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5 Essential Tips for Assessing Your Event Marketing Strategy

Becky Holton
December 21, 2018

As a marketer, you definitely want to improve your performance and productivity so that your organization can grow. You always want to know how you are currently doing and how you can improve in the future. The most successful marketers today show a lot of care when it comes to their event marketing strategy.

In fact, according to the Event Marketing Institute, seventy-seven per cent of marketers perceive marketing experientially as a crucial part in the marketing strategy of their brand.

Research conducted by an event-tech company found out that eighty per cent of marketers recognize that events are crucial aspects to the success of their organization. However, it is something quite rare to hear this fact from marketers.

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Today, you can easily assess your performance due to the rapid advance in technology. For example, a website grader can instantly show how your event website is performing and what you can do to improve it.

Sites such as third-party review can tell you in detail how the technology you use in marketing serves a specific client or customer. An event software can help you get detailed information on the analytics of your event and others can give a comparison of the event you have had recently and past events.

In this article, we shall dive into the five essential tips that can help assess your event marketing strategy and especially how you can set clear goals and use the best techniques discovered. You shall also get to answer a few questions to have clarity. A well-structured question can generate great ideas. Read on!

1. What are your goals? When you are analyzing your event marketing strategy, it is very important for you to have clear goals written down. These goals will be the foundation of most aspects regarding your marketing event strategy such as key performance indexes which you can measure against, the technology you will use in your events, the venue where the whole event will happen and the strategy to promote your brand so that more people can get to know your brand.

goals- event marketing strategy

A marketing event is a powerful tool that can help you promote your brand. You will find out that you have opportunities to network, create blog, video and social media content that spreads your brand’s name like wildfire.

You also have the opportunity to create a strong lasting impression on the consumers who attend. Inviting thought leaders and popular speakers will also be a huge advantage to you and your business.

You can also generate ticket revenue through your event marketing so that you can achieve other goals of your brand that you might have. For some organizations, event marketing is a source of revenue and profit generation.

Event marketing gives you the opportunity to get face to face with your potential customers so that you can grab their attention, develop their interest and even close sales.

In most instances, event marketing leads to partnerships which can last for a long time so long as both parties benefit from the relationship. For example, organizations build partnerships with celebrities or thought leaders who promote the brand through live events, social media and blog posts.

Once you have clear goals, everything else becomes easy. In the end, you will find everything working out.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself for clarity include: (1) Can you list down your even goals in order of priority? (2) When planning other activities for the event, how will you keep your goals as your priority? (3) How can you measure your event’s performance vis a vis your goals? Remember, everything is connected to your goals. The quality of your goals will determine the results you will get.

2. Look at your technology Just as goals are crucial for your success, so is the technology you use. Your event marketing strategy depends on technology for most activities to get done such as event registrations, promoting your event, providing insights and giving an impression of your brand.

event marketing strategy event tech

You need to look at how your technology is enabling you to achieve your goals. You can do this by comparing your objectives manually to your key performance index or taking an online technological assessment. If your technology is helping you achieve your goals in a great way, that is good.

If not, there is always room for improvement. You can make use of third-party reviews which can help you discover what your competitors are doing differently from you.

3. Your brand says it all Your brand says it all to your attendees, prospects and the entire world. Further, they are the ones who make the final conclusion. So it is your work to help them know your brand and personally like it.

In your marketing event, you are given an opportunity to succeed or fail in creating a good impression for your event brand. One thing you should aim at practising when developing your brand is consistency.

The people who will be attending your events in future are millennials and research conducted by SDL showed that sixty per cent of millennials love consistency especially when it comes to brands. Create your event website and mobile apps in a consistent manner to save yourself and your business.

What colours, fonts and logos will you use in your marketing event? Are they consistent with your brand? What will you do to ensure that your brand remains consistent?

4. Measure your performance Keeping track of your performance is the only way to stay on track and achieve your goals. You can analyze your performance through key performance indexes such as revenue, registrations, customer feedback and check-ins.

event marketing strategy analytics

How do the results of these KPIs compare to the goals you set? What are some of the mechanics you have to gauge attendee or customer feedback?

5. Create visual presentations from past events Instead of talking and encouraging your attendees to promote your brand, you can show them they are going to enjoy. Just as writers from ProEssayWriting have their wonderful writing samples stored, you should also have great images and videos from the events you have held in the past so that your attendees can visualize what it will feel like joining you.

You can also look for testimonials to encourage more people to register and attend your event.


The event strategy is a huge thing for every marketer and it can be difficult to point out where to improve if you look at it as a whole. Once you break it down into manageable components, everything becomes easier.

In this article, we have looked at five components that you can improve upon to grow your business. You will find yourself happier and fulfilled if you focus and improve upon these components.

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