing this information as well. Getting the 5 W’s answered will be beneficial to everyone invited. 

5. Don’t forget the call to action

Some event invitation emails may not have a call to action, and that’s okay! However, when you have a call to action item in your email such as a link to register or purchase tickets, you can ensure that you will have a higher attendance rate. Providing your guests with these links will avoid sending yet another email with instructions on how to register. 

6. Consider your language

Your company most likely will have an overall tone that they use when they put out any kind of marketing or informational emails. Capturing this tone and using it in your event invitation emails will keep the tone consistent throughout the emails as well as your event! Your language and tone may be serious and informative, or fun and creative. Whichever tone you choose, being consistent throughout your emails and events will let your guests know what kind of event you have planned for them.  

How to host a great event

5 examples of event invitation emails

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you may design your event invitation email differently! The following event invitation email templates will help you create and design the perfect event email, specific to your event. 

1. Webinars 

Webinars are the best way for guests to be kept informed on any new information that may arise within their company or industry. Focusing your attention on the information that will be discussed and what your guests can learn will be beneficial to them! Within the body of your email, you may include any guest speakers, a countdown to the webinar and a link for guests to register!


How To Successfully Plan For The Return Of In-Person Events

By selecting the right venue, following a safety guide and sending out a pre-event survey, you are able to host a successful in-person event! 

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  • How To Choose The Right Venue For Your In-Person Event
  • How To Correctly Set Capacity Limits Within Your Venue
  • A Safety Guide To Ensure You And Your Guests Are Safe Throughout The Event

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2. Conferences

Hosting conferences may be the biggest event you host all year! Depending on the size of your conference, you may have hundreds of guests, and they all need an invitation email with all of the information regarding the event. If your conference has a guest speaker or two, dropping those names into your email will generate a good buzz among guests who are already familiar with them. You may also include any networking opportunities in your email, so that your guests will know who they may meet at the conference! 

Conference Invitation Email

Dear Guest, 

Thanks to all of your hard work over the past year, we would like to formally invite you to Hubilo’s Leadership Conference! Spend 3 days learning the ins and outs of leadership, how to effectively lead others and how to set achievable goals for you and your entire team! This conference will be held on May 9th - May 11th 2023 at the Austin Marriott Downtown Hotel in Austin, Texas. Listen to guest speakers talk about their leadership experiences! Guest speakers include: 

  • Samantha White, professor at University Of Texas
  • Derek Jones, CEO Of Leadership, Inc.
  • Stan Davis, author of The Leader Of The Pack

Register to attend today and claim a fixed room block rate of $205 per night at the Austin Marriott Downtown Hotel. Be sure to act quickly, as this special rate ends on January 6, 2023. 

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3. Awards Ceremonies

Your company, from year to year, will have wins to celebrate, such as sales or employee of the year! If you choose to host an event to celebrate those wins, take this opportunity to create a fun and engaging email to invite your guests! Award ceremonies usually include a dinner, followed by the awards portion of the evening. Award ceremonies show a great sense of loyalty to your guests, and you can design the event invitation emails to showcase those who are receiving an award. 

DECEMBER 16, 2022


Hubilo cordially invites you to join their annual Top Sales Awards Ceremony, celebrating the top sales people of the year! 

6:00 - 9:00 PM  

James Smith Auditorium 

Dinner And Drinks Will Be Served, Please Let Us Know If You Have Any Food Allergies Or Dietary Restrictions


RSVP By November 18, 2022 to Jane Green

Email With Any Questions

Visit HubiloSales.Com/Awards

Creating an invitation for an award ceremony

4. Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats are a great way to gather employees together so they can bond and learn more about each other, professionally and personally. Corporate retreats usually take place in a different location from your place of business, so getting these event invitation emails out as soon as possible will help your guests make the accommodations they need. Be sure to include the dates, times, location and how excited you are to host this event! If you are including any activities on your corporate retreat, be sure to include any links your guests may need to sign up for them! 


You Have Been Cordially Invited To 

Hubilo’s 3rd Annual Corporate Retreat

Experience 3 days filled with learning, leading and fun! Management coaches will be on hand to help lead discussions, workshops and breakout sessions. 


Learn How to Effectively Lead Your Team

Maximize Your Work Day

Watch And Create Motivational Videos

Fun Activities:  

Tour Of Milwaukee Brewers Stadium

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee County Zoo

When: July 10th - July 12th 2023

Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Staying At: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Downtown Milwaukee

RSVP And Register By March 31, 2023. 

Register Now

5. Company Parties 

Everyone loves a good company party, and seeing an event invitation email in your inbox for a party will be sure to get your guests excited! The party could be for a number of things: retirement, birthday, holiday or end of year celebrations. This type of invitation email also needs to answer the 5 W’s, including any additional information. The addition of a food menu, attractions or any other surprises can either be announced with this email, or can be announced at a later date. 

SHH! It’s A Secret!

After 40 Years Of Dedicated Service To Hubilo, Janice Is Retiring! Join Us For An Evening Of Celebrating Her Many Accomplishments To Our Company!

Thursday September 28, 2023

5th Floor Common Room

5:00 - 8:00 PM

Light Refreshments Will Be Served

Be Prepared To Share A Story About Janice!

RSVP To Tim by August 31 (774-555-9409)

Host your next event with Hubilo 

Event invitation emails are the first glimpse into the event you’re throwing, and it can make or break your event! The more information you provide, the more engagement you will receive from your guests. Focusing on your target audience for your event will help you create not only a fun and engaging event, but will also help you create an event invitation email that your guests will be intrigued by. If you need help in creating these invitations, reaching out to an event hosting platform can help you plan not only the event, but can also help you draft a compelling event invitation email! 

By leveraging Hubilo's features and capabilities, you can enhance the effectiveness of your email invitations and maximize guest engagement. With Hubilo, you can access a variety of tools and resources to craft compelling event emails. The platform offers customizable templates and design options, allowing you to create visually appealing and professional-looking emails that align with your event's theme and branding. Request a demo of Hubilo to experience firsthand how it can help you create compelling event invitation emails. By scheduling a demo, you can explore the platform's features in detail, receive personalized guidance on utilizing its capabilities for your specific event needs, and understand how Hubilo can streamline your event management process overall.

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