How to use an event ticketing software

10 Best Event Ticketing Softwares For Conferences And Non-Profits

Manage ticket analytics, create custom tickets and market your event with the perfect event ticketing software! Here’s the 10 best event ticketing softwares.
November 4, 2022

A pivotal part of the success of your event is selling tickets to your guests. Tickets, as we all know, allow entry into your event, so your guests can learn, grow and have a great time overall. Selling tickets also comes with registration for your guests. Event registration allows you and your company to have access to information and demographics of your guests. With this information, your company has a better understanding of the likes and dislikes of your guests and you will be able to tailor a future event to the needs of your guests! 

How To Choose The Right Event Ticketing Software

Choosing an event platform that directly aligns with your event needs will be beneficial for everyone. It’s important to pick one that will allow your attendees to undergo a flawless ticket purchasing experience and a software that will provide great service with it! If your guests have a great experience, they will be more likely to return to any future events. 

1. Choose One That’s User - Friendly 

When creating an event, the registration and ticketing page needs to be user friendly! Nobody likes a busy website or a frustrating purchasing process. Keeping the registration process simple will encourage your guests to return to future events. 

2. One That Includes Tiered Ticketing

Using multi tiered ticketing options gives your guests the option to choose which type of ticket they want to purchase! Typically, a 3 tiered ticket option is the most popular for company events. Giving your guests the option to choose between a high, middle, and a low tiered will allow them to choose the package that works best for their price range! Each tier can be priced differently and come with different services! The low tier ticket package is essentially the base model. From there, as each tier goes up, other goods and services can be added, with a slightly higher price point. Some goods that can be included with the ticket package include: swag bags, meet and greets and VIP access for the event. Clearly communicating these levels on the ticket purchasing page will be beneficial for everyone involved. 

3. Offers Early Bird Ticketing 

Early bird ticketing will encourage your guests to buy tickets early! Buying early bird tickets also usually comes with a discount! When creating an early bird ticket option, be sure to add a date for the last day to buy tickets at the early bird rate. Another way to sell early bird tickets is by setting aside a certain number of tickets. By letting your future guests know that there is only a limited number of tickets available at the early bird rate, this will generate more interest within your guests. Keep track of how many tickets sell at the early bird rate, and use that information to sell more tickets in the future. 

4. Easy Cancellation And Refund Management

When hosting events, be mindful that things may pop up, causing your guests to not attend your event. On the other hand, something may pop up on your company’s end and you may need to cancel the event, for whatever reason. If a situation like this arises, having the option to give your guests a full refund will show your guest you truly care and you would like to see them back for future events. When your guests register for an event and move on to purchase tickets, be clear about your refund policy. Depending on which event ticketing software you use, you are able to implement a refund policy or eliminate it altogether. Whichever one you choose, make sure it is clearly communicated on the ticketing page. 

Best event ticketing software

10 Best Event Ticketing Software

Event ticketing software helps to sell tickets as well as track guest information. With this information, you are able to send out email reminders, surveys and any information about future events. No matter if your event is big or small, selling tickets for your event needs to run smoothly and pairing with these event software companies will help your event from start to finish! 

1. Hubilo

Hubilo is an event management company that specializes in hosting virtual, hybrid and in-person events with ease! When it comes to selling tickets, Hubilo can help your company sell the most tickets in a stress-free environment. Hubilo has a tiered ticketing model, letting you customize your ticket levels. Another great perk of using Hubilo as your ticketing software is they accept multiple currencies! Anyone from around the world can purchase tickets to your event and know that their money will be accepted! Using ticket analytics can help you to better understand how well the ticket sales are going and also keep track of the registration. If your company feels inclined to offer discount codes for ticket sales, Hubilo can help with the setting up of that on the purchase page! 

2. Eventbrite

When it comes to setting up your event, Eventbrite allows you to customize your event down to the smallest detail. When it comes to your event, Eventbrite helps to build a loyal customer base, thanks to an easy to use ticketing system. Selling tickets online has never been easier with a QR code ticket. Rather than having your guests print out a physical ticket, their ticket is easily accessible through their smartphone. Eventbrite also has a user friendly app that your guests can download and have everything event related right at their fingertips. Eventbrite also specializes in hosting virtual events. If a virtual event fits the needs of your company, you are able to host a great event while having your full event online! 

