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Design unique, branded events that energize attendees and inspire trust

Impact long-term, positive appeal with branding that thoughtfully communicates your vision.

Leave a lasting impression with robust branding capabilities

Increase recognition and attendance through branding opportunities that matter, including customized themes, backgrounds, banners, color schemes, logos, and more.

Attract sponsors and partners by personalizing touchpoints

From registration and event login to reception, sessions and booths, maximize the visibility of your sponsors and partners at every stage of the attendee journey.

Branding Features

Branded mobile app

Fully immerse audiences in positive and memorable moments while on the go.


Make every event truly yours with custom URLs, fully branded experiences, and more.

Custom themes

One theme to tie it all together.

Custom landing pages

Let your resource hub deliver on promise and set the tone.

Custom URLs

Building credibility is just that simple.

Multiple banner, logo placements

Never miss a relationship-building touchpoint again.

Sponsored ads

Sponsor visibility. Attendee engagement. No brainer.

Events made to fit your organizational needs

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