BNI Audience Engagement With Hubilo

BNI Successfully Executed Audience Engagement with 1200+ Attendees in a Single Virtual Space with Hubilo

Juhi Purswani
June 15, 2020

Case Study Overview
About BNI
About One Degree Convention

Case Study Overview

Name of Client BNI Location Ahmedabad, India Name of Event One Degree Convention Industry Business Networking Hubilo Product Used Virtual Event Platform No. of Attendees 1200+ Event Date 30th April - 2nd May

ChallengesSolutionsProvide a large audience of more than 1200 people with a single space to network Virtual Event Platform with 1 to 1 networking option and exhibitor lounge Providing a virtual space for exhibitors that translates into leads for them Detailed exhibitor profiles which were mapped with the exhibitor staff members & multiple tables at the exhibitor lounge area designated for the exhibitors  Sponsor visibility Hubilo’s Virtual Platform provides multiple options to showcase sponsors and their branding Managing parallel tracks and ‘n’ no. of sessions 3 accounts for zoom to manage 3 parallel tracks with varied attendee licenses as required.

About BNI

BNI Ahmedabad comprises of highly esteemed business professionals representing businesses operating throughout Ahmedabad. The business professionals meet every week to help grow business for one another and support the local economy by passing business referrals to each other.

About One Degree Convention

One Degree Convention was one of the largest virtual conventions in India and has definitely setup a benchmark for knowledge sharing and networking in a virtual future.


1.   Provide a large audience of more than 1200 people with a single space to network

Event Network Lounge

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BNI Ahmedabad events and conventions often see an influx of a large number of attendees like more than 1000 people in their organized events. So, one of the biggest challenges while providing a virtual conference platform for One Degree Convention was to provide a space big enough for all attendees to network with one another.

Since this wasn’t a physical event wherein you can choose a venue depending on the audience influx but the same was to be reflected in the virtual venue, audience engagement was the biggest challenge.

2.   Providing a virtual space for exhibitors that translates into leads for them

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What’s the one aspect which motivates exhibitors to go and exhibit their products and services in a virtual event? The answer is to collect Leads. This was quite a challenge to accomplish in a virtual space.

For physical events, there are multiple tools in the market for lead retrieval and exhibitor solutions. The same was to be implemented in the virtual event platform. To know how we managed to overcome this challenge, jump to the solution.

3.   Sponsor visibility i.e. How to provide the best use case to sponsors?

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I Mark Event Sponsor

BNI is known to help create and nurture business growth and opportunities and sponsors play quite an important role in the growth. Ensuring a greater value of money to sponsors regardless of the nature and medium of the event is another challenge.

Event organizers constantly provide their sponsors with a superior platform to scout professional talents. Sponsors get brand visibility and also new prospects either for hiring or improving engagement. Normal web conferencing platforms fail to meet these requirements. Hence, virtual event platform was an alternative to this.

4.   Managing parallel tracks and # no. of sessions

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One Degree Convention had 3 parallel tracks with 20+ sessions altogether which needed to be managed parallel. When we talk about this situation in the physical event, there are multiple conference and session rooms wherein the attendee could visit their choice of a session and listen to their speakers. The exact same scenario was to be implemented in the virtual event. For attendees, they could choose which session to listen to. So to manage the parallel tracks was quite a challenge. To know how we came around this challenge, jump to the solution.


1.   Virtual Event Platform with 1-1 option and Exhibitor Lounge

To keep up with the audience engagement in virtual space for 1000+ attendees, Hubilo has built a great feature in their virtual event platform tool i.e. exhibitor lounge. So for BNI event audience this feature was a boon. The attendees of One Degree Convention had a great opportunity to connect with one another via one-to-one chat option. They could also set up the meeting and take a table to do their meeting at the exhibitor lounge. Attendees can grab a seat at the networking table and video chat with other people.

2.   Dedicated Exhibitor Profiles, Mapping & Exhibitor Tables in the Lounge

To implement the lead management and lead retrieval part of the event from exhibitor’s end, Hubilo’s virtual event software helped in the following ways.

Catepillar Exhibitor Profile
  • Displaying digital exhibitor profiles
  • Mapping exhibitor staff members with the exhibitors profile
  • Arranging more tables in the exhibitor lounge area designated for the exhibitors

Implementing these features in the virtual platform, helped exhibitors who were a part of the convention to network with the audience & generate leads for their own services and products.

3. Improving Sponsors Visibility

Virtual Platform provided by Hubilo offers an exclusive space similar to a physical booth during an offline event. Sponsors could set up their profiles, list services, and their associates could send and receive meeting requests and business cards. Sponsors can utilize the following features:

  • Ability to add multiple banners
  • Sponsors get their individual profiles with categorization and sizes according to their sponsorship
  • Sponsor tables could be assigned wherein a sponsor could explain his product or something
  • A sponsor post could be pinned on the top of event feed section
  • and so on….

4.    Multiple Zoom Accounts to Manage Parallel Tracks

Zoom Account For Tracking

To help BNI successfully implement parallel sessions and tracks for their convention of 2 days, Hubilo got 3 accounts for Zoom to manage the 3 parallel tracks with varied attendee licenses. With this done, the event organizer didn’t have to worry about the agenda management and attendees could choose whichever session they needed to attend and just be a part of it.


With the 2 day event seamlessly done and 24 hours round the clock customer support, Hubilo managed to take attendee networking experience to another level in just 10 days. Successfully executing One Degree Convention, lifted up the spirits of both the organizer and Team Hubilo.

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Juhi Purswani

Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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