February 3, 2022

PyCon Hubilo-powered event engages its community of tech pros like never before

How Python Software Foundation used Hubilo to maximize interaction to make their multifaceted tech event a success


The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is a non-profit organization that developed the Python programming language. PSF exists to promote, protect, and advance Python and grow a diverse international community of Python developers. They also organize “PyCon” conferences around the world, including PyCon US. The conferences, which include several different elements such as a career fair and hackathon, give Python developers a chance to network, learn from one another, and advance the programming language. Revenue raised at PyCon US is donated back to PSF, helping the foundation continue its work for the Python community. The nonprofit relies heavily on the event to fund their programming and grants, so when the con went virtual, it needed a strong platform to ensure its success.


PyCon US’s 2020 in-person event was cancelled due to COVID-19, resulting in a huge revenue loss for PSF. They decided to take the 2021 event virtual, both due to the ongoing pandemic and to help mitigate cost after losing money the year before. They needed a powerful virtual event platform to make the event engaging for their incredibly tech-savvy attendees.

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PyCon found that Hubilo, with its multitude of customizable features, was a perfect fit for their conference-hackathon-career fair combo event.

Hubilo’s flexible ticketing solution enabled them to create a variety of tickets and separate them based on price and user category (for example, general admission or VIP). Hubilo’s state-of-the-art intuitive functionality also allowed them to privately offer special sessions and networking features exclusively to VIP-pass holders.

Event organizers were able to run parallel session tracks and display them synchronously using Hubilo’s Agenda feature. The agenda displayed various conference themes, presentations, keynote sessions, panel discussions with Q&As, and workshops, giving attendees a plethora of options to choose from in an easy-to-read agenda format. Event sessions garnered over 23,000 unique views.

Another unique Hubilo feature, multi-purpose networking lounges, was the big hit of the conference. The lounges were used extensively for networking and engagement activities such as one-on-one discussions, sponsored Q&As, sponsored workshops, developer sprints, and even a one-day job fair.  

Finally, PyCon’s sponsors setup over 40 virtual booths that enabled deeper engagement with attendees via Hubilo’s virtual expo hall feature. Branded tables provided sponsors like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Salesforce with high-quality visibility and lead generation opportunities. More than 24,000 booth visits resulted in a great ROI on their PyCon sponsorships. 

Overall, PyCon US 2021 exceeded expectations, with many even calling it the “best PyCon conference ever.” 

Hubilo Support Team



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