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The Ultimate Webinar Set Up: How to Choose the Right Webinar Equipment

Explore the top 10 must-have webinar equipment items for hosting successful virtual events. From quality microphones and boom arms to HD webcams and lighting, we'll help you build a professional webinar toolkit within your budget. Prep your equipment for a seamless event and safely store it for future webinars.
July 31, 2023

Webinars have grown exponentially over the past few years. COVID-19 restrictions drove business events online, encouraging businesses of all sizes to experiment with hosting virtual events. Even as the limits have ended, however, the rise of remote work and recognition of the convenience these virtual events offer have led to the continued use of online events in business. In the past year, 64% of marketers say they have hosted a webinar, but only 19% say they have hosted an in-person event. The flexibility and opportunities of webinars have found a firm place in the modern business world.

If you want to discover how you can take advantage of webinars' lead-building opportunities without breaking the bank, then we have the insight you need. The key is building an excellent webinar equipment tool kit to help your presentations look professional while prioritizing your purchases to remain within your budget. Let's explore what you need to know.

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What is webinar equipment?

Your webinar equipment is all the pieces of technology that you use throughout your webinar to make your event look professional and put together. You need quality webinar equipment because these pieces of technology can make a world of difference in the quality of your webinar. For example, a good microphone keeps your voice clear and understandable for all attendees. Similarly, your earpieces cut out the background noises so you do not distract your listeners. 

Other equipment complements your presentation but is optional for running an effective and high-quality webinar presentation. For example, you do not need various lamp lighting and speakers to start building your webinar kit. However, if you run webinars frequently and they play a central role in your marketing practices, they may be worthwhile investments.

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How to determine a budget for webinar equipment

To start building your webinar gear and toolkit for your business, you must prioritize your purchases based on what will serve your organization best. Please ask yourself a few key questions as you look at each option.

  1. Does it come with a warranty? Since you want to build your toolkit for long-term use, a warranty can help protect your investment and ensure it will serve you for a while.
  2. Can I buy a protection plan? If so, what does the plan cover? Like the warranty, a quality protection plan can help you make a long-term investment.
  3. Can I quickly repurchase this if it breaks or gets lost? This question will help you zero in on your ability to replace a particular type of equipment, which you can compare to its importance in your presentations and budget.
  4. Does having this equipment for how often I'll host webinars makes sense? Consider how often you host webinars and their role in your marketing and sales sequence. If you host webinars rarely, you might not need as much specialized equipment as a business that hosts virtual events every week as a central part of its sales cycle.
  5. Does this technology have multiple uses outside of webinars? If a piece of equipment can help in other areas, such as video chat calls or organizing your event marketing, that should raise the piece's importance in your estimation.

Use these questions to help you zero in on the pieces of equipment that you need the most and what your budget will support.

Choosing the right webinar equipment: The top 10 items you need

As you investigate the pieces you want to include in your webinar toolkit, here are the pieces we recommend you research.


Your microphone should be one of your priorities. Microphones will impact your listeners' speech quality and how well they can follow your webinar presentation. Sound quality could be more professional, making it easier for people to follow the information you want to communicate. Microphones can vary considerably, from $50 and under to a few hundred dollars, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget and webinar needs.

microphone as webinar equipment

Microphone boom arm

The microphone boom arm will let you position the microphone in the right spot for your webinar. Depending on how many people you have present during the recording and how the conversation is organized, you may need to adjust the location to ensure your audience can hear everyone. A boom arm will likely run around $100, though you can also go a little higher or lower on this price, depending on your needs.


Earpieces will reduce background noise so that your audience will not hear any additional noise as you conduct your webinar. It gives the impression of a more professional presentation and keeps your listeners tuned in on your words. Earpiece prices typically begin around $10 and go up from there. 

Lighting (overhead, the right light, etc.)

