February 8, 2022

Enhanced by Hubilo’s unique array of features, a student-run tech con goes virtual

How Booth TechCon leveled up their event by incorporating Hubilo’s engagement and networking features
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The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, also known as Chicago Booth, is one of the leading business schools in the United States. With its diverse student population, Chicago Booth holds a wide range of student-led conferences including Booth TechCon, where Booth students and alumni join industry professionals from tech companies to reimagine the future of technology innovation. They decided to make Booth TechCon a virtual event for the first time in 2021, using Hubilo to bring their conference to life online and providing plenty of networking opportunities for all attendees.


Booth TechCon organizers needed to find a platform for their two-day event that would allow seamless streaming capabilities for speakers’ keynote sessions and interactive panel discussions. Networking capabilities were also essential as the conference is an opportunity for students, alumni, speakers and guests to deepen their learning and extend conversations on key issues and topics in the tech industry.

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Hubilo Customer Support


The event organizers selected Hubilo as their event platform because it not only had everything they needed, but also offered additional capabilities such as gamification that boosted engagement among attendees. Hubilo’s intuitive interface, end-to-end customization options, and round-the-clock support from our customer support team helped add to the event’s success. 

Event organizers leveraged Hubilo’s Zoom integration capabilities to help their speakers onboard quickly and easily. Hubilo also ensured that attendees had a smooth session-viewing experience, could ask questions to speakers, and respond to post-session surveys. Additional features such as One-on-one messaging and ten-seater networking lounge tables were also big hits with Booth TechCon attendees.

Hubilo Support Team


We were creating a technology conference and wanted a one-stop-shop for all the sessions. Hubilo gave us that as well as networking capabilities. We really enjoyed the engagement options of Hubilo and the ability to customize the platform easily. We were able to implement our networking events and lounges with ease. Our customer success manager helped us through the setup, answering any questions that we might have and communicating with us in a timely manner.


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