Webinar Benchmarks Every Marketer Should Know

Navigate the dynamic landscape of webinars with insights from our latest benchmark report. Discover the most popular webinar topics, optimal timing, registration strategies, and post-webinar tactics to boost conversion rates.
April 18, 2024

The global webinar market is poised to reach an estimated 800 million by 2023, experiencing a substantial increase of 253 million since 2015. This surge is attributed to key factors such as enhanced accessibility, user-friendly interfaces, and a rapid surge in adoption accelerated by the global pandemic. Additionally, the rising trends of live streaming and video-sharing opportunities contribute significantly to the market's expansion.

Since 2020, one marketing strategy that has gained remarkable momentum is the utilization of webinars. As we step into 2024, webinars continue to stand out as the most powerful tool for creating engaging digital experiences. Webinars have emerged as the top-of-the-funnel content format that yields the highest quality leads. Recognizing the pivotal role of webinars in B2B marketing strategy, it becomes crucial to comprehend the standard metrics and statistics essential for gauging webinar success.

A striking statistic reveals that 73% of B2B marketing and sales leaders endorse webinars as the most effective means to generate high-quality leads. The average webinar attendee session time, nearly an hour, attests to the unparalleled engagement that webinars command. However, not all webinars are equal in their impact. Through extensive analysis of numerous webinars, we've identified common traits among top-performing ones. Whether it's promotion strategies, scheduling considerations, or terminology, this guide provides insights into optimizing the effectiveness of your webinar initiatives.

Explore compelling statistics from our latest webinar benchmark report and learn how to integrate them into your upcoming webinar for maximum impact.

What are the most popular webinar topics?

B2B professionals actively seek tips, tricks, and best practices, with 70% expressing a preference for educational content in webinars. Attendees often look for professional advice and best practices, making webinars a valuable platform for knowledge sharing.

To keep your audience engaged, consider hosting webinars on popular topics that align with emerging trends and best practices. Examples of sought-after webinar topics include marketing and revenue generation, advancements in new technology, and career training.

When selecting webinar content, prioritize what will genuinely benefit your audience. Ensure your webinar delivers educational value, avoiding prolonged sales pitches, as audiences are more inclined towards informative sessions.

Desired webinar content extends beyond best practices, with 62% expressing interest in industry trends and predictions, followed by how-to's/explanations (61%), expert interviews (60%), case studies (59%), and data insights and original research (55%). Tailor your webinar content to address these preferences and provide valuable insights to your audience.

Webinar registration and attendance benchmarks

Evaluate the response from your audience and make timely improvements with the following webinar benchmarks for registration and attendance.

A significant trend reveals that 29% of individuals register for webinars on the same day as the event, while merely 15% register 15 days or more in advance. Despite this, the conventional approach is to promote the webinar two weeks before the scheduled time. To optimize webinar registration, it is crucial to engage in proactive promotion, intensify efforts a week before through social media, boost organic and paid traffic with SEO, and send targeted webinar emails. For those yet to register, a last-chance email serves as a compelling prompt, coupled with an additional reminder email on the day of the webinar.

Webinar registration and attendance

The registration conversion rate is lower for cold traffic

Cold traffic results in a lower average webinar registration page conversion rate of 30%. New visitors exhibit reduced conversion on registration pages as they require time to establish trust in your business.

Email is the top promotional channel for web

Email marketing stands out as the primary promotional channel for webinars, contributing to 57% of registrations. When crafting your webinar promotion strategy, it is imperative to incorporate email campaigns.

Not only is email marketing a cost-effective promotional method, but it also proves highly efficient in driving increased registrations. Enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign for webinars by segmenting your email list and delivering personalized messages instead of generic invites.

Opt for personalized subject lines over sales-oriented ones, as this significantly boosts the likelihood of your audience opening your emails. Additionally, broaden your email outreach by collaborating with B2B marketing influencers or other companies to leverage their email lists.

webinar email promotion

Registrant attendee show-up ratio 

Welcome customers, on average, achieve a 66% attendance rate. While the industry standard attendance rate stands at 40%, this figure varies based on your email marketing approach, the webinar topic, and any incentives provided to encourage attendance. It's important to note that the 40% benchmark encompasses attendance figures for "cold traffic" registrations, representing individuals who have not previously engaged with your website. This factor tends to diminish the attendance rate. Therefore, by exclusively targeting high-quality, warm leads, you can anticipate even higher attendance numbers.

