What to know about on-demand webinars

On-Demand Webinars: Everything You Need to Know

Discover how to increase your attendee rate by offering on-demand webinars. Learn everything you need to know about creating an on-demand webinar here.
March 21, 2023

Webinars are a great way to teach new skills, knowledge and competences to your employees or to a particular audience. But do you know what is even better? On-demand webinars! Whether you don’t have the time to host a live webinar or you are looking to reach out to a broader audience from anywhere and at any time, on-demand webinars are the perfect solution for you!

What is an on-demand webinar? 

You may be wondering what is the exact meaning of an on-demand webinar. To answer your question, an on-demand webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that is accessible to viewers at all times. Webinars on demand can be hosted on a blog, website, or on an on-demand webinar hosting software, and may require viewers to register in order to have access to the recording.

Why you should use on-demand webinars 

By using on-demand webinars, your content is visible from anywhere in the world and for a longer periods of time than if it was just streamed live. Because registrants can choose when and where to watch the content, on-demand webinars’ attendance and engagement rates are generally higher. That reason itself should be enough to encourage you to organize and offer on-demand webinars .

The benefits of an on-demand webinar 

The reason behind the growing popularity of on-demand webinars is that there are many benefits to running them. As a host, you will be able to reach a larger audience at any time, regardless of where they are around the globe, and through the registration process, you will gain valuable information about participants and collect leads. When you make a webinar on demand, there are benefits for both the host and the attendees. 

Top 3 benefits of on-demand webinars for hosts

1. Higher attendance and conversion rates

Because they are pre-recorded and registrants can access the content at their own time and when they can give it the most attention, attendance and conversion rates for on-demand webinars are usually higher than for live webinars. 

Benefits of an on-demand webinar

2. Your team can focus on higher level tasks 

Another benefit to hosting on-demand webinars rather than live events is that it gives the opportunity for your team to focus and work on other important tasks, such as gathering new ideas for on-demand webinars and creating new content to reach more customers.

3. Collect and analyze valuable viewer data

Data collected from on-demand webinars are more detailed than data collected via regular videos. By asking participants to register in order to access to the content, you will be able to capture leads to contact them in the future. Also, behavioral data can be collected from questions, polls, surveys, and more, in order to learn deeper about your customers overall and to get feedback to improve future events.

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Top 3 benefits of on-demand webinars for attendees 

1. Convenience of joining anytime 

With on-demand webinars, people have the flexibility to join the virtual event at their own convenience within a few clicks! 

2. Q&A

When using the right software, attendees can use the chat feature to ask questions and receive answers within minutes!

3. Participate in an interactive experience 

On-demand webinars platforms offer tools and features, such as pools, handouts, and Q&A sessions that offer attendees an interactive and engaging experience. By making your event interactive, you can boost attendee engagement and interest.

On-demand vs live webinars: what’s the difference? 

An on-demand webinar is pre-recorded and can be viewed 24/7, whereas a live webinar is broadcasted live once and is only accessible at a specific date and time. Live webinars are seen as more engaging because hosts can interact with attendees in real time; however, if you are using the right on-demand webinar platform, you can offer an interactive experience by using polls, questions, chats, and more. If you don’t use engaging elements, then chances are you can lose the attendee's interest and they might not be satisfied with the experience.

When should you use on-demand webinars?

On-demand webinars are a great tool to teach any desired skills, knowledge, or competencies to employees or anyone in general. Participants can be trained faster because they can have access to the webinar at any time and from anywhere.

How to create an on-demand webinar 

If you choose the correct software, it should only take a couple of minutes to create an on-demand webinar. To simplify the process for you, we’ll divide and explain the process into 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Upload a video 

Once you have recorded the content, you need to upload the video into the on-demand webinar software. 

How to upload a video during webinar

Step 2: Determine your on-demand webinar’s availability 

The main benefit of on-demand webinars is that registrants have the flexibility to access it for a longer period of time, whereas with live webinars, participants have to be present at the scheduled time. As a host, you still have to set the virtual event’s availability, whether it is scheduled as on-demand, convenient recurring schedule, or webinar replays.

Step 3: Set reminder and follow-up notifications 

After you’ve uploaded your video and set the availability, the next step is to remind participants that your event is happening. There are different ways you can send reminders and follow up notifications. 

  • Registration confirmation emails that include a link to the webinar and an invitation that can be easily added  to their virtual calendar. 
  • Reminder emails to notify participants that the event is coming up soon!
  • Follow-up emails after attendees viewed the on-demand webinar to get feedback.

Step 4: Include opportunities for interaction 

This part is crucial if you don’t want participants to lose interest and get bored. According to past studies, the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds. Because of this, it’s important to include ways to get and keep your attendees attention.Choose an on-demand webinar platform that will let you keep your audience engaged throughout the webinar with interactive features such as polls, tips, quizzes, handouts, and more!

Step 5: Configure chat 

If participants have questions, you want to give them the possibility to ask them and to get answers quickly. Some platforms give the ability for attendees to submit questions and to receive an answers via email, but other on-demand webinar software platforms may have a chat system to let participants communicate with you in real-time. If they have questions, they can use the chat and you will be notified via email or Slack, and be able to answer them as soon as possible.

Step 6: Design your registration page 

The next step is to create your on-demand webinar registration page. We recommend using a webinar platform that will either let you customize it or will let you choose a premade template made available to you.

Step 7: Post and share! 

Now you’re all set! The last thing to do is to publish and share your event for attendees to enjoy on their own time! 

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How to promote an on-demand webinar 

When it comes to promoting an on-demand webinar, it is different from promoting a live webinar. Live webinars happen at a predetermined time, therefore it is important to build up interest from the audience to boost attendance. It is not the case with on-demand webinars because they are usually part of an ongoing process. So here are a few ways to promote your on-demand webinar.

Partner with relevant companies and influencers 

Partnering with companies that offer similar or complementary services to yours is a great way to get the word out about your on-demand webinar. Invite employees or influencers to be part of the webinar, or offer them a percentage of your revenue in exchange for partnering with you.

Use social media 

It’s estimated that 4.74 billion people in the world use social media, according to Hootsuite. Needless to say that social media is always one of the best communication tools when it comes to promoting an event. For example, you can boost your target audience’s interest by sharing teaser clips via social media or YouTube and ask people to share it!

Email it to your list 

Emails are an easy way to reach out to your target audience. You can directly add a link to your on-demand webinar or registration page. 

Write a blog post 

People looking for information often like to read blogs. With over 600 million blogs on the internet, what better way to promote your webinar than in a blog post? To promote your on-demand webinar, write a blog related to the topics you will cover in your webinar and include a link to the registration page for potential attendees. 

Promote on-demand webinar in a blog post

Now you know everything!

Now you know what is an on-demand webinar and have all the knowledge you need to host one. Keep in mind that choosing the right on-demand webinar software will help you plan a fun, engaging, and interactive webinar! Choose Hubilo for on-demand webinars enabling new visitors to view and engage past webinars. Schedule a demo today of the Hubilo platform to experience creative webinars.

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