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10 Email hacks to increase your event sales.

Jay Sitapara
May 4, 2017

Do you have an upcoming event? Maybe selling your event tickets is on top of your mind. And we are sure that you are counting on mailers to boost up your event sales. But how do you make sure that it works?

According to The Radicati Group, a technology research market group, by 2019 an average person would receive about 120+ emails a day. That is a lot of information delivered directly to your inbox, isn’t it?

Then how are you planning to stand out and double-check that your mailer strategy works and you reach your goal?

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To make your goal a reality we have come up with proven email tactics to hike your event ticket sales. Have a look!

1. Work on the Subject Line.

Just like the receptionist decides your fate of letting you meet with the executive or not, similarly, the subject line decides whether your email will be opened or not.

This is the first point of contact between your potential attendee and you.If you go cold and common, the chances of your email getting attention are nil. And that is why we ask you to work on your email subject line.

According to Hubspot, 33% of email recipients open email based on the subject line only. Subject lines with 49 or fewer characters had open rates 12.5 percent higher than those with 50 or more characters. Follow the rule of write, revise and repeat until it is tremendously powerful.

email hacks event sales

2. Don’t use shouty CAPITALS.

Using ALL CAPS is surely a good way to gain someone’s attention, but in a very wrong way. Coming on too strong isn’t a good idea.

This is often referred to as digital shouting. Your job is to make the recipient feel at ease rather than giving them anxiety. Do you like if anybody gets too pushy? No. Neither do your potential attendees.

Instead, use commas and colons to separate your thoughts and express clearly. Warning: Do not use exclamation unless you want to sound like a teenager.

3. Personalize beyond a greeting.

Do we really feel connected by just “Hello!” or “Hey!”? No! Greeting your potential attendee this way is way more outdated. Personalize your email beyond just a simple hello.

You have to know whom you are sending this email to and the receiver that this email is about them or the subject they might be interested in.

Using the name of the recipient is the best way to increase the chances of your email to get open. The key is to connect with them. For example, I receive newsletters from Niel Patel which says “Hello Jay- Only for you.” And I like it.

email hacks event sales

4. Keep the length short.

Now that you’ve convinced your readers to open your email, how are you going to persuade them to buy your event ticket? Are you going do it in 20 words? 200? 2,000?! Well, it depends.

First, keep sentences short. Cut out the epic paragraphs and convey your message in such a way that it is easy to understand. Avoid stuffing all the details about your event in a single email.

Remember that your eyes need rest after reading every 3 sentences. Yes- the white space. Long paragraphs make the content look boring and tiresome to read. Hope you won't make the mistake.

email hacks event sales

5. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Are you vague in communicating your idea or catching your recipients? Well, you need to buckle up buttercup! You just have a few sentences to communicate what you want.

Every sentence of your needs to be interesting enough to keep them reading the whole email. Asking them questions starting from when, how, what, why, etc. works best.

Tell them what are they missing out by not attending your event. The more you tell them the value that you’re providing, more chances of yours to sell the tickets.

6. Use compelling templates.

Go creative and make email templates in accordance with your event website theme and give them what experience they are going to miss if they are not attending your event. 90% of people have FOMO- Fearing Of Missing Out.

Setting up an email template seems a lot of work, but it is negligible in terms of the usefulness it provides. You can try different templates and try out the pattern which works the best for increasing your event ticket sales.

Graphic rich? Short? Long? Urgent? Find out which one works best and then amend accordingly.

email hacks event sales

7. Create a sense of urgency.

Nothing creates a sense of urgency quite like a deadline. Words like ‘ends tomorrow’ and ‘good until’ works best for triggering their psychological spot. This is the point where psychology meets marketing.

Using a time sensitive language and creating demand with scarcity actually works. This creates an effect in their mind that they are now competing with other attendees to get the ticket of your event.

Hence, we recommend depicting clear opening and closing dates of your event tickets.

email hacks event sales

8. Add email signature.

Most of the people have a basic email signature having a name, phone number and company name. But you need to realize the power of personalized email signatures.

When the recipient knows that the email they are receiving is a real person, it makes a great impact. Include your social profiles or Skype id to connect with you beyond your personal profile.

Also, you can include the URL of the event website to show them that you are an authentic person which creates credibility.

email hacks event sales

9. Make it mobile optimized.

Over half of the internet accessed today is from mobile or tablet and it is going to grow more in coming years. Are your emails, optimized for mobile?

Today, most of the people are managing their emails from mobile apps. If you have a heavy graphical mail then it might not load properly on mobile. And there are high chances that people might not open at all.

It is recommended to test your mailers on various platforms before sending them directly.

email hacks event sales

10. The right time is the final key!

On the general note, people tend to check their emails twice a day. One in the morning and one in the evening.

But according to Hubspot, emails which are sent between 8 am to 9 am in the morning have a high tendency of targeting the recipient than the ones sent later. Also, emails sent at 3 pm and 8 pm have highest opening rates.

Hubspot also found that emails sent on Tuesday and Thursday have highest opening rates. You see! The right time is the only key.

Email is obviously a powerful tool to increase your event ticket sales. But you need to make sure that you use every tactic correctly. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. Happy Eventteching!

If you have more suggestions to say, please write to us in the comments.

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