Webinar production benchmarks

The best day to host a webinar 

Thursday takes the lead as the preferred day for hosting webinars, attracting 26% of viewers, closely trailed by Tuesday at 23% and Wednesday at 21%.

While there is no universal formula for webinar scheduling, mid-week emerges as a suitable choice, considering audience preferences. Research indicates that mid-week is when your audience is most inclined to attend webinars, with Thursday yielding the highest attendance, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. Mondays and Fridays, being hectic with last-minute tasks and catch-up meetings for professionals, are less favorable for hosting events.

It's essential to view these statistics as benchmarks and not strict rules. Experiment with various times and days, seeking feedback from your audience to determine their optimal day. This iterative approach will assist in crafting the most effective schedule tailored to your unique audience.

When people prefer to attend webinars

The majority, with 28%, favor attending webinars during mid-morning, closely followed by 27% in the mid-afternoon.

The optimal times for webinar attendance align with mid-morning and mid-afternoon slots. Specifically, 11 am secures the highest attendance rate, followed by 2 pm in second place, and 1 pm in third. Notably, hosting a webinar at noon may not be as effective, as this coincides with the typical lunch break, resulting in lower attendance during that hour.

The optimal webinar length

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the ideal length of a webinar. Attendees typically invest approximately 50 minutes in a webinar, constituting the average stick rate.

While exceptions exist, adhering to the general timeframe of 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes aligns with most webinars. Although longer events are feasible, it's crucial to recognize that the audience's attention span diminishes over time, particularly when transitioning into sales speeches. Therefore, it's advisable to adhere to the 45-minute rule for optimal engagement.

Attendees want a live Q&A session

A significant 67% of attendees expressed a preference for live Q&A sessions with speakers during webinars. While webinars are effective tools for audience engagement, research highlights that attendees exhibit a greater interest in live Q&A interactions with speakers compared to polls and handouts. To cater to this preference, ensure opportunities for the audience to submit questions and comments in real time during your speech. Alternatively, hosting a dedicated live Q&A session within the webinar provides an engaging platform for interaction with prospects.

Real-time feedback obtained through this approach not only facilitates a deeper understanding of audience preferences but also enables immediate addressing of pre-sale objections, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the webinar.

Planning a webinar? Check out the webinar best practices to ensure your webinar program is a success!

Attendees want a live Q&A session

Post webinar benchmarks

Increased conversion rate with post-webinar marketing

Enhance your conversion rates by incorporating post-webinar marketing materials, as prospects become 60 times more likely to convert with this approach.

Your responsibilities extend beyond the conclusion of the live webinar. By promptly delivering marketing materials to your prospects within an hour of the webinar, you significantly increase the likelihood of converting them into customers.

Leverage the high number of qualified leads on your email list, consisting of webinar signups, to send follow-up emails to registrants. Additionally, consider providing marketing materials such as eBooks, exclusive offers, or free strategy sessions to further engage and convert your audience.

A higher percentage of attendees request a demo post-webinar

Post-webinar, sales witnessed a 62% request for demos from attendees.

With webinars proving to be an ideal platform for collecting qualified leads, it's crucial to be well-prepared for an effective digital demo program, especially when a significant majority of attendees express interest in free demos.

Running digital demos post-webinar provides an opportunity to showcase products in real time, capturing the attention of potential buyers and boosting lead conversion. Utilizing virtual demos enables real-time communication with the sales team, allowing them to stay informed about prospects' activities. Moreover, the analysis and qualification of prospects during demos facilitate the seamless transition of leads into appropriate nurturing programs.


In recent years, the B2B landscape has undergone substantial transformations, necessitating a redesign of traditional webinar presentation approaches to align with audience preferences rather than focusing solely on offered content.

Utilizing the webinar benchmarks will aid in crafting top-notch webinars. Additionally, the insights provided in the webinar reports shed light on the influence of remote working on webinars and their production. Leveraging webinar benchmarks is instrumental in establishing goals and evaluating success by scrutinizing metrics like attendance, registration rate, engagement, and CTA clicks.

Therefore, the webinar benchmarks report emerges as the ultimate tool for excelling in marketing, training, communications, and staying ahead in the digital-first world.

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