When you go live in front of the camera, you want to appear clearly on the screen. Lighting that is too dark or creates a glare on the faces of your presenters detracts from your presentation. Consider what lighting you will need for where you are filming so that everyone involved can be seen clearly on camera. The amount you spend on lighting will vary depending on the type of lights you need and the number you need. However, individual lights can range from under $20 to over $150.

Green screen

A green screen can help you quickly adjust your background to your taste. Rather than just showing a corner of your office, you can choose a neutral backdrop or a particular background that applies to your topic. Depending on your buying type, a green screen will likely cost you $150 and up.

green screen for webinar presentation

HD webcam that is separate from the computer

A quality webcam separate from your computer will improve your picture quality and ensure that all the images you share are clear. The webcam typically ranges from $30 to $100.

Headset (optional) with mic and earpiece included

Some presenters find investing in a single headset with earpieces and a microphone easier. These two critical pieces make it easier for them to get set up and begin their webinar presentation. Headset prices can start as low as $100 and go up to a few hundred dollars.

Headset (optional) with mic and earpiece included as webinar equipment

Fast internet connection

A quality internet connection will make it easier to broadcast an uninterrupted webinar. A slow connection can result in your webinar lagging to even cutting out. Both of which are very detrimental to the webinar experience you create. Internet prices will vary depending on where you live, the companies serving those areas, and the type of plan you select. Business high-speed plans typically run $100 and up.

Video editing tools

Video editing tools can help you put the finishing touches on your presentation. You want your webinar slides to look professional; video editing tools will help you achieve this goal. Video editing capabilities from platforms like Hubilo come with plans that fit your business needs and budget.

A webinar platform

Finally, you need a quality webinar platform. A platform that allows you to create a fully branded experience while delivering a high-quality, interactive experience for your viewers will leave all your participants with a positive impression and help you achieve your webinar goals. With a platform like Hubilo, you will create a high-quality, interactive webinar to build your pipeline and streamline your ability to engage leads.

webinar platform

Prep your webinar equipment before the big event

As you start assembling your webinar, you should schedule a time to test your equipment. It is essential if you have incorporated any new pieces of technology into your system. Doing a test run gives you a chance to make sure that everything works smoothly and that everyone involved in putting on the webinar knows what to do with the technology. When you do your practice run, look for any signs of disruption, such as:

  • Audio levels vary on there without being prompted 
  • Flickering lights or lighting that disrupts the presentation
  • A low internet connection or an internet connection that cuts out
  • Watermarks from your editing tools

Use your practice run to iron out potential problems so your webinar runs smoothly.

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How to safely store your webinar equipment after the event ends

When your webinar finishes, properly keeping your equipment will also serve you well for future webinars. We recommend you implement four tips to protect your technology equipment.

  1. Store the equipment in its original boxes. These boxes have been fitted perfectly for the technology, which means they will not slide around, and you can easily keep track of all the parts.
  2. Store the boxes in a closet or a high, out-of-the-way space. You want your boxes to be kicked about before your next event.
  3. Make sure the boxes are kept in a temperature-controlled room. 
  4. Remove any batteries the technology uses and ensure it is unplugged before storing them. It prevents power sources from getting drained.

In addition to these tips, reviewing any equipment instructions and guides that came with your technology is a good idea. Ensure you understand how to use the pieces correctly to avoid accidentally damaging anything. If there are any specialized storage instructions for the pieces, also pay attention to them.

Choose the right webinar equipment for your next event 

Building your webinar toolkit will help you obtain the necessary equipment and technology to run a practical webinar. When you thoughtfully select your webinar equipment, prioritizing purchases based on your budget and webinar needs, you will find that you can produce high-quality, professional webinars that help you achieve your marketing goals.

You want to align your technology with a high-end webinar platform like Hubilo to put on the webinars you need. With easy branding capabilities, support throughout your entire event, and the interactive capabilities you need to keep your audience engaged, Hubilo will help you bring your webinar to life. If you want to learn more about how Hubilo can help you with your event, speak with a representative now. We can help you plan a compelling webinar that will bring in leads and help you reach your webinar goals. Get started now.

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