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40 Companies to approach for Event Sponsorship.

May 2, 2017

Business is embracing the idea of shared marketing greatly. Businesses, big or small, are happy to sponsor events which are relevant to their ideas. They are always looking for ways to get the word out about their products or services, and teaming up with the sponsee is a great way to do that.

Pro tip: Showcase the visitor profile of your event attendees in your sponsorship proposal categorized in age group, city of residence, and other such details. This excites brands since they get appropriate demographic information about their target audiences.
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Virtual Pro Tip for Event sponsorship:

Event organizers can get enterprise brands to sponsor virtual events only if they can showcase the value of the event to the stakeholders. How can you potentially do that? With virtual event platform similar to a live event you just need to prove to a sponsor that investing in this event would yield into some measurable ROI.

There are plenty of ways a sponsor can be of great help. But this will happen only if you approach the right kind of people.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the Top Sponsors in India from sectors such as technology, healthcare, IT, engineering and many more. Have a look!

1. Google India- Google is extensively known for sponsoring events regarding technology. It has been a big supporter of IIT Techfests and Developers Meet around India. If you are a non-profit organization, it also has Google Grant Programme. Reach out to them here.


2. Amazon Web Services- A subsidiary of, Amazon Web Services is a provider of on-demand cloud computing platforms. It has been web partner with many eminent organisations and one of them is TiE. You can connect with them here.


3. Ernst & Young- EY is known for sponsoring and partnering with events and conferences ranging from Entrepreneurship, Healthcare and many more. Contact them here.


4. Microsoft- Microsoft is one of the world’s leading IT companies that develops, manufactures, licenses and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computing services. It sponsors various sports and IT events mainly dealing with innovation and growth in the field of technology. Think your event meets the description? You can contact them here.


5. IBM- IBM has been big supporter of technology conferences. They themselves have been organizing virtual conferences on leveraging internet in various fields. Get in touch with them here.


6. Deloitte- Deloitte sponsors events ranging from real estate, technology to business. So, next time you are planning an event, don’t forget to give them a call. Connect with them here.


7. JPMorgan- J.P. Morgan is a proud sponsor of non-profit activities, arts and culture organizations, and sporting events globally. Contact them here.

JP Morgan

8. Chase- Chase assists clients with philanthropic interests who are looking to give back to their communities, foster a charitable legacy and make a difference in the world. Sounds something like what you do? Connect with the here.


9. McDonalds- McDonald’s reaches out to every level of sport, from the international level of the Olympic Games to local minor hockey. It believes in sport as a way to encourage our children to incorporate activity into their daily lives. Connect with them here.


10. Puma- This German sports apparel company is known to have been sponsoring Olympics since a long time. So, next time if you’re planning any sports event, you know whom to approach.You can reach out to them here.


11. PepsiCo- This multinational food and beverage giant are known to sponsor major sports events, the biggest one being the Indian Premier League (IPL). The company offers sponsorship to sports events, targeted mainly towards the youth. If you think your event fits the bill, you can contact them here.


12. Redbull- One of the pioneers in energy drinks, Redbull is a major sponsor of sports and cultural events. It sponsors adventure sports events, races, marathons and urban dance and music events. If you think they’re the one to approach for your event, you can contact them here.


13. Nokia- This Finnish company is one of the leading multinational communications corporations with innovations in the field of communications which sponsors various conventions, seminars, and expos dealing with technology, networking & communications as well as energy and sustainability, If you think they’re the right fit for your event, you can approach them here.


14. Bridgestone- Founded in Japan, Bridgestone is a multinational company that manufactures auto and truck parts. The company sponsors various sports events, mainly racing as well as auto expos. Have an event that could go well with their profile? You can contact them here.


15. DHL Express- DHL is a logistics company that has a wide range of sponsorship portfolio ranging from motorsports, business, lifestyle to fashion. It aims to promote its logistics expertise using these events as a platform to do so. They entertain a wide range of sponsorship requests due to this diverse portfolio. You can contact them here.

