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Maximizing Attendee Engagement — Learnings from MIA Conference 2018

Juhi Purswani
November 13, 2018

For this huge business community to stay in touch event conferences must happen once every year or annually to discuss the demands of the market, how successful the year went and what problems are faced on a regular basis.

Hubilo provides such conferences a tech platform for attendees to go through the event in an incredibly fast and effortless way.

Event technology has been an integrated part of various conferences for a few years of its inception in the event market. Attendees also avail several benefits by attending such great conferences.

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Jumping on to the event, let’s have a look at MIA Conference 2018.

What’s MIA Conference 2018?

The MIA International Accountants Conference 2018 was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center on 9th and 10th October. The main aim of the conference was to highlight the demands for an increase in transparency, trust and accountability in the corporate sector for accounting professionals and business leaders.

It is a platform that lets business leaders to openly discuss the profession of accountancy and to acknowledge the current situation to decipher the future of the profession. MIA International Accountants Conference 2018 was focused on the role that technology plays and how to embrace in the accountancy profession. The conference had a wide range of speakers wherein the discussion on the issues of accounts and finance were brought into the light.

Mia Conference 2018

Not only this was a great opportunity for the business leaders and professionals to learn about the current status of their industry but also to network with finance leaders, corporate heads, thought leaders and government officials as well.

The conference fulfilled its purpose to transform the minds of leaders and bring about improvement in the finance and accounts industry with the new technology and move forward by accepting the digital transformation in their sector.

Accountants in today’s era can leverage the digital transformation to completely revamp the face of accountancy and finance industry using the smart software that has been revolutionizing the other sectors as well. With the use of Machine learning and artificial intelligence, one can focus on bringing new innovative solutions in the market for improvising the business and yet ensuring the ethics of the sector are still retained.

What Hubilo provided?

With Hubilo being the event tech partner of the annual conference, MIA International Accountants Conference 2018, from the event website to the online networking, was all overseen by Hubilo.

Here is what all was covered in event technology part by Hubilo:

- Event website — For any event, the most basic necessity is to have an event website which provides all the information for the attendees. Hubilo provided a single page event website which incorporated all the crucial information like About Us, Event Highlights, Schedule, Speaker Section, Sponsors, Networking, venue, Gallery, Exhibitors and an exclusive section added for Exclusive Sponsors.

-Exclusive Sponsors — Exclusive sponsors was a custom section added wherein a few vital sponsors were added and linked directly to their website. The exclusive sponsors were added from the dashboard and were directly linked to their homepage.

Mia Conference Sponsors

- Event App — Event App was the most essential tech feature required by the event organisers for the delegates, sponsors, organisers, and speakers to network well through the event app. MIA conference 2018 present on both Apple store and the Android store had several amazing features for the ease of navigation like Attendee list, event feed, notifications, and the leaderboard.

- Leaderboard — One of the best features provided for the MIA Conference attendees was the Gamification Feature which included leaderboard and also a scorecard pdf.

The Leaderboard feature calculates the scores of the attendees who are the most active in the conference using the event tech i.e event app. With various kinds of contests and activities happening on the venue, organisers kept the track of event attendees who were winning and scoring the most by displaying the results on the leaderboard.

Mia Conference Leaderboard

It was indeed one of the best and most used features by the attendees at the conference. The scores were quite high and the attendees competed really well. The scorecard pdf was again another custom module added by the event organiser for the event attendees to know the scoring pattern.

- Event Feed — Event feed is always one of the most interesting parts of the event app and conference. Attendees, delegates, event organisers and event speakers could post on the feed.

The post could either be their introductions, certain pictures and videos or media they want to share and the polls which were being uploaded by the event organisers to gain insights from the event attendees and delegates on the situations od the industry and how technology affects the economy. Delegates shared their company profiles and links for the interested attendees.

- MIAC Feedback — A custom form provided by the MIA Conference organisers that were integrated into the app. It was basically a feedback form which could be filled by the attendees of the conference.

-Event Networking Platform — The event networking platform provided to the MIA Conference 2018 was accessible by the event website as well as event app. The networking community access allowed the event attendees, delegates, speakers and organisers to connect with each other using the chat option provided, and event set up meetings to discuss the business ideas and the tech importance of the MIA Conference.

MIA Conference Speakers

- Event Analytics — The analytics feature adopted by the event organisers of MIA Conference 2018 allowed them to view the exact statistics of the event i.e. the number of app downloads, website visits, number of submission in the survey form integrated into the app, number of e-mails opened and read and so on.

The statistics could be further broken down into who was the most active attendee on the app, the leaderboard scores, and the entire feed activity.

The analytics ranges from app downloads being 1900+ to networking stats reaching 33000. The event analytics provide a better idea to the event organiser about the win-win of the event.

Learnings from MIA 2018

- Embrace the new tech and move towards the era of digital transformation

It has been seen in many of the industries and events be it related to technology or not, the adoption rate of technology in all the sectors have been exceptionally high. As the tagline of MIA Conference 2018 says, “Riding the Digital Wave, Leading Transformations”, accounts and Finance sector is also planning on incorporating the new world technologies and going digital to improve the industrial economy.

With many technologies in the market like Artificial Intelligence, the blockchain, machine learning, data analysis, accountants and financial business leaders have taken this initiative to dive deep into the sea of tech and digitalize the accountancy industry.

- Engagement can be made fun using tech

Attendees tend to network when provided with cool tech features and an interactive platform. It was seen at the MIA Conference that various attendees, delegates and industry leaders indulged in building a new network and discussing the ideas of transforming the industry or discussing a session with the speaker using the networking community features provided on the app.

People engaged amongst themselves by initiating chats, setting up meetings and even having a healthy discussion during sessions and seminars.

- Notifications help people choose a specific event to attend

Push Notification feature was used to its full capacity at MIA Conference. Since there were numerous sessions and event in the play simultaneously, event organisers kept pushing on notifications to let the attendees notify and decide what to attend and what exhibition’s worth diverting the attendee traffic to.

Notification thus makes the job simpler. Not only it helps attendees attend all the exhibitor's booths but also decide what session to attend and what speaker is of significance.

- Leaderboard boosts the confidence of attendees

MIA Conference Score Card

Gamification feature always drives attendees to win something from an event and have their takeaway share. With the leaderboard integrated into the app, attendees could continuously see their scores and engage on the MIA Conference app to gain more points.

Not only this improved the confidence of the attendees but made them aware of all the activities and changes that were a part of the conference. On the other hand, scorecard allowed the attendees to figure out what sort of activity can make them win more points.

Learnings from events can surely be put to better use in the next event. For Hubilo, this event was a boost in their confidence and their services.

Have your own event experience to share? Something that you think might help other planners learn from?

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