How to increase webinar registration

How to Increase Webinar Registration & Attendance

Use email reminders and other tools to boost the attendance of your webinar. Learn more here about how to increase webinar registration.
April 24, 2023

Once you have your webinar planned, you’re ready to market it to your target audience and beyond! In order to gain the largest audience possible, you need to use these tips. From sending reminder emails to creating a blog about your webinar, learn how to  increase your webinar registration and attendance in a multitude of ways with these tips.  

32 tips to boost webinar registration and attendance

1. Drive registration through promotional emails

When it comes to capturing the attention of your audience, you want to capture it as early as possible! In the time from the first promotional email being sent to the actual webinar, there should be between 3-4 emails being sent. You can personalize these emails, by adding the guests’ names to create excitement around the webinar.

2. Personalizing emails

People in the corporate world see so many emails in a day, that some of them aren’t even opened! According to Templafy, the average office worker receives an estimated 121 emails per workday. By adding a human element like adding names, your guests will be more inclined to open your emails and respond to your webinar invitation. If you have a few subsets of your target audience, you can tailor the emails to fit the needs of your audience. 

3. Promote your webinar on social media

The promotion for your webinar should begin at the same time you send your first promotional email! Be sure to use all of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn). By using all of these platforms, you can promote your webinar to all different audiences and demographics! You will also have more space to promote your webinar to ensure it gets seen by the most people possible.

Using social media to boost webinar attendance

4. Use hashtags

Using hashtags on social media can help you gain customers you didn’t know you could get. Make sure the hashtags you use on your webinar post are relevant to your event. You can even use multiple hashtags in the same post but don’t overdo it! Less is more, but with the right hashtags, you can still gain the right audience.

5. Scheduling posts

In the days leading up to your webinar, you should schedule posts to go out, one per day. The use of real pictures, not stock photos, can entice your audience to register if they haven’t already. When scheduling your posts, be sure to pick a date and time that works for everyone. Keep in mind that your guests may be in different time zones, so picking a time that works for everyone will ensure everyone will see the post. 

6. Call to action (CTA) for next event

Take the time to promote your next event in the CTA for your webinar. According to studies by Mixpanel, the average CTR of button CTAs is 5.31%. You can direct your guests to a registration page for a new event, and even ask those guests what they wish to see in the future! Event hosts can then take those suggestions and create an event that your guests will want to attend. 

7. Nurture with webinars

When you begin to generate leads, you will want to hang onto those leads for as long as you can. When you deliver the right content and market it at the right time, you can begin to generate leads from all over. You can also create evergreen webinars, which will always be relevant, no matter how much time passes. 

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8. Play around with reminder emails

Sending reminder emails helps to drive the attendance of your guests. Sometimes, a guest will register for your webinar and forget about it. A small nudge to remind them is all you need! You can send reminder emails in the week, day, or even hours before the webinar begins! 

9. Personalized vs. generic reminders

Depending on your webinar goals, you can create either personalized or generic email reminders. For personalized emails, you can include your own name as well as your guests’ name. This feels personal and your guests will feel comfortable attending your webinar. For generic emails, you can keep the email short and to the point. If you have a larger audience for your webinar, you may want to choose a generic reminder email, as you can send it out quickly to everyone.

10. Incentivize attendance

If you wish to have your webinar filled with guests, you can give your guests an incentive for attending! This incentive can be a small prize or a special download, but it gives your guests a reason to attend. Not only can they receive an incentive, but they will also be receiving the knowledge and information you have planned for during the webinar.

11. Play with your webinar dates

There are some days that just work better than others in terms of hosting webinars. You will have a higher attendance rate when you host your webinar on Tuesdays , Wednesdays, or Thursdays. The most productive hours to host a webinar are between the hours of 11AM-2PM. If there are guests who can’t attend your webinar, be sure to have an on-demand webinar. The link can be provided to guests and they can watch the webinar at a time that works best for them.

12. Increase your promotion cycle

Your promotion cycle for your webinar should be done up to 15 days in advance. You will find that guests will register as soon as you begin promoting, and the earlier you promote, the more likely your guests will register and save a spot for your event on their  calendar. 