DHL Express

16. Johnson & Johnson- Johnson & Johnson is an American pharmaceutical company that manufactures medical devices as well as various consumer packaged goods. The company is involved in multiple philanthropy initiatives and sponsors various such charitable events as well as healthcare conferences. You can approach them for your charitable event or healthcare event here.

Johnson & Johnson

17. LG Electronics- LG electronics is South-Korean company that is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic goods in India. The company mainly sponsors sports events, one of the largest one being the Cricket World Cup. Looking for a sponsor for your sports event? You can get in touch with LG Electronics here.

LG electronics

18. HTC- HTC is a major consumer electronics company, known mainly for its mobile phones. Over the years, HTC has sponsored various sports events and major league games, with its recent focus being on e-sports. Searching for a suitable sponsor for your sports event? Contact them here.


19. Realme- Realme is one of the leading electronics companies based out of China operating in India and manufacturing consumer electronics i.e. FMCD. The company mainly sponsors sports events and college fests, one of their recent sponsorship was IIT-B Mood Indigo . Think they fit the profile? You can approach the for sponsorship here

20. Land Rover- Land Rover is a British automobile company that specializes in manufacturing four-wheel drive vehicles. The company is a proud sponsor of multiple sports events including rugby, polo, etc as well as automobile expos. Looking for a major sponsor for your event? You can get their contact details here.

Land Rover

21. JIO Digital Life- A Reliance Communications company, Jio has emerged as a major brand in terms of smart devices, broadband services, applications, etc. Jio sponsors various events from award shows, sports events, tech seminars to tradeshows. If you think they can help you out in terms of sponsorship, contact them here

eliance Communications company, Jio

22. Hero Motocorp- Hero Motocorp, formerly known as Hero Honda, is one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheeler in India. It sponsors various sports events such as cricket, hockey, etc. If you think they’re the right fit for your sports event, you can contact them here.

Hero Motocorp

23. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance- Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is a private insurance company. It has sponsored multiple sports events in the past, including cricket. Apart from this, the company also sponsors various conferences and seminars related to finance. Looking for a suitable sponsor for your event? If you think this company’s the right match, contact them here.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

24. Red FM- A popular radio channel, Red FM is known to sponsor various award shows, marathons and music festivals. However, Red FM also sponsors forums, conferences and seminars related to media and the entertainment industry. Have an event that requires such a sponsors? You can contact them here.

Red FM

25. Aditya Birla Group- The Aditya Birla Group is a multinational conglomerate operating in various sectors such as fibers, metals, chemicals, apparels, fertilizers, etc. It sponsors various conferences, conclaves and seminars related to governance, finance, etc. You can approach them for sponsorship here.

Aditya Birla Group

26. UFI- The Global Association of Exhibition Industry- UFI The Global Association of Exhibition Industry is a global associate for the exhibition industry as well as a major tradeshow organizer. Apart from organizing events such as exhibitions, conferences seminars, etc., UFI also provides sponsorship opportunities for multiple events year round. You can contact them here.

UFI The Global Association of Exhibition Industry

27. Nestle- Nestle is one of the leading multinational brands associated with wellness, nutrition and health products. Nestle provides sponsorship opportunities to events focused on water, rural development and nutrition. Have an event with a similar theme? You can contact them for sponsorship here


28. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India (ONGC)- Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India (ONGC) is a central public enterprise under the government of India. As a part of its corporate social responsibility, ONGC sponsors various conferences, seminars, workshops etc. related to energy, education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, etc. You can contact them for sponsorship here.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India (ONGC)

29. General Electric- General electric (GE) is a multinational conglomerate that is involved in a wide range of sectors ranging from aviation, transport, healthcare, renewable energy to lifestyle. It has a versatile sponsorship portfolio including sports events, business events, IT events, etc. You can contact them here

General Electric

30. Ericsson- Ericsson is one of the world’s leading telecommunications and equipment companies. Its focus is mainly on the IT industry, especially cloud technology. It sponsors various projects and events in the IT and media fields. If you think your event fits the company’s requirements, you can contact them here.


