February 7, 2022

Hubilo’s interactive capabilities made for a beautiful experience at Belcorp’s first-ever virtual event

How a global cosmetic leader used Hubilo to put on an engaging event in two languages (with just 10 days to plan!)
Virtual booths


Belcorp is a Peru-based global leader in beauty and personal care that markets its products through three commercial brands: L´Bel, Esika, and Cyzone. The Belcorp AI Festival is an internal five-day event created to motivate and inspire Belcorp’s employees towards an AI-fueled enterprise and a data-driven culture.

Like many during 2020 and 2021, an in-person gathering for the event was not possible. The organizing team had to pivot quickly or cancel the festival, so they decided to take it virtual. However, with specific requirements and just ten days to plan, finding the perfect virtual event platform would not be easy. Thankfully, Hubilo had everything they needed, including the 24/7 personalized support that helped Belcorp plan and execute Belcorp AI Festival successfully under an extremely tight deadline.


Since it was Belcorp’s first virtual event, they needed an event-tech partner that would provide a multitude of features and services, including:

  • End-to-end customer support, all the way from onboarding to post-event requirements, that would be available whenever they needed it. 
  • A login authentication system to centralize and control the event’s access while also simplifying the attendee onboarding experience. 
  • A multilingual interface along with live-captioning, since the primary language of a majority of the employees was Spanish
  • Multiple engagement opportunities for attendees across the entire duration of the event. 
  • Brand-building opportunities for their sponsors, who could no longer raise brand awareness at a physical gathering.

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Hubilo Customer Support


Belcorp AI Festival organizers evaluated several virtual event platforms and chose Hubilo because it was able to meet their many needs. 

Hubilo’s Single Sign-On (SSO) integration ensured login authentication, which helped keep the event access limited and secure. The festival’s multilingual audience could easily view content in their preferred language with the option to switch the platform language from English to Spanish at their convenience. They could also view live-captioning for each session in Spanish. 

Attendees especially loved unique interaction opportunities such as participating in live Q&As with session speakers, which included thought leaders from Fortune 500 companies. Dedicated rooms on Hubilo provided a space for attendees to access more content from these inspiring professionals in real-time. One-on-one chats and meetings, participating in the Event Feed chat, and Hubilo’s gamification features such as quizzes and contests, were also extremely popular ways for attendees to engage.

Finally, the virtual booths and sponsor lounges allowed Belcorp to provide sufficient visibility to its sponsors despite shifting the event format to virtual. At the same time, it gave attendees the opportunity to learn more about the brands’ efforts in implementing artificial intelligence, a focus of the festival. 

Over the course of Belcorp’s five-day event,  there were more than 25,000 networking actions, showing the power of engagement that the Hubilo platform can drive.

After detailed discussions with the Hubilo team, the organizers not only selected it for Bercorp’s AI festival but also ended up signing an annual deal to deliver all their upcoming virtual events.

Hubilo Support Team


We did some research and compared different platforms before choosing one. I would recommend Hubilo to those looking for a platform that is easy to navigate and dynamic, who value the support of a CSM, and who are looking to challenge the existing to create incredible experiences in their events. For us, change is constant. We are always looking to improve ourselves, so the support of the Hubilo team, the flexibility in timing, pricing, and requirements was key to the success in engagement and the great feedback of our event.


Event Organizer

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