13. Send a day-of reminder

In the morning of your webinar, be sure to send out a reminder email! This will not only remind your guests of your webinar happening soon, but you can also express how excited you are to see them. If you send this email to your target audience that hasn't registered yet, be sure to include a registration link for any last-minute attendees.

Tips for increasing webinar attendance

14. Use interactive tools to increase engagement

Interactive tools such as quizzes, surveys, polls, and Q&As help webinar hosts get a better understanding of who their audience is and can increase engagement. Through these tools, hosts can determine the likes and dislikes of their guests, and even create new events around what the guests want to see. 

15. Have an on-demand strategy

Live webinars are great for guests who can take an hour out of their day to attend. There are some guests who may not be able to attend, so having your webinar on-demand is key for those guests. Webinar hosts can send the link to everyone, and the guests who didn’t attend can watch it when it is convenient for them.

16. Refine your webinar registration form

If you create a registration form that is too long, your guests won’t be interested in filling it out. Sometimes, all you need from a guest to register is their email address! Guests don’t want to fill out a form with all of their information on it, so keeping it short is the best way to go. 

17. One-click, seamless registration

When you begin to promote your webinar, sending your guests the link to the registration form is the easiest way to gain guests. With a simple click of the link, they are brought right to the registration form, where they can input their information. This can be done for both live webinars and on-demand webinars.

18. Take advantage of interactive content hubs

Content hubs are pages that hold all of the relevant content regarding your webinar. Your content hub page can have your registration link, any upcoming events, or interactive tools. Your content hub can help to increase engagement for your webinar!

19. Choose a topic that appeals to a wide audience

By using interactive tools, webinar hosts can get a better understanding of what their guests are looking for. Having this knowledge can help you choose a topic that your guests are interested in. Make sure the topic of your webinar is relevant and not too vague! 

20. Use exit-intent

Exit-intent is the last thing your guests see as they exit your webinar. These pop-ups aren’t like normal pop-ups; they can be links to future event registration pages or your webinar landing page. If you link to a future event, be sure to add the title, the topic of the webinar, as well as the date and time. 

21. Use a countdown timer

A countdown timer helps to add urgency and excitement around your webinar. When you send a promotional email to your guests, you can add the days, hours, and even minutes until your webinar! Your guests will be excited as they watch the seconds tick away leading up to the webinar.

Set up a countdown for your webinar

22. Drive sign-ups with email marketing

Email marketing is the best way to personalize the emails you send to promote your webinar. You can include your own name, as well as the names of the guests you are sending the emails to. After a guest registers for the webinar, send a thank you email immediately! This will add a human element to your webinar, leaving your guests feeling comfortable attending. 

23. A/B test your email subject lines

Depending on your webinar goals, you may find that one type of email subject line works better than the other. One subject line can connect your guests to the pipeline and landing page, while the other subject line is straightforward and to the point. 

24. Choose the best time and day to host your webinar

Keep in mind that some of your guests may be in different time zones, so be mindful when you choose the best time and day for your webinar. If you need a better insight into what days and times work for your guests, send out a pre-event survey! While the middle of the week is the most popular time to host a webinar, there may be a day that works better for everyone.

25. Create a landing page

A webinar landing page houses all of the information about the event! You should keep the message on the landing page short, with instructions on how to register for any future events. Your guests may be visiting the landing page from all forms of social media, so you should focus on the current webinar’s information. 

26. Blog about your webinar topic

If you create a blog about your webinar topic, don’t make it the exact topic! You want your webinar to have all of the information, so create the blog around relevant topics. You should include a call to action within the blog, and then once the webinar is over, the blog can become an evergreen blog, with the information always staying relevant.

27. Leverage collaboration for publicity

If you wish to reach out to similar brands for collaboration, you should promote their events as well. Make sure these brands aren’t your competitors, however! These brands that you collaborate with may have an audience that will want to register for your event and vice versa.

28. Use an add-to-calendar feature

Once a guest is registered for your webinar, they can add the event right to their calendar. Include a button within the registration form to add the event right to their calendar, and they will be reminded of the webinar each time they look at their calendar. 