31. WIPRO- WIPRO technologies is one of the world’s leading global information technology companies. Recently, WIPRO has sponsored multiple sports events. Apart from this, the company also sponsors conferences, summits, seminars, etc. related to IT industry as well as leadership. You can approach them for sponsorship here.

WIPRO technologies

32. SAP- SAP is a German software company dealing mainly with software development for business operations and customer relations. It sponsors various events related to IT and business apart from various sports and entertainment events. Looking for a suitable sponsor for your event? You can get their contact details here


33. Accenture- Accenture is a major global management consultancy and professional services company that provides multiple strategies, operations, digital and technological business solutions. Accenture has a versatile portfolio when it comes to sponsorship including sports events, arts events as well as business and finance conferences, summits, seminars, etc.. You can approach them for sponsorship here.


34. CISCO- CISCO systems is a multinational conglomerate that manufactures and sells networking software. It is associated with major sports events such as the NBA and Olympics. A major IT giant, CISCO also sponsors many events related to the IT industry. It also sponsors various business events. If you think your event can add on to their portfolio, you can approach them for sponsorship here

CISCO systems

35. Pfizer- Pfizer is an American multinational pharmaceutical company based in New York. It sponsors various public health and safety as well as other healthcare events. They also sponsor certain special events. Looking for a sponsor for your next healthcare event? You can contact them here


36. Sanofi- Sanofi is a multinational pharmaceutical company based in France. It provides sponsorship of activities and events of various internal, external and non-profit organizations in the field of healthcare. It supports various educational and philanthropic events of various academic and medical institutions as well. You can approach them for sponsorship here.


37. Unilever- Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational company dealing with Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products. It sponsors various events ranging from sports, culture, arts to business. It sponsors events concerning its brand portfolio that contains various lifestyle as well as food and beverage products. Think your event meets their requirements? You can get their contact details here


38. Coca-cola- Coca-cola is an American multinational company that is one the world’s leading beverage corporations, manufacturing and selling a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages. It sponsors a wide range of events and projects related to sports, arts, media and entertainment. If you think your event fits the profile, you can contact them for sponsorship here


39. FedEx- Federal Express (FedEx) is a multinational courier delivery service company based in America. The company mainly sponsors sports events, one its major sponsorship being Formula 1. Looking for a sponsor for your next sports event? You can approach them for sponsorship here


40. Ford Motor Company- Ford Motor Company is one of the world’s leading multinational automobile companies based in America. It sponsors a wide range of sports events as well as automobile expos and exhibitions. Think they’re suitable sponsors for your next major event? You can approach contact them for sponsorship.

Ford Motor CompanyFord Motor Company

FAQs on companies to approach for event sponsorship

  • What is event sponsorship?
    Event sponsorship involves partnering with a company or organization to provide financial support for an event in exchange for brand exposure and marketing opportunities.
  • Why should I seek event sponsorship for my event?
    Event sponsorship can provide additional funding and resources to make your event more successful and impactful. It can also provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and brand exposure and can help build long-term relationships with sponsors.
  • What types of companies should I approach for event sponsorship?
    Companies that align with your event's target audience, industry, or theme are typically the best fit for event sponsorship. This can include companies that sell related products or services, as well as those that have a vested interest in supporting your cause or mission.
  • How do I approach companies for event sponsorship?
    When approaching companies for event sponsorship, it's important to be clear about the benefits they will receive in exchange for their support, and to tailor your pitch to their specific interests and goals. This can include highlighting the audience demographics, marketing and branding opportunities, and other ways they can benefit from being associated with your event.
  • What are some common sponsorship levels?
    Common sponsorship levels include platinum, gold, silver, and bronze, each with its own set of benefits and opportunities for brand exposure and marketing.
  • How do I measure the success of event sponsorship?
    The success of event sponsorship can be measured in several ways, including the number of leads generated, media impressions, social media engagement, and overall return on investment. By setting clear goals and tracking key metrics, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your event sponsorship and make improvements for future events.


All you need to do is to identify the correct sponsor for the kind of event that you’re organizing and formulate a strategy to reel in this sponsor. It’s all about the opportunities.

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