3. Bizzabo

Selling tickets to your event helps with audience engagement and will help with the return of your guests in the future. Using an event management platform like Bizzabo will show you important analytics like total registrations and revenue from ticket sales. This information will help you to better understand which events are popular than others. For example, if an event with a guest speaker is selling more tickets than a seminar, you may want to look into acquiring more guest speakers for your event. Bizzabo also allows you to customize your ticket package levels! The “base ticket” allows your guests to get into the event, and from there you can add upgrades with each higher level. 

4. Whova

Planning events are a lot of work to plan and execute. While it takes a lot of work to pull off a great event, the end result is so rewarding! Whova is an event ticketing software that lets you customize your event, exactly to your brand! In terms of the ticketing page, Whova allows you to add discount codes and any add-ons! A registration question form gets sent to every guest that registers and an automated confirmation email gets sent directly to each guest! Once your guest is registered and their tickets have been purchased, a name badge is generated and each guest is given a QR code for quick and easy guest check-in! Whether your event is virtual or in-person, getting your guests registered and checked in on the day of the event makes for a smooth and easy transition right into your event! Whova grants you access to your ticket analytics as well, so you can tailor your content directly to your guests! 

5. Purplepass

If your event is a multi day event, look no further than Purplepass for all of your ticketing needs! Purplepass helps you to customize one ticket that can be used over the course of a few days! This will reduce any confusion for having multiple tickets for multiple day events! Purplepass also has the option to transfer tickets! If your event is being held over the course of 2-3 days, you can customize ticket packages so your guests can buy tickets for one day, or all 3 days! However, things happen, and a guest may have purchased a ticket for the wrong day. If this situation arises, you are able to transfer the tickets for the guest to the correct day! The guest will receive a new ticket for the correct day, without having to purchase an entirely new ticket! 

6. ETix

Whatever your industry may be, you are going to have all different types of events! ETix has a wide variety of industries to choose from, and they can be completely catered to your brand! Using their exceptional client care and a selection of core values, tickets for your event will sell themselves! An event dashboard allows you access to manage the ticket sales and analytics from the ticket buyers! A customer service representative will be there from the moment tickets go on sale until the end of the event to answer any questions you may have! 

7. Universe 

Describing your event in as many details as possible will help your event ticketing software understand what the tickets are being sold for. A template is provided for you to customize your event ticketing page, and even create a custom URL for your guests to go directly to! Adding a question page at the end of the ticket checkout will help to clear up any confusion for your guests! Thinking of any questions that may be asked and providing an answer for them will help your guests when purchasing tickets! Universe also allows you to add any discount codes you want! Discount codes can be applied for an early bird ticket special, returning guests or first time guests! 

8. ShowClix

ShowClix is an event management platform that works with your company to produce a successful event and even helps with the ticket sales for the event! With tutorial videos on how to set up your ticket purchasing window, you will be selling tickets in no time! With this event platform, you are also able to create a custom complimentary code for your guests to use one time for a discount! ShowClix walks you through the ticket selling process, step by step, to ensure that you sell the most amount of tickets in the easiest way possible! 

9. Event Genius

Event Genius is a globally trusted event platform that reaches countries all over the world. Their self service data platform helps you to sell your tickets in the way you want! This can be done through branding the box office with your company brand and allows you to manage the registration process! If your event calls for assigned seating, your guests can select what seat they want when they register and purchase their ticket! As the event host, you can have all of the analytics of your event right at your fingertips and monitor when necessary! 

10. GrowTix

Nobody likes when the website they’re trying to purchase tickets from redirects them from the original website. When purchasing tickets for your event on GrowTix, there is no redirect! Your guests are able to stay on the same page they went to to buy the tickets! Managing ticket sales has never been easier; as there is only one platform to manage! All of the analytics are in one place, so no need to search an entire website for your information! The great thing about GrowTix is that when you register and purchase tickets, you are able to coordinate transportation to and from the airport if necessary! Events can be held anywhere in the world, and your guests may be coming from all over the world as well to attend your event! Having your guests arrange their transportation before the event even begins will help ease the nerves of arriving in a new city!

How to setup ticketing for your event


Purchasing tickets for any type of event can sometimes be troublesome, but working with the correct software, it doesn’t have to be! Most event platforms allow you to create a custom event, specific to your brand! If your event is large enough to create a tiered ticket system, it allows your guests to choose which package works best for them! Creating custom ticket packages for your guests allows them to decide which package they want, and are able to see what is included in each ticket package before purchasing. The easier you can make event ticket purchasing for your guests, the more likely they are going to return to future events. 

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