Accelerate Your Revenue by Using Meaningful Engagement

Accelerate Your Pipeline: Use Meaningful Engagement and Intent to Drive ROI

Accelerate your revenue growth by leveraging meaningful engagement and capturing attendees' intent with Hubilo's Conversion Prompts and Lead Scores. Learn how to optimize your nurture campaigns, improve sales follow-ups, and boost conversions from events and webinars.
May 29, 2023

When it comes to sales follow ups or nurture campaigns related to webinars and events, relying solely on your gut instinct can be pretty inefficient. That's why it's important to base your decisions on actual data that captures attendees’ intent, which can provide more accuracy and precision. Unfortunately, sometimes that data can be hard to come by or difficult to use effectively, which can make things tough for organizers who want to help their sales teams convert leads.

What if you could gather data which captures the attendees' intent during/after the event, and access & use it to accelerate the nurture campaigns or improve sales follow ups ?

That's exactly what we had in mind with our latest product updates: Conversion Prompts and Lead Scores. These updates are designed to help you turn engagement into real, measurable outcomes for your business, faster.

Want to know more about how it all works? Let's dive in and take a closer look!

Improve conversions and ROI from your events with Hubilo

Conversion prompts that capture immediate audience intent

It's important to capture your audience's intent during events and webinars, but with short attention spans, it's easy for attendees to miss prompts and calls-to-action in the chat, or even during pre, or post-event cadences. This means that marketers often miss out on opportunities, and precious time to engage with their audience and move them further along the sales funnel.

That's where conversion prompts come in! By using buttons with hyperlinked CTAs and images, you can direct attendees to specific pages or demos during, or immediately after your sessions and webinars. Conversion prompts aid in displaying these CTAs prominently throughout, you can ensure that attendees don't miss out on any important prompts. Plus, by capturing these CTAs and its analytics in your CRM, you can use them to nurture leads and create better conversion opportunities both during and after the event. 

What if you could go even further and track engagement at an individual level? That's where lead scores come in!

Hubilo’s Conversion Prompt
Capture real-time audience intent

Custom lead scores for meaningful audience insights

Multiple things on our plate and limited time make it crucial we focus our efforts where they're more likely to bear fruit. Lead scores, by translating engagement into a score, aid in identifying and prioritizing the hottest leads from events and webinars.

By assigning points to different actions attendees take, like asking a question, answering a poll, or even starting a chat, you can identify and prioritize the hottest leads from your events. Each attendee gets assigned a score out of 100 depending on his activity level in the event, or webinar. They also get assigned a lead level between high, medium, and low, that enables you to spot who your hottest leads are. What’s more, the lead score criteria, and the lead level range is fully customizable, which means you can capture the actions that matter the most to your business.

Capturing all this data is great, but it's important to tie it all together in your Martech system. And yes, we enable you to do that, too!

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Hubilo’s lead score based on attendee engagement
Prioritize leads for timely follow ups

CRM mapping to personalize nurture streams

Events are a treasure trove of attendee data, yet organizers apply a one size fits all approach to all prospects and leads, giving sub par conversion/pipeline from events.

Impersonal conversations with prospects don’t quite hit the mark, as they don’t capture your audience’s pain points, or their interests accurately.

With both conversion prompts and lead scores being captured in your CRM/MAP, organizers are able to personalize their follow ups with leads/prospects.

This data also arms the sales teams by prioritizing efforts into opportunities that are most likely to convert, and by adding context to their follow up conversations with prospects.

At the end of the day, success at your events comes down to putting your attendees and your business goals first. By using conversion prompts and lead scores, you can engage your audience and move them closer to a conversion.

Revenue Impact Dashboard that uncovers hidden opportunities 

Revenue attribution is vital to know what’s working with your webinar campaigns. Real-time visibility over all revenue metrics including win rates and pipeline velocity enables you to identify areas that need your attention. 

A Revenue Impact Dashboard gives you comprehensive visibility over webinar pipeline from the lead discovery stage to the deal won stage. It helps you identify the factors that influence revenue. Effortless Salesforce integration allows marketers to prove webinar ROI and effortlessly extract revenue insights. 

With actionable data-driven insights, you can uncover hidden opportunities to improve your campaigns and accelerate your sales funnel.

Revenue Impact Dashboard
Revenue Impact Dashboard

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