Event Industry Resources For Event Professionals

100+ Event Industry Resources to Help Event Professionals

Himani Sheth
April 5, 2018

Events are transforming at a rapid pace. The ever-changing technological innovations along with major policy changes in the past few years have changed the face of event and event planning as we know it.

In this age, knowledge is truly power. It is imperative for event professionals to keep up with the changing times. The best way to do that; read. Source important content on the industry and keep yourself updated. Where should I get started, you ask? 

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Well, we have here more than 100 curated resources on topics ranging from event planning tips to the latest policy changes and more for you to get reading.It’s Consider it your own mini-library of event industry resources.

Here are 100+ articles to help you work your way through event planning of today:

Event Planning Tips

Event planning is a tough job, to begin with. Check out these helpful tips on multiple aspects of planning. Read all about budget planning, productivity, stress management and more:

1. The Smart Event Planner’s Guide To Stress Reduction And Peak Performance

2. 8 Effective Tips to Manage Your Event Team

3. Stress Management: Tips for Event Planners

4. The 10 Commandments of Event Budgeting

5. 7 Major Event Planning Problems and How to Solve Them

6. Times are Changing: Learn Sustainable Event Planning

7. The Recipe to be A Successful Event Planner

8. Take No Risk — Mistakes To Refrain From As An Event Organiser

9. 10 Fruitful Productivity Tips for Event Profs

10. 5 Successful Event Ideas Ruling the Indian Event Industry

Event Essentials

Event planners have to keep a check on certain important factors as they begin to execute their event plan. Selecting the right vendors, getting good speakers on board and looking for sponsorship are just a few of these event essentials. Here are a few articles to guide you through these processes:

1. Must Attend Events in 2018 for Event Professionals

2. Event Planning Essentials: Tips for Selecting Event Vendors

3. How to Make the Most of An Event?

4. Ultimate list of Keynote Speakers for your Conference

5. How to get Best Speakers for Your Event?

6. Why Speakers are the Backbone of your Next Conference?

7. How to Make a Sponsorship Proposal?

8. 40 Companies to approach for Event Sponsorship.

9. Why Event Sponsorship is Necessary?

10. How to Get Sponsors for Your Event?

11. Why an Event Website is Necessary?

12. Top Must-haves in an Event Website!

13. Event Planning Checklist — The Concise Version

14. Be a Venue Rockstar! Tips for Choosing the Perfect Event Venue

15. Best Venues for Business Events in Mumbai

16. Top 10 Event Venues for Business Conferences in India

17. 10 Essentials of Having an Event Website 

Registrations and Ticketing

Despite its importance and the magnitude of the task, Registrations and ticketing don’t always have to be a hassle. Read up on helpful tools to simplify event registrations and ticketing, best practices and more.

1. Event Ticketing in the Age of Bitcoin

2. Tips to Boost Your Event Tickets Sales

3. The Evolution of Event Ticketing

4. Event CRM Software: Why you Should Care?

5. The Basics of Event CRM: All You Need to Know

6. Power of Polling in Conference — Use Your Best Gear

7. 12 Online Platforms to Get Your Event Registration in Place

8. How to Create an Event Registration Form?

9. Tips to Maximize Registrations for Your Healthcare Event

Event Promotion

Maximizing your outreach and getting the word out about your event is necessary in terms of getting attendees to register for your event as well as establishing your event brand in the market. Here are a few resources to help you create your perfect event promotion strategy:

1. 10 Tips to Nail Your Event Branding

2. 8 Tips for Crafting a Spam-free E-mail Subject Line

3. How to Leverage Speakers for Event Promotion?

4. The Ultimate Strategy to Market Your B2B Events

5. 10 Email Hacks to Increase your Event Sales

6. How to Make your Perfect Event Logo?

7. Why Good Social Media Strategy Synonymous to Smart Event Planning

8. 10 Event Promotion Tactics To Knock Your Socks Off

9. 10 Reasons To Invest in Event Merchandising

10. The Essentials of Event Promotion 

event industry resources

Event Technology

In these changing times, event technology is just the helping hand you need to create a memorable event. Learn all about different types of event technology tools in detail right here:

- General

1. Event-Tech at Winter Olympics 2018: Part-2

2. Event-Tech at the Winter Olympic Games 2018: Part-1

3. Live-Streaming and User-Generated Content: What it Means for Your Event?

4. [INFOGRAPHIC] : Technology Can Revolutionize the Event Management Industry, Learn How

5. 10 Creative Ways to Integrate Virtual and Augmented Reality with Your Event

6. The Rise of Virtual Events

7. Wearable Tech Trends for Events

8. 8 Event Technologies Every Organiser Must Embrace

9. “Event Tech” — The Need of the Hour?

