15 Commonly Missed Event Planning Checklist Details

Kurt Walker
February 1, 2019

Any marketer wishes to improve his or her performance and boost profits. In the end, it’s what we do. We plan details, solicit bids, work with clients, inspect places, coordinate, and monitor employees’ activity. Humanly speaking, it’s impossible to make no mistakes.

Instead of being criticized for the things you’ve missed, we’ll help you focus on the positives. That’s why we’ll provide you with a list of commonly missed event planning details. We’re trying to make your job easier and keep you on the right track.

1. Dietary Restrictions - Create a Google Form to ask for details. Don’t forget to include questions about people’s dietary restrictions. Some people can’t have meat, dairy, fish, and many more. Don’t leave this for the last minute. Don’t risk it! It looks terrible on you, it makes guests feel unwanted, and the worst part is that there will definitely be complaints.Also, contemplate on the catering company you want to collaborate with. You can’t partner up with Meat Wagon BBQ when more than 50% of your attendees are vegan.

2. Alcohol Licensing - If your event serves alcohol, apply for an alcohol license ahead of time! In states such as California, it takes around five weeks for the ABC license to get approved.States in which you need an ABC license: Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

3. The Volunteers! - Volunteers are a crucial asset to your event. They will help out with the practical and logistical tasks and even provide emotional support to the young people participating at the meeting. 

Don’t forget to include snacks and beverages for volunteers and give them a huge round of applause!

4. Communicate with Your Speakers - Assignment Geek recommends automating communication with your speakers. It’s easier, safer, and funnier. You can now create and personalize a portal event webpage and have speakers upload info, pamphlets, and other details there. Here, you can double check their speeches and correct anything that looks out of place.

5. Contact Attendees - Keeping attendees updated on the latest news is crucial if you want your event to be remembered! You can either create an event app and have them check your daily posts or send out regular e-mails

Watch out for spelling and grammar mistakes and review your content for errors with professional writing services, such as A-writer.com.

6. Reach Out to Sponsors and Exhibitors - Sponsors and exhibitors are an incredibly vital part of your event. They bring in financial gains and credibility in exchange for promotional marketing. Make sure you reach out to them ahead of time and ask about their preferences. Make their jobs easier by letting them set up tables or even design apps for the meeting. Don’t forget to send out guidelines right before the event!

7. Call Volunteers - Give volunteers access to anything they need! Help them create your event and promote it in the best way possible. Without them, excellent outcomes are harder to accomplish, so recognize their merits. If they make your job easier, don’t forget to return the favour. Create a Facebook group to keep track of their attendance and start learning their names!

8. About Wi-Fi - While it sounds like common sense, we might forget about this small detail when we are in a rush to get everything right. Sharing the Wi-Fi password with all of your guests is another important must-do.

9. Charging Batteries - Attendees need charging stations available at all times! If your guests’ phones, tablets, and laptops are always charged, they can keep checking your informative e-mails. Thus, you can avoid confusion and haphazardous event management.

10. Promoting the Event - Remember to start promoting your event ahead of time. Give attendees time to make mindful decisions and take the right actions. Who knows, some might even donate funds as a sign of respect for your efforts. Consider offering your guests early bird discounts, create promotional videos, and utilize various social media tools to raise awareness, writes Brill Assignment.

11. Venue Details - After sketching out a structured, broad plan, we might forget to follow-up with the details. Taking care of event venue details are truly important, so don’t make this rookie mistake. 

Secure the necessary A/V equipment, review everyone’s security and special needs, investigate for insurance or any other special permits, and determine a communication plan.

12. The Schedule - Send out a detailed event schedule to every single person on your list! Your attendees are not the only ones who should receive it; volunteers, speakers, sponsors — they must also get familiarized with the event run sheet.

13. Send Reminders - Sending out the event’s details is not enough. You should also take care of reminding everyone about their duties. As tough as it sounds, you can’t skip this step if you expect excellent outcomes. Send reminders to everyone, including attendees, sponsors, presenters, or vendors.

14. Registration Numbers  -The final registration numbers are the foundation of a well-planned event. Send them out to your guests and volunteers, so that they all know their role and part in the affair. Don’t forget to confirm with decorations and speakers one more time before the event.

15. De-stress - Last but not least, de-stress! If you are constantly worried and tense, there is a high chance you’ll screw something up. Take deep breaths and meditate before the party. Taking time for yourself and your mental health is crucial! It will boost both your focus and energy levels and calm you down.

Wrapping Up

Armed with this checklist, you can now ace your next event and boost those profits! Take everything into account and check your events’ details at least three times before it takes place. Good luck, you got this!

Kurt Walker is a professional content writer and journalist at https://www.essaygeeks.co.uk. While working for Best Dissertation, he’s been an inspiration for numerous students in various fields. His time at edugeeksclub.com has also developed new qualities in Kurt, such as patience, productivity, and tech-savviness.

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Kurt Walker

Kurt Walker is a professional content writer and journalist at https://www.essaygeeks.co.uk. While working for Best Dissertation, he’s been an inspiration for numerous students in various fields. His time at edugeeksclub.com has also developed new qualities in Kurt, such as patience, productivity, and tech-savviness.

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