Must attend Events For Event Professionals

25+ Must-Attend Events for Event Professionals in 2019

Juhi Purswani
November 5, 2018

With the year 2019 round the corner, event professionals must be already busy with the planning of the set of events to plan and visit in the next year.

MICE industry welcomes all the event planners, event ogranisers, event-tech enthusiasts and event professionals to witness the rise of MICE in all forms! Meetings and Conferences have seen a great rise across the world and MICE profs make sure to meet the demand of the attendees as well as the event professionals with every corporate event that happens.

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Want to make a list of places to visit in 2019? It can be a tough decision for sure, let me make it much simple for you. There are going to be ample of events held in the year of 2019 and being an event professional, it is the best decision to attend your choice of events and you get to have a venue/city tour as well. There you go with your tourism planning all done!

Event industry has been witnessing an increase in the number of meetings and conferences every year. So we have come up with a list of best corporate events, event professionals must visit. The events are around technological advancement in various sectors and networking events as well.

Start your year with a wonderful plan of attending events in different venues across the world!

1. London Tech Week

LTW 2019 is a huge event which celebrates the progress in technology as a festival with many companies and organisations displaying the latest innovations and showcasing the future of the industry in the upcoming years.

Held every year in London, London Tech Week is one of the greatest events that no event professional wants to miss out. Attend the LTW 2019 from 10th to 16th June.

2. International Confex

One of the most awaited events to attend in the event industry, International Confex will be held in Olympia, London from 26th to 27th Feb 2019. It’s an amazing meeting ground for event industry professionals, providing a platform for event profs to network and even witness the amazing insights from the event tech world, enjoy the destination venue perks and be a part of the hub of event planners for 2 days.

event professionals


IMEX one of the biggest events in the event industry will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from 21st-23rd May. With an interesting lineup of speakers and inspiring exhibitors, it will be an immensely enjoyable lesson for event professionals on networking and education at events. Seminars, play rooms, networking sessions and much more will be waiting for you at this great event.

4. Techsy Talk Live (TBA)

Techsy Talk Live is praised as one of the best and topmost event tech conferences in the world. Attended by almost all the event profs in the event industry, know-it-all in this event by the experts themselves. Experience the digital shift in the event industry and network with the brightest and intelligent minds behind all the innovations in event tech space and events sector.

5. Bizbash Live (TBA)

Bizbash Live is claimed to be one of the most loved events to attend in the event industry. Bizbash organizes awards night and various seminars and session to increase the knowledge horizon of event planners and professionals.

Event influencers also speak about the trending topics in the event industry. It’s also a platform for exhibitors to put up their booths and gain some attendee attraction.

6. ILEA live

ILEA Live i.e. international Live Events Association plan to host another Live event from 8th-10th August in 2019. It’s basically a conference aimed at maximizing the potential of event professionals.

It’s a collaboration of education and creativity to boost the spirits of event planners and event professionals which helps them in improving their planning strategies and help the event industry develop.

7. Dreamforce 2019 Save the date card for the ultimate event stop is here — 19th — 22nd November 2019 in San Francisco. The event which drives attendees to learn more, develop new skills, enhance their knowledge horizons, and attend thousands of sessions by experts, connect with like-minds and build your network at this amazing event by Salesforce.

Dreamforce 2019

8. Event Tech Live (TBA)

It’s the greatest event to be attended by the event professionals and event tech enthusiasts every year. Entirely dedicated to the event technology, various conferences and sessions take place to aware the attendees on the upcoming and latest trends in the event industry. Hundreds of exhibitors showcase their tech part in the events.

9. Eventex

Eventex awards are a milestone achievement award celebration ceremony for all the event professionals. In short, Eventex is the Oscars for the event industry. Attendees, event planners, organisers and professionals, even the event vendors, register their organisations in specific categories and attend the event.

10. Event Production Show

To be held on 26th and 27th February’2019, Event Production Show is a legendary event taking place in the event industry since a decade.

The event’s venue is the famous Olympia, London. All the leading organisations of the event industry come together and interact among themselves, opening up ample opportunities for ideas as well as people.

11. M&IT Awards (TBA)

Another prestigious award event to recognize the efforts of various organisations and firms in the event sector. It is organised by Meetings and Incentive Travel magazine wherein all the event profs and event industry people gather and give recognition to the best products and exhibits.

12. Meeting Industry Association Annual Conference

To develop and build their business smoothly, Meetings Industry Association provides with a multitude of networking opportunities. It’s a global meet-up conference where attendees from across the world come to strengthen their business. Save the dates of 26th and 27th June in Olympia, London.

