Corporate Event Branding Ideas

5 Unique Event Branding Ideas for Corporate Events

December 19, 2019

Branding is all about visibility. Since you already went through all the trouble to plan a corporate event, you might as well get the most out of it by optimizing the venue to make your company name known. Yes, this entails the usual flyers and promotional gear, but you can also up the creativity a notch to really make your logo stick in the minds of the impressionable attendees.

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We’ll introduce six ideas that go beyond the typical branding that every event planner is already familiar with.

1. Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a mainstay in venue decoration. Typically, flowers are placed in the areas you expect, such as the center of a table, by the entrance, etc. Think of creative ways to arrange the flowers. 

Floral Arrangements for events

For example, consider opting solely for flowers in color combinations that match your company colors. That essentially brands your company without even direct placement of a logo. Of course, you can still include the logo by placing it on a card with a card holder protruding out of the flower.

Think of placing flowers in areas you normally wouldn’t consider. For instance, how about in the corner space of an elevator? How about arranging the flowers in a column in the reception area so they double as a makeshift stanchion and show attendees where to form the line?

2. Digital Signage

Sure, it’s cheaper to just place a banner or poster on the wall, but a digital signage just looks so much cooler and high-tech. Plus, you can swap out logos and messages as you see fit. Place digital signages throughout the venue. 

This includes the walls in the lounge, waiting area, and the eating area. You can even place them in the elevator, where it plays a company-specific message every time the elevator moves up or down a floor.

What do you put on a digital signage? Obviously, you include your company logo, which should be the default display. However, the signage should intermittently switch to other branding forms and ads. For instance, you can input:

  • Videos from the company’s YouTube channel
  • Event announcements
  • Dates for future events
  • Reminders for guests to check out specific workshops or exhibits
  • Funny company-related memes or GIFs
  • Infographics showing company or industry-specific stats

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming ever more popular especially with the release of gaming consoles like the PlayStation VR. Treat your guests to a virtual tour where they embark on a fascinating journey that has your brand displaced throughout the virtual world.

Many corporate franchises are incorporating VR into its branding efforts. United Airlines is one company that used virtual reality to promote its new Polaris business class seating and lounge. Guests can view the setting through a virtual tour with a fully-controllable 360-degree camera. The VR tour was available at several UA-sponsored events throughout the U.S.

The tour is actually available on United Airlines’ official YouTube channel. It’s not the same experience since you’re not viewing it through a virtual lens, but you get the picture.

Virtual reality is ideal for showcasing a concept product or giving attendees a view of what goes on behind the scenes.

Corporate event branding ideas

4. Customized Gift Book

Some companies hand out food or small promotional knickknacks as a parting gift as guests exit the venue. This is a good idea, but the typical gift items are inexpensive and nothing with a really high keepsake value.

Why not consider an actual published hardcover book? This can be any industry-related book or even one written by one of your own company insiders. Here’s where the branding comes in: create a customized book jacket cover and slip it over the book. This book jacket will contain your logo and a thank you message to guests for attending. 

You can even include a longer paragraph-length message in the interior part of the cover. This is the part that normally contains the author bio or book synopsis. Use this section to include key information, such as the social media handle of your company, speaker, and sponsors. You can even add an individual personal message for VIP members.

5. Display User Generated Content

Pair your company logo with user-generated content (UGC). This includes any form of content produced by your own followers. This usually entails tweets, Instagram posts, videos, comments, testimonials, or any other content pertaining to your company.

There are a number of ways you can share UGC at your event. One way is through digital signage or via social media wall. You can also inscribe short tweets or testimonials in the last page or back of your scheduler. You can also get more creative and inscribe a post on the wall using wall decal stickers. Be sure you have permission before displaying the content.

What’s the point of displaying UGC? It shows the general sentiment expressed by the very people you serve. Others have an easier time following your brand when they essentially see UGC expressing brand satisfaction.

With industries becoming more competitive, you need to go beyond the conventional norms of corporate branding. Don’t be afraid to explore strategies outside the box. Often, this will get guests’ attention due to the novelty alone.

Got any out-of-the-box unique ideas? Then, enlighten us with the same!

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