Event Intelligence Via Hubilo Surveys and Sponsored Ads

Back Your Events with Intelligence via Hubilo Surveys and Sponsored Ads

Falguni Jain
March 17, 2021

We have some exciting news for you!We’ve just released two new features on our dashboard that will help you completely level-up your virtual event game plan!Here’s all the scoop…

  1.  Event Surveys

Stakeholder feedbackon your event is priceless, but it can be a challenging thing to collect. To solve for this, we have launched the Survey feature, which will enable you to create instant surveys through the organizer dashboard.

Event Surveys on Hubilo

What this means is that you will now be able to populate multiple questionnaires across the event, allowing participants to submit their responses before, during, and after the event.The best part is that the survey set up process is fully customizable. To give you an idea here is a microscopic view:

  • You can choose the survey type: general event survey or session-specific survey.
  • You can decide when you want the participant to see the survey: during the session or when they are leaving the session.
  • You can choose which groups the survey will be visible to: Attendees, Booth Members and/or Speakers.
  • You can define the CTA label, give a customized name and tagline to the survey.
  • You can add your own set of questions or select them from the options provided.
  • You can also make certain questions mandatory.
  • You can choose the response format from a series of options such as Text, Date, Dropdown, Checkbox, Link, Rating and File.

And what’s more, you can also track each response in real-time and export the data for reference at a later date.Isn’t this the best way to capture the virtual event experience of your stakeholders and understand what went right and what didn’t?But this feature doesn’t have to be limited to collecting feedback and you can experiment it with different use cases. For example, you could set up a session-based quiz to evaluate attendees’ understanding of the particular session or perhaps convert it into a contest with prizes. Alternatively, a session survey could be used by sponsors for lead generation, by asking attendees to submit their contact information if case they have any doubts or want to explore the product/service displayed. The idea is to not go by the nomenclature and design the survey according to the requirements of YOUR event.

  2.  Sponsored Ads

At a physical event, selling ad spaces to brands acts as a large revenue-source. We have replicated this aspect on our virtual event platform via the new feature – Branded Spaces.Apart from the clickable community banners and sponsor logos in the agenda and sessions, exhibitors and sponsors now have an additional option to garner eyeballs and leads through strategic ad placement, across the platform.

Sponsored Ads on Hubilo
Sponsored Ads on Hubilo

This opens up the door to raise even more money from sponsorships in the virtual world, while providing concrete evidence on the ROI to your exhibitors and sponsors.Here are the key advantages:

  • Increased advertising opportunities for organizers, exhibitors, sponsors and even non-event participants.
  • Additional lead generation opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors.
  • 24/7 coverage i.e. non-stop visibility, that can be continued even after the event is over.
  • Ad placement in key locations across the different tabs on the platform (such as Reception, Agenda, Meetings and Contests), providing maximum footfall to sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Separate ad placement option for different sponsors, giving organizers the ability to accommodate numerous sponsors and even leverage tiered sponsorship packages based on the ad display location.
  • Clickable ads with the flexibility to define the CTA path and lead attendees to sections within the virtual event platform (for e.g. an exhibitor booth) or outside (for e.g. to a website, Play Store etc).
  • Detailed tracking of data in the form of unique clicks and impressions garnered for each ad in the different sections, along with the respective attendee details.
  • Exportable data files that can be reviewed even after the event is over and shared with the sponsors and exhibitors.

As with surveys, this feature opens up multitudinal opportunities and use cases. The display banner can be interlinked to sponsor and exhibitor websites, product/service details pages, downloadable assets, shopping links, app download links, branded virtual photo booths and so much more. As an organizer, you could even promote your own assets and upcoming events or redirect attendees to on-demand content.Still exploring the perfect virtual event platform for your next event? Why not take a demo from our experts to show you around?Want to share feedback or put in a feature request? Drop us a line on social@hubilo.com.

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