Successful Event Planning Tips

10 Tips for Successful Event Planning

Melisa Marzett
September 19, 2018

There is a funny the Duck Face Rule. It means that you stay calm outwardly. The fact of the matter is that you actively row with your paws under the water in order to stay afloat but not a single soul should know about it.

Event planning is a challenging task but there are 10 key moments to draw attention to so everything went well.

1. Define the format and aim

It seems to be obvious but one should approach this matter critically. Put an aim specifically enough: you want to convey knowledge to members, thank sponsors, and raise money for a project or to bring aesthetic enjoyment? The scope of the event will depend upon a response: timing, concept and continuance, roles in the team, hall presentation, food and sound.

Try not to focus on traditional event formats. Draw attention to new formats, TED-format, theme breakfasts, open-air events, online-events. The main thing is so the format favoured the event`s aim achievement.

2. Give an eye to planning

successful event planning

Thank over a content, logistics and promotion of an event in your plan. Create a file, accessible to all the team, where everyone sees each other`s assignments and the whole picture.

At first, you need to get a list of the main tasks ready and then to itemize to the extent in a form of some certain steps, which are to be made. It is significant to specify a time in the plan, needed for the accomplishment of tasks. Oftentimes, it is underestimated and it all goes slower with preparation than expected.

3. Make a budget taking unforeseen situations into consideration

Look at your tasks list and project them in the event budget. In addition, you need to think of reserve in case of unforeseen situations. For instance, it might be raining on the exact day when you planned on an air-open event.

You will have to change a location at once and move all the furniture and equipment. It is better to think about such situations in advance and to get ready financially.

4. The devil is always in the details

If you want your guests to be left open-mouthed, think everything through: how event registration goes, who and in what shape meets members, what kind of music is played, if there is an interesting angle for a photo, how your presentation is arranged and how everyone out of your team is dressed up, what breaks are filled with.

For example, during registration one can provide participants with a chance to visit a short master class, to play games or to watch an informative video. Do you best to surprise people, to make a wow-effect, to go beyond they expect in the most custom cases? This is how an atmosphere of an event is created.

5. Check location and think over plan B

Always check upon a location personally and while you are at the stage of choosing the place.

It might appear in the most exotic moment that air-conditioner works badly in the room, no toilet for people with special needs or clear entrance width does not allow bringing the equipment in, which is why you need to test such moments in advance.

6. Assign zones of responsibility

successful event planning

It is quite essential to assign tasks between team members not at the stage of preparation only but also while an event is on. Assign responsibility for people zonally. For example, somebody is responsible for the registration area, somebody for a meeting of speakers, somebody for equipment, somebody for catering, and somebody for engagement with media and so on.

Everyone should have an area to control during the whole time of an event of one`s own. Share the document with a whole team so everyone knew whom with what issue to apply to.

7. Inform your audience about an event

In order for an event to be successful, time is needed for its promotion. Kind of an event, its targeted audience, home resources and budget defines your marketing approach. When choosing media sponsors, focus on those who communicate with your audience.

It is better to have a few sponsors only, but special ones than to tell everyone about an event. In addition, it is a vital matter to create one but the key message, which is going to be aired on all channels. Make sure it is laconic and aptly describes an event idea to your audience.

8. Draw attention to service

Make sure your team followed the Duck Face Rule. Be friendly with all the members, speakers and sponsors.

Try to solve their problems or an issue and satisfy expectations, even if you feel very tired and everything goes wrong. Eventually, people will remember the treatment and atmosphere all over the place but not what a speaker was saying from the stage.

9. Make final check per day before an event

Make sure you told members how to reach out a location, invited all the important guests, got all the printed audio- and video materials ready. Check if everyone understands their tasks and zones of responsibility and whether a room is ready.

You can create analogous checklists on a day the event is happening too: whether everything is on its place, whether everything works, whether everything goes right. Get a scenario printed. Let every team member and volunteer have it. Also, inform everybody contact information for keeping in touch in case of need.

10. Ask for a feedback

More than likely, you are going to be exhausted but at the same time happy after an event but it is going to be hard for you to estimate objectively how everything went.

Which is why to ask members to fill in the printed assessment sheets at the bottom of event or web form on the way home. Let them estimate different aspects: speakers, location, logistics and the job managers do.

 This information will be helpful in order to avoid mistakes in the future and to improve the quality of events you organize. If there is such an opportunity, get feedbacks via social networks or make video feedbacks at the close of the event. This will be of service if your event will be organized again.

Whatever event you to organize, think positive and do not be afraid of surprises and then your event will be successful!

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