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Why do organisations hold business conferences?

Hiteshree Dudani
February 6, 2017

It costs organizations money, workforce, and a lot of other resources to host considerably large business conferences. They have to get various things done. From tech to leisure to hospitality β€” they have to involve different industries to host a successful conference.

Then, why do organizations host such events? Why do they make all those efforts?

The answer is extremely simple.

β€œBecause it is an investment.”


Why hosting a business conference is like an investment?

1. It establishes or enhances your brand name.

The significance of establishing brand repute is acknowledged by almost everyone in the business industry. Your brand name is what drives consumers to you.

Hosting a large-scale business conference will help you establish the name or enhance it further. The industry will know your brand and thus there will be a positive impact on your repute.

2. Β A lot of professional connections can be built.

What can be a better opportunity to build some profitable professional contacts than while they are all standing under your roof? Since the professionals from your industry are your guests, you have already established a relationship with them. Strengthen it during or post the event and you can have very strong connections.

3. A lot of profitable brainstorming and idea generation can take place.

Business conferences are all about discussing pre-decided issues. Now the people of your company more or less have the same thought pattern.

There would be a particular direction in which they look for ideas. But when you get the opportunity to interact with other companies, you can understand how their thought process works. This brainstorming can generate a lot of ideas for your business.

4. You emerge out as a leader in your industry.

As mentioned, hosting a business conference is not a piece of cake. Not everyone has the ample capital and resources and thus, not everyone can arrange such an event. But if you do it, you are surely going to surface as a thought leader.

5. You can use your leadership to find solutions to the problems of the industry.

Government policies, changing market, and 100 other things can be a threat to the entire industry you belong to. In such situations, companies have to unite to find a solution to them.

Hosting business conferences while targeting such issues can actually help the industry solve the problem and being a leader you can even influence the solution to your favor.

6. You can attract a handsome lot of investments.

Quite an essential aim of business conferences like the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is to attract investments. And the idea has been largely successful as well. Every year a lot of multinational companies visit conferences like the VG Summit and make investments in the concerned organization, in this case β€” the state of Gujarat.

7. You can find some potential start-ups to invest in.

The flow of investments isn’t unidirectional. Not only can you receive investments but you can also find companies or start-ups worth investing in.

There are many other advantages of hosting a business conference. Plus, accounting to event technology, organizing an event isn’t that big a deal these days as it was in the past.

An efficient event management software like Hubilo can help you manage the entire internet presence of your event with just a few clicks. In less than 30 minutes you can have your event website, event application, e-mail and social media campaigning, registration forms, and everything else ready. Thus, you can avail the benefits of hosting business conferences without the hassles.

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Hiteshree Dudani

Hiteshree Dudani is an event tech enthusiast who has successfully organised many eminent events. The list includes charity events, youth fests, seminars, workshops and a lot more. She is currently associated with the event technology company Hubilo. She works for the company's blog which has a wide range of useful content for event planners, event techies and event marketers.

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