Event Report Writing Tips

7 Tips On Writing An Event Report

Freddie Tubbs
January 15, 2019

Documenting the results that we achieve is very important as a way to compare our past results with our current ones. It’s also important for future reference and help other people. This is why creating event report is so important.

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However, it can be a bit difficult to write them properly and that’s why you might need some help. Here are some useful tips:

Figure out the Presentation Style

There are many different ways you can organize your event report. Some of them are in the paper, bound or stapled, some are emailed as PDFs, some you can find as PowerPoint presentations etc.

It will all depend on your personal preference. However, you have to make sure that your report is organized into sections that will help people understand it better. For this, you can use tools like Top writing services or UKtopwriters which are excellent at providing clarity.

Event Report Presentation

Consider your audience when thinking of a format. What do they want? What do they need? Sponsors often require different types of information on the success of the event. Appeal to what your sponsors need and provide the kind of information that would satisfy them.

Track Key Information

Never rely solely on your memory. You might remember some details in the wrong way and you don’t want to make mistakes, especially with key things. So, collect data throughout the planning and the execution of the event to get a good idea on all of the key information and details. 

Talk to people, gather information, ask for some help as well. Report creation should happen throughout the process of throwing an event, not just after. This will help you create a more effective report.

It would also be helpful to get some quotes from key people attending the event — may be the key speaker at the event or some of the key people that came to the event. To make this easier, you could create a swipe file on your device or bring a notebook where you would dedicate certain pages to certain information.

Be Concise

One of the biggest problems people usually have in reports is going on and on about mundane details like the food or drinks on the event or even writing about entire presentations. This is not that important and only adds more words without adding value.

“Don’t focus on the feel-good and motivational things but rather focus on key points of the event. Be clear and analytical about it,” says Greg Pullson, a business writer at Academ advisor and Essay roo.

Create a Summary

You should always add an executive summary to your report. This offers a bite-sized piece of information that can help sponsors get a good idea on what they will read in the rest of the document. Some might not have a lot of time and the summary is all they will read. You can even create two different reports in order to get more out of the report.

One can be a really concise executive summary which boils down to key details and one could be a full detailed report. This way, you can cover a lot of information and offer different types of documents to different groups.

Provide Visualization

Visual details are always a good idea because they help people understand your event better. While event videos might be a bit harder to include in the traditional reports done in print, all formats support images and that’s important. Make sure that you are allowed to use the images in the first place. Most events allow images but some require you to use the ones that they already have.

Include examples, product images, exposure, people who came, key speakers and so on are all a good way of illustrating your report.

Give Information on Advertising

“Sponsors naturally care the most about this part. It’s your responsibility to include the relevant data and compare it to objectives and previous events and results,” says Anna Demming, a communication manager at Ukwritings and Topcanadianwriters.

Document all print media — newspaper articles where the story appeared, advertisements and so on, especially those where the sponsors were mentioned.

Next, document TV advertising, announcements, news coverage and so on, again with the emphasis on where the names of the event sponsor appeared. Radio, card ads, event promotions, reports and so on are all really important. All of this will help your sponsors see the big picture.

Provide numbers and statistics

Finally, you need to add quantifiable data into your report. So, statistics, amounts of money, percentages and so on are really important. They help in illustrating your point further and getting more detailed about the event.

Event Numbers and Statistics

Event reports are an important element of the event in general. To Write them properly, you have to keep details in mind and gather the proper information. Hopefully, these tips will help you create a good event report.

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Freddie Tubbs

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