13. The Meetings Show

Shout-out to all the event planners and meeting planners, The Meeting Show 2019 will be taking place at Olympia, London from 26th to 27th June.

It’s an event providing the attendees with the basic opportunity for attendees, event professionals, meeting planners, event tech vendors to come together under one roof.

14. Event Organisers Summit (TBA)

As the name suggests, the summit is dedicated to the event organisers wherein the senior level of event professionals and event vendors meet with each other and develop new bonds with various other event attendees. Event Industry has an amazing lineup of events for 2019.

15. PCMA

PCMA 2019 Educational Conference is finalized from June 25th to June 29th, 2019. To be held in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, PCMA Education Conference will revolve around the idea of addressing the issues and learning about the event industry updates as well.

16. The Special Event

The Special Event 2019 is quite special from the perspective of learning and maximizing knowledge about event industry. It is the event industry’s largest conference and trade show platform for event professionals. Exhibit at the conference, attend seminars and sessions, network with event industry leaders and influencers and connect with them.

Block the dates for attending The Special Event from 8th to 10th January in San Diego, California.

17. Experiential Marketing Summit

Another amazing event with a digitalized ‘Save The Data ‘ system. To be held in the large halls of Ceaser’s palace of Las Vegas from 14th to 16th May, marketers and vendors will also be a part of the summit.

Products will be displayed at exhibitions and an enormous range of networking opportunities will be present. Experiential marketing is an interesting and attendee-seeker topic in the event industry gaining customers with sure shot experiences.

Save The Data Experiential Marketing Summit

18. MPI world education congress (WEC)

Fly to Toronto from 15th to 18th June and attend a creative collaboration of event professionals to enhance the experiential skills and planning methodologies.

WEC 2019 will focus on the experiential event planning, bringing in creative ideas and merging it with the event tech to create the best experiences for the customers.

19. Catersource 2019

Event catering is an utmost essential part of the event planning process. Familiarize with all the trends in the event catering business.

The conference brings together the world’s most passionate even professionals from across the event industry and celebrates and values their services. Don’t miss out on the amazing event from 24th to 27th Feb in New Orleans.

Event Catering by Catersource 2019

20. The Event Planner Expo

Attend the Event Planner Expo in everyone’s favorite New York City where hundreds of exhibitors showcase their best vendors and event services. Walk the hall with the renowned event industry professionals and share your experience.

Get to meet and network with quality people and attend the most interactive sessions with an incredible lineup of speakers.

21. National Planning conference 2019

Plan the best for you, so pack your bags and visit the NPC from 13th to 16th April in San Francisco. The motto of the conference was to educate the event professionals in a fun and exciting way with sessions, tech displays, networking zone and so on.

22. Toronto CyberSecurity Conference

Security and safety, whether of data or attendees is a priority for event planners at an event. How to tackle any cyber-attack or lax of security at an event must be taught to them. It is a global campaign to attract attendees and aware them on the basics of security and how to tackle any data security issues.

This event is a learning lesson for all the event planners and a recommended conference to attend on 21st March.

23. RISE

A conference for brilliant tech minds to be held in Hong Kong in the year 2019 from 8th to 11th July at Hong Kong Exhibition Center. Acclaimed as the largest tech conference in Asia, RISE is definitely one of the must-attend events for event professionals in the event industry.  Attracting attendees from across the globe it is a huge platform to discuss and share ideas and stories of their organsiations and startups and the challenge they face in the fast-evolving tech world.

24. Vibrant Gujarat Great leaders, thinkers, speakers, entrepreneurs and businessmen and women come together to discuss and brainstorm on agendas like the socio-economic development of the country, startups and their potential, technology and its inception in various sectors and so on.

Attend the vibrant event with your fellow event professionals in Gujarat, India in the month of January from 18th to 20th. It’s a global meet up and network platform wherein there are various exhibitions, seminars, trade shows and booths showcasing the ideas they hold to bring a positive change in the future of the country.

25. Women of Silicon Valley 2019

An entire event dedicated to the wonderful women in tech is a must-attend in San Francisco on 2nd and 3rd of May. Celebrate and meet with women from across the globe and appreciate their contributions to the tech industry. Network and attend sessions of greatest women minds of the industry and keep the Women in Tech movement going!

26. Social Media Marketing World 2019

To all the social media enthusiasts, this is the opportunity to visit the San Diego Convention Center and connect with fellow social media marketers from 20th-22nd March. Discuss the trends and top-notch social media tactics to engage your audience with the experts. Social Media is a wide arena wherein audience have their own favorite platforms, listen to the interesting sessions by the speakers and convert the audience into the potential customer base.

event professionals

You can also add up any important events that will play an essential role for event professionals. Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Juhi Purswani

Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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