Measure Your Next Event with Hubilo’s Event Analytics Platform

Get relevant insights to develop an understanding of your audience in order to create winning strategies for better event experiences.

Customized event dashboard to track important metrics

From tracking registrations and ticket sales to long-term event success, quantifying and improving your annual event strategy has never been easier.

Capture & analyze event engagement at a meaningful level

Monitor attendee behavior; uncover new factors driving in-session interactions; or dig into surveys, polls, and contest data to determine what's improving or impacting engagement.

Provide value to your sponsors

Enable sponsors to track booth visits, collateral downloads, and more. Share reports on leads generated to help them engage with potential prospects.

Event Analytics Platform Features

Pre-event analytics

Better registration tracking, leading to communication strategies.

During event analytics

Real-time metrics to enhance peer-to-peer and exhibitor engagement.

Post event analytics

Detailed reporting gets you closer to understanding customers and closing accounts.

Per-attendee analytics

Improve event experiences through targeted content delivery.

Multi-event analytics

Make your annual event programming strategy a win.

Sponsor analytics dashboard

Self-serve dashboard to keep sponsors informed and engaged.

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