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A Very Grateful Thread: 8 Things Marketers Are Thankful For

Amanda Harrison
Social Media Manager
November 23, 2022

We have 365 days a year to be grateful, but gathering with friends and family during the holiday season amplifies that feeling of gratitude. 

I asked a team of marketing Hubilots to honestly answer what they’re grateful for in their personal lives and at work. Their answers will simultaneously pull on your heartstrings and have you craving a hot cup of cocoa, but either way, these are our humans of Hubilo.

Let's kick this meal off with some sides, aka a bit of Thanksgiving-themed knowledge:

  1. Did you know the Native Americans previously used cranberries for more than just eating and nutritional benefits? They found additional uses in the wetland fruit for medicinal purposes and dying fabrics.
  2. Talk about a virtual event; the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade that airs live from New York City typically has more than 25 million people tuning in for the televised event.
  3. In 2012, Americans paid, on average, $1.39 per pound for turkey. Ten years later, in 2022, Americans will likely pay around $2.28 per pound of turkey. That's a 64% cost increase over the last decade. Personally, I’m grateful for cost-increase calculators, so I could actually tell you there was a 64% increase.

Now let's get into the meat of this blog, all things grateful, thankful, and blessed with a few humans of Hubilo.

Meet Adam. He’s the Senior Director of Growth + Demand, and Adam says…

At work, I’m continuously grateful for our amazing team. It’s been a rollercoaster of ups, downs, and constant change in business. My team constantly reminds me how self-sufficient, dedicated, caring, and collaborative they are when it comes to tackling challenges and creating opportunities. They're a really delightful group of people to be around.

In life, I'm thankful for a hot bowl of ramen. No, a hot New York slice of pepperoni pizza and a cup of European drinking chocolate from Dandelion Chocolate SF! It’s getting cold in San Francisco right now, so I'm incredibly grateful for all the hot things I can enjoy and be reminded of how delicious life is!

Meet Gloria. She’s the Director of Demand Gen, and Gloria says…

In life, I’m grateful for my daughter, Lily. She's honestly just the coolest little kid, and not to get all sappy and weird, but nothing brings me more joy than her. Especially when she starts dancing or tries to feed the dog from her high chair, or the "hur hur hur" sound she makes when she laughs.

At work, I'm grateful for a manager like Adam, who’s open and understanding, and my marketing ops lead, Mike, who’s always willing and ready to roll up his sleeves. These two make my work life 100000x easier - and that's on par with a tool that can really figure out the billion-dollar question of multi-touch attribution.

Wait, I have one more! I'm very grateful for the Metadata.io Demand Gen community. It's one of the best DG communities I've joined, with a great group of people and a treasure trove of learnings and insights. They’re all super friendly and open to discussion. 

Meet Kathleen. She’s the Senior Field Marketing Manager, and KT says…

At work, I’m grateful for our marketing team. It’s the most diverse team I’ve ever worked with in terms of expertise, cultural backgrounds, personalities, and taste in TV shows. It makes for a delightful and effective learning environment.

In life, I’m grateful for the ability to travel. Like many, I have been revenge traveling and working remotely since #vaxxedgirlsummer2021, and learning about new perspectives, experiences, cuisines, languages, and cultures around the world has been inspiring.

Meet Taryn. She’s the Head of Growth, and Taryn says…

At work, I'm crazy grateful to be alongside such intelligent, fun, honest people every day. My direct reports, peers, boss, and leaders all have a 'whatever it takes attitude' and a 'push us to be better mentality that is so rare to find. It's a team that gives their everything with all the grit and no gloat. 

In life, I’m grateful for my two guys. I have a husband who busts his chops every day, true blood, sweat, and tears kinda stuff. He's the best all-around handyman, a tender dad but tough when he needs to be, and the best teacher -I don’t know how he knows all the things he does?! He’s my rock and my cheerleader. And, of course, my 7yo son, Leland. He challenges me daily, but his hugs, kisses, and "it's ok, mom" comments motivate me and make me melt. Without these two, I wouldn't be the same woman, and life wouldn't be as sweet!

So you’ll see that through all these combined years of experience in the workforce, sometimes the things we're most grateful for are the things that are right in front of us.

Tell us, what’re you grateful for this year? If you feel like it, tweet us your answer, and you may find a little thank you from us in your DMs.

Amanda Harrison

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