Create a calendar strategy for your webinar

29. Make your call to action sound urgent

Your call to action should sound urgent, so your guests will be more likely to register for your webinar. This is the time when you let your guests know how valuable your webinar is, and risk FOMO if they miss it! 

30. Give incentives for referrals

Just like incentives for registering, you should give incentives for any referrals your guests have. According to Small Biz Genius, 75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer rewards. If your guests refer their friends and colleagues to your webinar, they should be rewarded! The incentive can be small, but it’s something to recognize and thank your guests for bringing in a new audience.

31. Don’t advertise your webinar replay immediately

You should record your webinar for a few reasons. Your webinar can be used as a reference point in the future and it can be viewed by anyone who didn’t attend. However, don’t advertise your webinar replay until after the webinar is over. If your guests know that you are planning on sending the webinar replay out after it’s over, they won’t want to attend the webinar, as they can just catch the replay. Once the webinar is over, you can send it to all of the registrants and they can watch it again or for the first time.

32. Use guest speakers to promote the webinar

If you have guest speakers for your webinar, you should use them to promote it! You can use their name, picture, and credentials to bring in your audience. If your guest speaker agrees to speak at your webinar after the original email promotion, be sure to add them and their likeness to any future marketing!

Frequently asked questions about webinar registrations and attendance

1. How do I increase webinar registrations?

To boost registrations, promote your webinar through various channels, use compelling visuals and messaging, offer valuable content, and consider using incentives like early-bird discounts or downloadable resources.

2. What is the ideal timing to send webinar registration emails?

Sending registration emails 1-2 weeks before the webinar is a common practice, but timing can vary based on your audience's preferences and your promotion strategy.

3. How can I encourage registrants to attend the webinar?

Send reminder emails leading up to the event, create engaging pre-webinar content, highlight the value of attending, and consider hosting a Q&A session or interactive polls during the webinar to keep attendees engaged.

4. What is the average attendance rate for webinars, and how can I improve it?

The average attendance rate varies but is typically around 30-40%. To improve attendance, send reminder emails, schedule webinars at convenient times, and offer on-demand access for those who can't attend live.

5. Should I charge for webinar attendance, or should it be free?

The decision to charge or offer free webinars depends on your goals. Charging can generate revenue, but free webinars can attract a larger audience and generate leads.

6. How can I track and manage webinar registrations effectively?

Use webinar software with registration tracking features, integrate with CRM tools, and keep a centralized database of registrants for easy management and follow-up.

7. What should I do if there are technical issues preventing attendees from joining the webinar?

Provide technical support contact information in advance, have a backup plan in case of technical issues, and consider sending a recording to affected attendees afterward.

8. How can I encourage post-webinar engagement and follow-up with attendees?

Send post-webinar emails with recordings, slides, and additional resources. Encourage attendees to provide feedback and continue the conversation through social media or email.

9. Are there best practices for handling no-shows and absentee registrants?

Reach out to no-shows with post-webinar content, such as recordings or summaries. Consider segmenting absentee registrants for targeted follow-up and nurturing campaigns.

Increase webinar registration for your next event

Every webinar host knows how important it is to have a large audience. Webinars help to connect your audience with the hosts through interactions like polls, live chats, and Q&As. The tips listed above help webinar hosts obtain the largest audience possible! Webinar hosts should be in contact with their audience right from the start, all the way through the end when they send out the post-event survey. Your target audience will be engaged and informed throughout the whole webinar, and you can be sure that with email reminders and scheduled posts, they will never miss one of your events. 

With Hubilo's user-friendly registration process and advanced marketing tools, you can easily promote your webinar to your target audience and encourage them to register. Hubilo is a powerful platform that can help increase registration for your next webinar event. Additionally, Hubilo offers a range of engagement features such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and gamification options that can keep your attendees interested throughout the event. By leveraging the features of Hubilo, you can create a successful and engaging webinar event that attracts a large number of attendees and provides them with a valuable experience. Consider using Hubilo for your next webinar event and see the difference it can make in terms of registration and engagement. Request a demo to explore all of the features and solutions offered by Hubilo.

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