January 31, 2022

For this digital banking conference, Hubilo’s comprehensive event solutions are right on the money

Using Hubilo’s wide range of capabilities for their annual conference, an industry leader brings together speakers and attendees from 128 countries to advance banking and social causes alike


One of Hubilo’s clients in the financial industry hosts an annual thought leadership conference, one of the most anticipated in the banking world. Attendees network and gain practical insights from one another, working together to transform digital banking, exchange new ideas, and participate in activities to advance the social causes they support through corporate social responsibility (CSR). Taking their conference virtual meant not only finding a suitable solution for their sessions and networking, but also ensuring they could still help others through their CSR initiatives.


When the digital banking company’s 19th edition of their in-person conference was canceled due to the pandemic in 2020, event organizers decided to take it virtual. They needed a reliable event-tech solution with capabilities that would:

  • Allow them to deliver thought-leadership content through pre-recorded presentations and panel discussions.
  • Enable them to showcase the diverse line-up of over 100 prominent speakers.
  • Provide delegates in two different time zones with plenty of networking opportunities and give them the experience of an in-person event 
  • Assist them in achieving corporate social responsibility objectives by making it easy for event attendees to participate in CSR activities.

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Conference organizers were able to use an array of Hubilo’s capabilities to meet their needs, which was especially important since the event involved a lot of high-level stakeholders. Some of the Hubilo features the organizers found most helpful were:

  • Session Streaming: Pre-recorded sessions were easily pre-uploaded onto Hubilo’s Dashboard prior to the event, ensuring speaker sessions ran seamlessly across all five days. The sessions garnered more than 11,000 views during the conference.

  • Agenda: The simple layout of the Agenda page ensured that the attendees were able to easily navigate through the lengthy lineup of sessions and engage with the content. 

  • Speaker Profiles: The conference included some of the world's preeminent banking and finance experts and organizers were able to feature them through dedicated speaker profiles on Hubilo. The profiles were also linked to each speaker’s respective sessions, allowing delegates to browse through speaker bios, view and join their sessions, and even connect with them for one-on-one discussions. 

  • Networking: Attendees had a range of opportunities to interact, like Networking Lounges and personal Meeting Rooms. This allowed them to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and foster new connections with industry colleagues they might not have had the opportunity to meet in person. 

  • Booths: Event sponsors and vendors engaged attendees at over 40 customized virtual booths, which were visited 3,000 times.

  • Leaderboard: Hubilo’s scoreboard feature was a huge hit with conference attendees. Using a customized version of Hubilo’s Leaderboard, event organizers encouraged attendees to actively participate in the event. Attendees were assigned points by completing specific activities. Once an attendee collected 50 points, the organizers arranged for a tree to be planted and geo-tagged. The tag included the attendee’s name and could be viewed from anywhere in the world. Over 1,400 saplings were planted as a result of the Leaderboard activities, allowing the banking company to achieve their CSR goals and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute to making the planet better.

  • Event Support: Event organizers were supported by Hubilo’s customer success team, which was available 24/7, making getting assistance a worry-free and efficient process, especially for an event that took place across two time zones.

The event organizers used Hubilo’s capabilities and customizations to make their vision a reality and maintain the high production value delegates had come to expect from the conference. The conference’s success inspired the banking company to sign up for an annual plan with Hubilo, and they plan to host all future virtual events on the platform.

Hubilo Support Team



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