10. Five Less-than Obvious Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Event Tech 

- Event Application

1. Flowchart : How to Choose the Perfect Event App?

2. [INFOGRAPHIC] : 20 Questions to Consider Before You Invest in an Event App

3. 20 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Event App

4. Chatbots- A Turning Point for Event Apps

5. The Ultimate Event App Features Checklist

6. The Organization App: All Your Events in One Place

7. [INFOGRAPHIC]: Why an Event App is an Absolute Necessity for Your Event

8. Why Your Event Needs an Event App?

9. [INFOGRAPHIC] : 10 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Events

10. What, Why and How of the Event Organizer App

11. What is an Event App?

12. 10 Sure-shot Ways to Get Attendees Download Your Event App

13. 8 Event Apps You Should be Taking Inspiration From

14. Why Every Organizer Should Invest in an Event App?

- Event Management Software

1. Why Event Management Software? 10 Reasons to Get Started

2. What is an Event Management Software?

3. Hubilo’s All-in-One Event Management Software

4. Event Automation: The New Age of Event Planning

5. Why Conference Planning Software is A Boon for Event Planners 

6. 10 Questions to Ask Your Event Management Software Vendor 

The E-Day:

All your preparations lead to the e-day, the final show. Here are a few helpful resources to help you prepare for the event proceedings and optimise your event experience for an unforgettable event:

1. Top 10 Audience Engagement Tools 

2. The Secret of Effective Audience Engagement

3. 8 Ideas to Drive Engagement at Your Event with Gamification

4. Stakeholders Involved in Event Networking

5. Why is Networking an Essential Part of Event?

6. The Etiquettes of Event Networking

7. The Essentials of Business Networking

8. The Foundation of Business Networking

9. 10 Unconventional Ways to Connect Your Attendees

10. Future of Business Conferences — Event Tech Trends

11. The Ins and Outs of an Event Networking Platform

Event Networking

Event networking is an important aspect of attendee engagement. It maximizes attendee ROI, in turn increasing your overall event ROI. From networking tips to helpful tips, check out these articles on event networking:

1. How Technology is Helping in Setting Up “Business Dates”?

2. The Impact of Technology on Event Networking

3. Event Networking Platform is the Best Investment. Here’s Why?

4. 10 Tips for Effective Event Networking

5. How Technology is Transforming the Traditional Event Networking Formats 

Event Security

Event Security is a crucial part of the overall event management process. Check out these resources on event security tips, best practices and more:

1. EU Data Regulations : GDPR and its Impact on Event Data

2. Event Security: Tips to Keep Your Attendees Safe

3. Safety Measures to be taken at Events by Organisers

4. The Ultimate GDPR Quiz for Event Professionals 

5. Infographic: GDPR Principles for Processing Personal Data

6. Beneficial GDPR Checklist for Event Professionals 

Post Event

The event is never truly over, even after the e-day. The true measure of event success is determined post-event. From analyzing what went wrong and what was done right along with the best ways to gain accurate attendee feedback, check out these articles to prepare your post-event checklist:

1. Event Planning Takeaways: 8 Qualities You Acquire Being an Event Planner

2. Top 8 Event Analytics Platforms for Procuring Valuable Event Data

3. The Definitive Guide to Optimizing Your Event with Event Analytics

4. The Anatomy of Event Analytics

5. How to Measure your Event ROI?

6. How to ask for the perfect event feedback?

Bonus Event Industry Resources

We’ve got you covered with these additional event industry resources to help you gain that extra edge. Learn all about the latest developments in the industry right here:

1. 10 Blogs Event Planners Must Follow

2. The Top Events to Visit? Insider Tips for Would-Be Event Managers

3. Indian MICE Industry — an experiential wave

4. Effect of GST on Event Industry: Are you Updated?

5. Why is an event not a One-Time-Transaction ?

6. Top 5 Books for Event Planners.

7. Why do organisations hold business conferences?

8. Top 5 movies on business conferences.

9. Flashback 2017: Policy Changes that Affect the Future of Event Planning

10. Event Trends in 2018

11. How are governments holding large events to invite investments?

Case Studies

Here are a few case studies to help you learn from live examples:

1. How Hubilo’s Event App Powered the GES 2017?

2. A Case Study on Planning International Events: The 52nd Annual Meeting of AfDB

These event industry resources will get you on the right track to successful event planning and execution. Dig right in!

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Hemani Sheth is a Mass Communication major and an event enthusiast. She is currently associated with Hubilo, a cloud based event management platform that aims to help event professionals create exceptional events. Hemani strives to create resourceful guides that pave way for insightful discussion built around various facets of the event industry. She has a keen interest in event technology and how multiple innovations in the field can help transform the way events are created, marketed and executed. Hemani is also a content marketer and a key contributor to Hubilo Blog. An avid reader, traveler and a movie buff, she is open to conversations on any topic under the sun! Go ahead, say hello to her on twitter @HimaniSheth

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