Hubilo's AI-powered Media+

Hubilo's AI-Powered Media+

Transform Your On-Demand Webinars with Hubilo's Media+ Platform: Personalized Viewing Experience, Deeper Metrics, and Seamless Lead Generation
May 6, 2024

Introducing Hubilo's AI-powered Media+: a smart video content library designed to guide viewers through the sales funnel.

Did you know that over 60% of webinar views happen on-demand? Unfortunately, the experience often falls short, leaving your on-demand videos unnoticed and your leads untapped. 

The problem? It's hard for people to find and watch your content, and even harder to understand who's watching and what they like

Media+ is here to change just that. With an OTT-style experience, Media+ breathes new life into your on-demand videos, making them more than just placeholders on your website. 

It not only helps viewers easily find and enjoy your video content but also provides you with deeper insights into your prospects and what content resonates with them.

We've thought long and hard about how to make the viewing experience smoother and more engaging. 

With Media+, expect tailored suggestions that captivate viewers, extending their engagement with your on-demand video content.When you combine this with comprehensive analytics, you've got your chance to convert your stagnant video content into a valuable pipeline for your business.

Here's everything it can do, and then some!

Curate your video collection with an AI powered library 

End manual video uploads and tedious metadata tasks! Hubilo AI automates SEO-optimized metadata creation from your media in minutes.

Gate your media, capture leads & connect your CRM - it’s easy

Create custom forms on Hubilo or import your forms from Hubspot to capture lead information when users try to view your media. Easily push audience data to your CRM using integrations and enrich your marketing pipeline.

Build, Brand & Publish your Media+ 

Publish your on-demand media faster than ever using Media+. Add your custom branding and host all your media on your website or any other custom URL of your choice.

Track your views - with detailed analytics

Unlock audience insights! Analyze media performance granularly to create better  content and capture intent effectively.

In short, Media+ makes it easy to organize your on-demand webinars and get them online without hassle. You can make them look like they belong on your website and grab people's info as they watch. Plus, Media+ tells you what people are liking so you can make more stuff they'll enjoy.

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