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How to Create an Effective Event Marketing Email Strategy

Juhi Purswani
June 5, 2018

By Andrea Robbins Blog originally posted on Endless Events

Event Promotion plays a huge role in an event’s success. Email marketing is an effective measure to engage with prospective attendees and converting them into potential leads. 31% of the event marketers believe event marketing is the most effective marketing channel.

The main reason behind this fact is that with the events industry completely adapting to the digital era, there are numerous options which can attract potential customers.

Event Marketing gives consumers and brands a unique opportunity to network with different people at events, build personal as well as professional relations, and get hands-on experience with new services.

Considering all the options of event marketing in the digitalized era, the most effective mode is still Email Marketing. Most event marketers (40%) believe email marketing to promote events is the most effective digital marketing channel.

4 Secrets to Successful Event Email Marketing

Some of the key features that make email marketing successful are -


The art of drafting and personalizing an email to be sent out for promotional purpose comes with practice. Lots of brainstorming, strategies, unique ideas and quality content is required to draft a perfect email and to run an email marketing campaign.

Personalization in email and event marketing emails has a lot more impact on the receiver, leading to open rate increase by 22%.

According to Conversant Media, “94% of customer insights and marketing professionals said personalization is “Extremely important” for meeting email marketing objectives.”

Personalizing email doesn’t just mean adding the name of the receiver in the subject line, it goes much beyond that. Some of the ways in which email personalization can improvise upon email marketing are Behavioral Personalization, weather-based Personalization, content-based Personalization, etc..


Apart from personalization comes usage of automation tools in email marketing. Now the technology is highly developed and is utilized in events industry as well. Some of the automation statistics show great effects of the tech in email marketing.

According to Campaign Monitor, “Automated emails generate 320% more revenue than emails that are not automated.”

Email Automation for Events

Not only does the email automation increases automation but also leads to maximizing ROI and lead generation. Using proper methodologies for automating emails for event marketing campaigns is a huge payoff. Using certain templates helps in drafting such emails like Welcome mail, engagement emails, loyalty and rewards emails, referral emails and Thank You emails.

After you have successfully launched a campaign, you can set a timeline to send the emails to the customer database. For different types of campaigns, the time duration for the emails to go out will be different.

For every email campaign, you should set up a trigger. Triggers can include when someone purchases a product, other buyer behaviors, when a customer abandons their shopping cart, and more.


Segmenting includes a little bit of both personalization and automation. It is basically delivering required content to the right target audience at the right time. Segmentation can be done on customer database with various filter options like, based on preference, age, gender, and so on.

After collecting all the necessary information from the database, you can prepare segmented lists and send personalized emails with set triggers to those lists.

“The power of email automation is clear when you consider 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns.”

Mobile Optimization

Most of the audience nowadays is using their smartphones to check their emails. So, to increase the open and click rate and be accessible to all the people across the globe, you’ll have to be mobile-optimized.

According to Salesforce, “68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy.”

There are a number of ways to get your email optimized in mobile phones. It is a simple and quick process which requires a little bit of testing and then you are ready to roll!

First of all, you must use a mobile-optimized template for email marketing campaign. Remember to avoid overuse of images. Keep the content to the point.

Use apt whitespaces to make the text more readable. Go for quality and not quantity. Use CTA’s with a button to help get more subscriptions. And, follow analytics to see the improvement from your email marketing which drives more attention and maximize ROI.

Overall, following a well-researched email marketing strategy can truly work wonders for your campaign.

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