September 8, 2022

3 hybrid events in 3 countries, Acronis needed a versatile, customizable, and easy to use hybrid event platform

Acronis’ global events team wanted to level up their next event for attendees, speakers and sponsors. They needed an intuitive user interface with more gamification, engagement features, and backend access for their sponsors to set up their virtual booths. Hubilo checked all the boxes.
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Packed with expert speakers and results-oriented sessions, Acronis’ #CyberFit Summit World Tour is the world’s leading cyber protection event series. This series gathers IT specialists and managed service providers (MSPs) and helps them get the tools and insights they need to protect their organizations more effectively. 

During their World Tour, Acronis hosted three hybrid Summits: Miami in October 2021, Dubai in December 2021, and Singapore in February 2022. Despite having an existing event platform to host their global conferences, Acronis wanted a more robust interface to engage attendees in a hybrid format. Hubilo provided the versatility, customization, and ease of use they needed for the “perfect” hybrid event platform.


Acronis is a global cyber protection, disaster recovery, and backup provider for the MSP industry, protecting its clients against loss, theft and downtime. The Acronis Summit team needed a virtual event platform that would offer them engaging ways to deliver content for MSPs looking to modernize their cyber protection options in a way that mirrored how simple their products are to deploy. Acronis’ global events team was ambitious — they wanted to level up their next event for attendees, speakers and sponsors. They knew they needed an intuitive user interface with more gamification and engagement features, as well as a way for event sponsors to access the backend and set up their virtual booths themselves. 

Data privacy for attendees and sponsors was paramount, as Acronis is a recognized leader in cyber protection. Details such as real-time analytics, push notifications, and branding options emerged as priorities as they explored additional ways to enhance the attendee experience. In short, they were looking for a complete solution to meet their hybrid event needs, and that's when they started looking for an alternative event platform in early 2021.

Since international travel was so difficult during the height of the pandemic, Acronis had to bring the flavor of each location to its attendees who would be joining remotely. Each instance of the Summit World Tour needed its own distinct feel to match its city and country, requiring the customization of the virtual platform on multiple levels.

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Acronis hosts #Cyberfit Summit on the Hubilo Platform


Hubilo’s event platform stood out for its ease of use — confirmed through post-event feedback Acronis received from its employees, attendees and sponsors. Acronis could also white-label its event page URL and tailor the platform and app aesthetics to match its distinctive brand.

Another benefit of the platform was that it offered multiple streaming formats: This helped the Summit core team to facilitate various session formats at their hybrid events. For sessions that needed AV support, they used an external encoder; and for those that were audio or video-based, they used Zoom.

Lastly, the designated customer experience team was of immense value to Acronis. Not only did Hubilo's client experience team respond quickly to all queries and issues, but they also helped customize the platform to their needs. For example, Acronis asked for a mobile app that would work for multiple events, and the customer experience team made it happen.

Because the platform was so easy to use, the Singapore Summit team could create and master its digital platform within just three weeks, positioning it to handle the last-minute changes and disruptions that are part and parcel of running a complex event. As a result, throughout the World Tour, each city’s personality shined through.

Overall, Hubilo’s versatility and accessibility helped the organizers successfully host three hybrid summits to rave reviews, making it Acronis’ go-to event platform.

3K attendees visit 8k+ booths for the Acronis' #Cyberfit Hybrid Event


“Hubilo is a very user-friendly experience for attendees, sponsors and organizers. It’s a reliable virtual platform paired with a modern-looking mobile app, compatible with multiple streaming setups and which has numerous attendee engagement features. The real-time analytics are consolidated on an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. Their outstanding client support team went the extra mile to help, consult and deliver feature customization upon request, including integration with other marketing and event management technologies.

We received a lot of positive feedback from our event’s attendees, partners, sponsors, teammates and management regarding Hubilo’s hybrid platform — the virtual event website and the mobile app — which contributed vastly to the success of the Acronis #CyberFit Summits.” 

Darya Vokhmentseva


Acronis #CyberFit Summit Leader

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