Create Email for Maximizing Event Registrations

7 Tips to Create Perfect Email for Maximizing Event Registrations

Hiteshree Dudani
August 23, 2018

Event professionals from different parts of the world acknowledge and accept the fact that email marketing is one of the best forms of event marketing.

Convincing a potential attendee to register for your event requires a lot of efforts. A few qualities that every event marketing campaign should have so as to maximize event registrations are:

- Visibility

- Creativity

- Information

Your campaign should, of course, contain all the necessary information about your event that your target audience would want to know. However, just circulating this information is never enough to motivate them to register for your event. You need to present this information in a way that is visible to the audience and is creative enough to interest them as well.

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The good thing about email marketing is that this one mode of event marketing helps you work with all the three mentioned factors in any and every way you want to. If you make efficient use of this master marketing tool, you can substantially increase your event registration. Here are some tips that will help you create the perfect email to maximize event registration:

1. Get some visual consistency

Humans have a peculiar way of looking at the world through which they look for patterns around them to understand better. The things in which the patterns are more explicitly visible always end up catching more attention of the human brain.

That is why it is always necessary that your event marketing email should have some graphical and visual consistency.

Visual consistency means having complementary colours or gradients, using one specific type of graphics, keeping the font style, size or colour uniform. Basically, anything and everything that might be “seen” by your viewers, should have consistency.

2. Be focused to be memorable

The content that you deliver through email marketing also plays a game-changing role in the campaign. Now though you might have a lot of information about your event, you cannot pass it all down to your audience through one email. You need to have one clear-cut message if you actually want the attendees to remember your email.

Take this for an example — One email mentions that the event is a tree-plantation drive where people will move to different parts of the city planting trees. For each tree planted, a certain organisation will contribute a specific amount of money that will be used to maintain the planted trees.

Though a good idea, it seems a bit too confusing for an email that will be quickly scanned by the audience.

Scenario 2, your email reads — Join us to make the city greener! Here, you have one focused message that the audience will look at and remember efficiently as well.

3. Add the spotlight

Every event is filled with a lot of things that can be beneficial for its attendees. However, there are always some benefits that act as the key takeaways of your event. When informing your audience about the benefits of your event, it is always necessary to highlight these key points.

You can do this by putting them with a spotlight in the email. Based on your event highlights, you can choose the specific way you do it.

Say, for example, you have a special guest speaker in your event. It is the presence of this person that you would like to highlight with the email. Then you can probably add a substantially sized picture of this person while mentioning their credentials.

Whatever your highlight may be, ensure that the person viewing your email should be able to catch it in one glance.

4. Go with unconventional designs

event registration platform

Your inbox is every day filled with plain promotional emails containing some text and a few images. Most of the times, you just let it go without even giving it a second look.

But what if you get an email that is filled with more colours than that of the rainbow? You will definitely wait a minute to at least check the headings or subheadings of the email.

That is what an unconventional design can do for you. When it comes to deciding the design of your event marketing email, there are no rules limiting your creativity. You can literally do anything that you wish to do with the layout of your email.

Just remember, more the creativity, more the attention of your audience!

5. Add the human touch

Doesn’t a Hello from Siri or Alexa feel completely different from a Hello from any human?

The human interaction with technology is a relatively newer one. While we are adapting to it every single day and are sufficiently dependent on it as well, it does not diminish our need for human connections.

Emails are definitely just a form of technological interaction. But there are some nuances in it as well that if controlled well, can add the human touch to a screen.Every email in the world, whether sent for marketing purposes or other personal and professional purposes has a clearly defined sender and a receiver.

Now the recipient of your marketing email is obviously familiar with the receiver but they are not so sure about the identity of the sender. That is why adding a simple picture and name of the sender will make the receiver feel that they are interacting with a human and not a computer-generated email.

6. Get a different way of talking

Most of the event marketing emails communicate the relevant information using the written content. While this is the tried and tested popular method, you can also use a different way of talking to your audience.

Say for example, instead of writing what the event is all about, you can make a video explaining the same things.

Using such a different way of talking would not only make your marketing email stand out but will also help you communicate with your audience better.

7. The exclusivity factor

online event registrations

Now, this tip can be used only if your event permits you to!

The human mind is designed in a way that we always seek the exclusive. Anything that is available to all does not usually interest us much. However, if the same thing is made exclusive or chosen, we like to be a part of it.

 Playing with this trait of human nature, you can increase the online event registrations for your event. All you need to do is add a task that needs to be finished before a viewer can be an attendee for your event. This will challenge them to prove their capabilities which, in turn, will make the register for your event.

However, make sure that the task is not so complicated that instead of challenging them intellectually, you end up scaring them away.

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Hiteshree Dudani

Hiteshree Dudani is an event tech enthusiast who has successfully organised many eminent events. The list includes charity events, youth fests, seminars, workshops and a lot more. She is currently associated with the event technology company Hubilo. She works for the company's blog which has a wide range of useful content for event planners, event techies and event marketers.

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