Best Event Planning Management Apps

[Infographic]10 Best Event Planning and Management Apps for Event Planners

Juhi Purswani
December 4, 2019

Event planners have got one of the most challenging professions. When it comes to planning, talking or speaking about it makes you feel, it’s easy. But when you actually put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you realize it is tougher than you think.Planning a small or a large event, exhibition or conference takes an equal amount of dedication, hard work and time.But all thanks to the inception of technology in all the sectors, it has also been able to make event planning an effortless task for event planners and event organizers!With various event planning and event management apps out there in the market, corporate event planning is a seamless process now.

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Here are 10 of the best event planning and management apps which make the life of an event planner better!

The following apps not only help in seamless event planning but also manage logistics, deadlines, & engagement features of an event.

10 best event planning and management apps for event planners
  1. Trello
  2. Hubilo
  3. Google Drive
  4. Mag-nificent
  5. Cam Scanner
  6. Asana
  7. Hootsuite
  8. 24 Me
  9. Super Planner
  10. Magin Plan

Stay up to date with the technology & event tools and add the best to your download list now!What else can lessen the event planner's workload? Think!Of course, a pre-planned and prepared checklist for all the major plus minor tasks to be taken care of at the event. A checklist helps panners & organizers not to go in a panic state on the E-Day and manage all the tasks effortlessly. To save you, planners, plenty of time, we have got you covered with a checklist. You can check it out here!

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Juhi Purswani

Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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