CX Teams Increase Virtual Hybrid Event Success

7 ways CX Teams increase virtual + hybrid event success 

May 31, 2022

Like an orchestra, event planning has a lot of moving parts, but when perfectly brought together, is magical. You spend months charting out plans, getting approvals, meeting stakeholders, updating spreadsheets, conducting dry runs… the list goes on and on. 

But with virtual and hybrid events becoming the norm, organizational skills alone will not be sufficient to make an event successful. You need virtual and hybrid expertise to really move the needle. However, if you focus your time on becoming a virtual event expert, you’ll have less time to work on other essential aspects of your event. Does this conflict sound familiar? 

If it does, don’t stress. You don't have to do it alone anymore. You can have Hubilo's Client Experience Team by your side. The best part? Your dedicated team is available pre-event to help with event strategy and planning. Then, they are there by your side throughout the entirety of your event, providing real time support, as well as post-event reporting and analytics.

So how does this work? Once you sign up for Hubilo, you are assigned a designated Client Experience Manager (CXM) who will not only onboard you, but provide real-time support whenever you need it. Keep reading for seven ways that our client experience team sets you up for success.

Pre-event support

Pre Event Prepping and Planning
Pre-event prepping and planning ensures an event experience that ties to your goals.

#1 Aligning your event goals to your company goals

Whether you want to increase your revenue, session engagement, post-event NPS score, sponsorships or brand awareness, our client experience team will provide pre-event strategy support to build an event experience that ties to your goals and business needs. 

For example, imagine you’re hosting a virtual job fair, and your goal is to advertise different recruiters (companies). In this situation, a CXM might recommend you include virtual booths to bring awareness to each company and their offerings. If you’re trying to increase your social media mentions at an influencer night, a CXM could suggest you integrate your social media wall into Hubilo’s platform using and encourage attendees to share their favorite event moments. 

#2 Extend training during onboarding

We understand that training is a crucial stage in the customer lifecycle. Adopting new technology can be stressful. Proper training can remove the stress, making it easy for you to dive in, use the product frequently and unlock its full potential. That's why Hubilo has a thorough onboarding process where we walk you through the platform, share best practices and answer customer questions as much as needed. And if you want to learn independently, we provide video guides to help you get started. It doesn't stop there; as part of our enhanced client experience, we also help you onboard speakers, exhibitors and sponsors onto the platform.

#3 Enabling third-party integrations

Simple, monolithic event platforms are a thing of the past. Platforms that stitch different applications together to create a more immersive, holistic event experience for your attendees are what’s now and what’s next. Our client experience team will help you with figuring out what integrations will bring your vision to life,  and will provide the support required to integrate third-party applications with Hubilo.

#4 Conducting dry runs

We do regular dry runs before your event to save you from any last-minute surprises. With dry runs, we can easily identify technical problem areas in advance and proactively address them for you. You can check everything from your pace, content flow, speaker controls and timing during these dry runs. We’ll also help you set up your event and make sure everything is in order for the big day.

During-the-event support

#5 Troubleshooting and debugging 

Even after meticulous planning and careful execution, a lot can go wrong during an event. Be it a single-session event or multi-day, our Client Experience Manager will offer you real-time event support and troubleshoot all technical issues that occur. 

When you’re live at an event, the LAST thing you have time for is to call or slack customer support. That’s why our CXMs are live by your side for the entirety of the event. The second something happens, they are already on it!

Post-event support

Event Support By Hubilo'S Cx Team

#6 Gathering feedback and suggestions

Analyzing your event's hits and misses is key to planning your next event. Our Client Experience Manager will help you glean the data collected, measure your event's ROI, identify the engagement levels of your audience, speakers and sponsors and give suggestions for your future events.

Analyzing your event’s hits and misses will help you plan your next event and help us identify key improvement areas in the product. You can invite your designated CXM to your event debrief meetings to discuss your event’s performance and action items for future events. If you want external feedback, we can help you set up virtual booths to run post-event surveys and collect feedback from your attendees, partners and guests right after the event. 

#7 Turning you into beta testers

Whenever we have a new feature/product or a feature enhancement, you will be the first to know about it. Your CXM will conduct regular training programs to get you up to speed and help you quickly embrace new features. At any time, if you have new feature requests for us, you can contact your CXM and tell them how the feature will help enhance your event experiences and address your business needs better.

Want this white-glove support for your events? Request a demo to learn more!

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