Want to Transform Your Events Into a Powerful Lead Generator? Read on…

Haifa Aboobacker
July 4, 2019

Lead generation can be considered as the most efficient way to create enormous traffic, increase sales, and higher conversion rates. When you zero in your attention towards lead generation, it can prove to be a milestone for your brand.

Generating leads can make even the most ordinary product appear appealing and extraordinary, while the one without any lead seems to be a loser because more leads mean more revenue, which in turn means more profit. And an extra profit doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

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So, here are some ways through which you can generate more leads for your business:

- Direct interaction with your leads:

Directly interacting with your leads through ways such as live chat, 24/7 customer care service, company representatives talking. This point should be at the zenith of your priorities.

- Maintaining a balance:

Aiming to generate more leads, you should always strike a balance between inbound and outbound marketing. Do not wait for your customers to interact with you and without hesitating reach out to your customers to increase your leads.

- Technology:

lead generation at events using event technology

Technology today is changing at a great pace. As a brand, you need to develop with the same speed in order to be compatible with tech-friendly customers.

- Social networking sites:

Another way in which technology can be helpful is through social media platforms. Twitter and LinkedIn can contribute a lot to help you find leads. Follow up on the leads, post engaging SEO based content, and approach an already interested crowd.

- Content marketing:

The content displayed at your website is undeniably the most appealing stuff. Post informative and useful content. Care to write on topics which the people can relate to.

- Getting yourself noticed:

Make sure you are active on the internet and make comments on blogs and answer Quora questions so that people get to notice you and want to find out more about you.

- Create a blog for yourself:

Add a blog section to your website where people can get crystal clear information about your products and services. Try to cover surrounding topics as well to have an impression in front of the audience. Moreover, it is better than you give information from your side rather than your leads getting adulterated ones from multiple sources.

- The influencers’ power:

This is the era of influencers, and the general audience, to some extent, strongly believe in what the most popular influencers say. There have been many incidents when a new launch has gained immense popularity just because they presented the influencers as their face. To make your existence felt in the digital media give this trick a shot.

Now that there has been enough about “Lead generation and how to put your A game on” let us march towards the main topic.

Wait, did we divert from the topic? Well, NO because before we could arrive at ‘how to transform your events to a powerful lead generator’ it is important that we know how powerful the lead generation actually is.

What are the events?

An event is organized by a company or brand to make people aware of its existence and gift a face to the brand.

transforming events with lead generation tools

Why events?


There are a number of companies which have betrayed the customer’s trust, and people are hesitant to rely upon a company until and unless they get a personal interaction.

Outbound marketing:

The advantages and benefits of outbound marketing are known by all. Organizing events has emerged as a medium of outbound marketing where you initiate an experience with your consumers and that too an interactive one.

Imparts experience:

When leads attend the events organized by your company they get an experience of how your customer services are, how is the staff at your organization and the most important that they come across the face of the brand.

event branding to generate more leads

Establishing connections:

The presence of personalities and well-known people at your event will not only act as an embellishment but also help you build contacts and connections in the field.


Events organized by your firm require promotion, and in this way, you get an opportunity to make people aware. Once your event is successful, the fame and popularity multiply.


The first impression is the last impression. When an event is organized, you get to control the type of impression you want to create in front of the audience. Moreover, you get a platform to clear out all the doubts and deliberations answering what, where, why, how just like this article will do.


Layout a plot:

When you decide to put up an event, it is important that you already have a blueprint in mind. Start by designing a plan about what topics you want to cover, the preparation before, during, and after the event, list of attendees, etc.

Talk about the brand:

Events are not meant for displaying products, selling them, or even convincing people to buy them. It is an even more personal form of interaction, and you would definitely not want to lose the opportunity.

Use the golden opportunity to tell people about your brand- how it started, where is it standing and where do you expect it after a certain time period. This will ensure that every time you come up with a new product, the trust they possess upon you remains the same and you get to continue the relations even further.

Try and be inclusive:

If you have been following up on the beauty and lifestyle sphere, you would know that inclusivity is the matter of the moment. However, beauty influencers often talk about every type of skin. You, on the other hand, can talk about opinions.

Cater to the needs:

To keep the audience spellbound, you need to talk about the things that actually matter to them. Moreover, prioritizing the audience has been the thumb rule of any business.

Do what you say:

You should be sure about what you should do once the event is done with. So, whatever promises you made or things you talked about, make sure you actually live up to that. This will not only add a final touch to the initiative but also ensure the triumph of any upcoming events.

Be clear about what you want to achieve:

Executing an event costs an arm and a leg, so before you step into it, you want to justify this strategy of yours. For this, you would need to predict the number of attendees and leads you will be able to generate.

Also, having a clear picture of your expectations will not lower your moral even if you are not able to achieve the target.

Keep it simple:

To ensure that this success of yours is witnessed by the majority of people keep the registration process simple and hassle-free. A tedious registration process can result in a reduction in the number of attendees.


Lead generation is an imperative strategy you need to include in your pre-existing list. You may have been working at different marketing strategies, but lead generation through events is certain to make an effective and visible change in your steps of success.

At the first step itself, you will see your destination up close and clear. Lead generation helps you to identify potential customers and transform them into regular ones. If you have tried other methods such as content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and nothing has made a difference, lead generation should be your next step.

But make sure you take small steps and do not jump on taking greater risks. Start by exploring the field and then move into events. Once you are in the position and decide to organize an event, a new journey awaits you.

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Author Bio — Haifa Aboobacker

Haifa is a growth assistant at AirTract.Com, a social platform in which people ask any questions, get answers, read articles, share knowledge and experience.She is a communication engineering graduate but a digital marketing buff who is fascinated by the best SEO practices and content strategies. She loves to make friends and explore places, and she chooses reading in her time off.

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Haifa Aboobacker

Haifa is a growth assistant at AirTract.Com, a social platform in which people ask any questions, get answers, read articles, share knowledge and experience. She is a communication engineering graduate but a digital marketing buff who is fascinated by the best SEO practices and content strategies. She loves to make friends and explore places, and she chooses reading in her time off.

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