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6 Principles of Persuasion to Increase Conversions on Event Website

Jijo Thomas
January 24, 2019

Just like any other event website owner do you also want your website to attract customers, sell tickets and registrations promptly? Well, to make this magic happen you have to guide your visitors on taking their decisions. Each element of your website should communicate is worth and pursue your visitors to take the action. And, for that, you do not have to overcrowd your website with a lot of information.

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There 6 principles of persuasion by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini which can do the magic provided you use them suitably. Dr. Robert has conducted in-depth research on advertisers, marketers, influencers, and salespeople and has summarized 6 powerful behavioral tendencies of people that make them take the action. Let us see how these 6 principles can increase conversions on your event website.

1. Reciprocity

We all have this general tendency to reciprocate kindness and good deeds. The principle of reciprocity is based on this notion that when someone does something good to us we feel like doing the same to them. Hence, think of what you can offer to your website visitors that would be valuable to them and in return, they would provide a benefit to your site.

For example, you may provide coupons or discounts like Assignment Help website is providing to their customers when they make a purchase or an event newsletter or assignments that would deliver the details of your upcoming events in their inbox.

2. Commitment and Consistency

Whenever we make a promise we do our best to keep it. We are always considerate about our self-image and hence we do not want to let ourselves down for not doing something that we committed to pursuing.

This inclination of humans for sticking to what they have decided can help you keep them connected with your website for a long time.

For instance, you may ask your customers to sign up for future events or provide them with reminders before an event or offer them an extra ticket!

3. Social Proof

We always look at the customer ratings when we choose where we are going for our next meal. We always follow brands and fashion that the celebrities are promoting.

We all get fascinated with things that most of the people around us are indulged into. Thanks to social media it has now become a lot easier for us to know where the world is heading up to. So why not use this to gain customers. Your testimonials, reviews, and approvals can play a major role here. Make sure you include these on your website to win your visitors’ trust.

increase conversions on website using social media

4. Liking

You are more likely to choose a brand that your friend has suggested you rather than doing research on your own. Similarly, we often go for a product that our favorite celebrity is promoting or we often donate for a cause that our favorite singer is supporting.

This is because we always trust the people we like or who we think are just like us. Use this ‘liking principle’ to increase conversions on your site. You may include testimonials from people who are more like your customers, include celebrity promotions, or build relationships with your customers through social media.

5. Authority

You might have noticed headlines saying “researchers say that…” or “according to the recent findings…” People always listen to experts or to those who are in authority for example doctors, scientists, leaders, and lawyers.

Hence, you can increase conversions on your site by incorporating testimonials from experts of your niche. Include content like images, badges or logos from authoritative parties so that people would automatically have trust in you.

6. Scarcity

Trigger your customers by creating a scarcity of your beneficial services and see the magic! People usually have this tendency that if something is there for a limited time or quantity it means it is worth it and hence they get curious about it.

So bring some limited period offers on board, for example, first 50 customers will get a chance to be a part of your next webinar for free, announce giveaways to 10 lucky visitors on special occasions or include a countdown.

These 6 principles are actually powerful because they can subconsciously trigger people’s minds and optimize conversions. Therefore, you can easily use them to promote your brand, gain the trust of your customers and make some good sales. But one thing that you should always ensure is you are bringing value to your customers through your site.

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