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10 Reasons Why Conference Planning Software is a Boon

Himani Sheth
April 3, 2018

Conference planning is a no easy job. Event planning overall, for that matter, is a stressful job. Each event has its specifics that are to be taken care of, from beginning to the end. Having a helping hand in place does no harm now, does it?

Here’s where event technology comes into the picture. There is a wide range of conference planning tools in the market that make life much easier for conference planners juggling 10 tasks at a time. The most beneficial of these tools is the all-in-one conference planning software.

“Event apps and software with features like chatbots with live polling and Q&A functions, online surveys, virtual suggestion boxes, and analysis of content sharing and interaction patterns are set to become mainstream due to their wide-ranging functionality.”

          - Frank M. Waechter, as published in Congrex Switzerland

This tool is rapidly gaining wide-spread popularity. And why not? Conference planning and conference management software provides a plethora of features that make tasks much easier and much less stressful for conference planners. It is bound to be widely accepted due to its advantages. Not convinced yet?

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Well, here are 10 reasons to convince you as to why conference planning software is a boon for planners:

1. Avoid the hassle of registration and ticketing management:

There are a lot many on-ground aspects that a conference planner has to look to on the E-day beginning with attendee registrations and check-ins. Think of it this way, what if you can simplify the first on-ground task of the day itself and save yourself all the time and effort wasted on manual registrations and check-in?

This is where the conference management software comes in. Conference planners can set up their registrations and ticketing process online using the conference software. All they need to do is add certain event information, create the perfect event registration form and event tickets and hit publish.

The software takes care of the rest. The best part, you can track it all from your dashboard itself. Sounds easy?

2. Easy on the pocket:

The right conference planning software is always a good investment. Planners are often in a dilemma as to whether or not should they opt for a conference planning software. Is it worth the investment? After all, budget planning calls for to the point, fruitful expenses only, right?

conference planning software

Here’s a scenario you should consider. Would you rather waste time and resources on printing out event brochures even when you know they’d simply be lying around the event venue by the end of the day. Or would you rather create an engaging online platform for your event which is, in a way a sustainable solution to managing your attendees and promote your event?

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The best part about a conference management software is that you can manage the cost based on your requirements. It’s resourceful while being easy on the pocket.

3. Save time for pressing matters

When you have a single platform to manage all the crucial tasks that are the base of an event, you save your time and resources to focus on other things that require your attention.

Set up your event website, schedule your emails and social media posts from the conference planning software itself. The time you save by coordinating a dozen different vendors for a dozen different tasks can now be put to better use.

While your event newsletter is being sent out and tracked at its scheduled time, go check out the set-up at that venue you chose or check up on how your team’s coming up with the networking activity you planned.

4. Keep track of the entire event proceeding:

How do you know that the efforts that you put in while setting up your event are reaping sufficient benefits? With a conference software, the results of your efforts are quite quantifiable and hence, measurable.

You can track every aspect of your event, from attendee demographic to event promotions across multiple platforms. The software provides a range of easily comprehensible and accurate analytics that help you track your event progress throughout.

It is a great way to channelize your efforts in a direction that reaps maximum benefits and alter plans that aren’t working out.

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5. Tailor it all your way:

A major concern for conference planners when it comes to using such a software is branding. You opt for a platform provided by a third party that other competitors in your domain are opting for as well. It is obvious that the question will arise, “How do we stand out?”

Well, you’re in luck. The best conference software providers in the market do offer customizations and additional support. These conference planning tools let you tweak and change almost every aspect of your event website, let you customize your mailers, modify your conference app and more.

You can perfectly tailor your conference tech tools as per your brand and reflect your own individual identity through these.

6. Maintain attendee database :

They say knowledge is power. In this era of digital, I’d say data is the true power. The more detailed your database, the more effective and well-thought-out are your strategies. With a conference planning software, you can create and maintain an extensive attendee database.

conference planning software

Here’s one way to go about it; create a well-structured event registration form for your event and collect the data you want. Most software convert these entries into a downloadable database based on the details provided by the attendees.

Thus, maintaining large databases, especially for events with more than 1000 attendees or so becomes much more convenient with these tools.

7. Engage conference attendees:

By definition, conferences are a formal meeting of professionals who share the same interest. It is only fair that your conference attendees do get a chance to network and share their interests with fellow colleagues. This also helps in engaging your conference attendees and making their event experience quite memorable.

Conference software provides multiple tools, from event networking apps, meeting apps, gamification, live agenda and polling to social media walls in order to engage your conference attendees and getting them to interact with their fellow attendees as well as your event.

“We started using apps for all of our events:No paper, no welcome book, no paper agendas — everything digital. That way no one has anything in their hands, which encourages them to interact.”

        - Leah Green, senior manager of BeachBody Global Events, Mashable

8. Leave a digital footprint:

Event technology is the best way to create the perfect online presence. Having a conference management software enables you to create multiple channels of communication with your attendees. Your event website, app, social media handles, these are all a gateway to your event that lives on even after the event is over.

This helps you leave a digital footprint that makes sure that your event still retains its online presence even after the event is over. You can showcase your event success through these platforms and leverage the same for an event promotion strategy for your future projects.

9. Track it all along the way:

Conference planners put a lot of effort into strategizing and executing a flawless conference. A conference planning software is an added investment in this entire plan. Hence, it is necessary that the tool is utilized just as strategically to reap the required results.

The best part about using an all-in-one conference planning software is its analytics features. You can set up the conference registration, ticketing, website and create a conference app.

The analytics feature provides accurate insights into what is working and what isn’t for your conference. This helps you best utilize your tools to gain maximum ROI.

“There has been an explosion of data collection sources before, during and after events: mobile event apps (where every touch is trackable), beacon technology, twitter feeds, polling, a range of social media input, live streaming, exhibit hall heat maps, procurement databases and much more. Fortunately, several technology companies are stepping up to address this blizzard of data with the goal of improving event ROI, improving the attendee experience and making better events decisions.”

          -Corbin Ball

10. Gain accurate feedback throughout

Every event is an opportunity to evaluate. It is essential that event planners communicate with their attendees to actually comprehend what went right and what didn’t work during their event. Hence, feedback is an integral part of the overall planning process.

Getting feedback from attendees through manual surveys or interviews can be tricky as well as tedious. You can set up online feedback through email or your event app using a conference planning tool. It is easy to reach out to all your attendees and get accurate feedback through carefully crafted feedback forms.

The utility of such a software is unparalleled. With the range of features that the conference planning software offer can be overwhelming. Simply pick and choose the features you want, strategize and get started. With the right tools and a good plan, you can work wonders.

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