February 4, 2022

With Hubilo, a mental health conference becomes accessible globally for the first time

How the Institute of Child Psychology used Hubilo to take their conference virtual and expand the conversation on youth mental health
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The Canada-based Institute of Child Psychology (ICP) was founded to promote the psychological and emotional wellness of children and adolescents by educating parents and professionals on mental health issues. In order to make it globally accessible, they decided to hold their 6th Annual Children’s Mental Health Symposium on a virtual event platform. For additional accessibility, they wanted to segment the three-day event into easy-to-consume mini workshops in three parallel tracks. They also wanted attendees and registrants to be able to stream content on-demand after the symposium concluded.


ICP needed a user-friendly interface that allowed them to select multiple time zones and offered features like parallel session-streaming capabilities, individual session registrations, easy onboarding of speakers, and delivery of on-demand sessions. They also wanted to ensure there were plenty of opportunities for attendees to engage with each other in real time.

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Hubilo Customer Support


The symposium organizing team found that Hubilo was a perfect match for what they needed. The seamless session-streaming experience, real-time gamification, and round-the-clock support from Hubilo’s customer success team helped in retaining attendees regardless of time zone and made the event a huge success. 80+ hours of on-demand content was made available post-symposium, resulting in 20,000+ session replays.

Hubilo Support Team


Hubilo was a wonderful platform to use for our Children's Mental Health Conference! The event support from the customer success manager has been phenomenal. We are so pleased with the support we have received from him. The ability to stream concurrent sessions simultaneously allows participants ease of access in selecting which session they want to attend. The visual display of the platform as well is very user-friendly and streamlines the event process.


Event Manager

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