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Organizing Corporate Events: Learning from EO Mumbai's Recent Event

Himani Sheth
January 8, 2019

Events in the current scenario have far evolved from the simple social gatherings that they used to be. Currently, events are a great tool for corporate to market their brand as well as an effective medium of knowledge exchange and networking.

Being in the event technology space, we have the privilege to power multiple types of events across India and abroad. Having attended some great events in the past year, we always try to bring home some learning that is useful for us to grow and develop in the event space as well as our readers, the event professionals out there to implement in the events they plan and execute.

One such corporate event where our team had the chance to visit onsite on the e-day and learn was EO Mumbai’s ‘An Evening with Ritesh Agarwal.’

About the organizer: EO Mumbai

EO i.e. Entrepreneurs Organization is a global entrepreneurs’ network. It is a non-profit organization that encourages peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing for growth. EO has more than 13000+ members, a varied group of members who are influential names in business across 181 chapters spread across 57 countries.

They organize multiple events across the globe to encourage peer-to-peer learning and the growth of youth entrepreneurship. We had the chance to work with the Mumbai chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization for their event ‘An evening with Ritesh Agarwal.’

An Evening with Ritesh Agarwal

The event was a short and to the point affair whereby attendees had the chance to attend a very insightful session by the founder of OYO Rooms, Ritesh Agarwal. The main aim of the event was for young entrepreneurs to learn from Agarwal’s journey and to get some insights in terms of how to succeed on the path of entrepreneurship.

Hubilo On Site

Event App Agenda

Hubilo was tasked with developing the multi-event app for the EO Mumbai event along with facilitating a few other event tech aspects in order to help the organizers simplify the event execution process.

Here are the features provided by Hubilo for the event:

1. Multi-event app

As mentioned above, EO Mumbai organizes a range of events for knowledge-sharing in order to fulfil the goal on which the organization is built. For this, Hubilo was tasked with developing a multi-event app for the organization through which they can easily manage all their upcoming events on one single platform.

Multi Event Apps

The event ‘an evening with Ritesh Agarwal’ was also a part of this app. The multi-event app was launched during the said event with a range of useful features including event details, event schedule, event feed, etc. The mobile event app was marketed pre-event and was launched on the day of the event.

2. Event Registrations

Event registrations are one of the most tedious processes when it comes to event planning and management. Hubilo provided its hassle-free event registration and ticketing solution to help organizers simplify the process.

Eveent registration in app

Members were pre-registered on the event app whereby they could log in to the app with simply their email and an OTP that they would receive on the registered email ID. Members could also register for the event on the spot whereby their emails would be added to the database post which they were provided access to the mobile event app.

3. Email Marketing

EO Mumbai decided to opt for email as a medium to market their event and bring in event registrations. They had carefully crafted a pre-event marketing strategy with custom designed banners and graphics in order to create attractive HTML Mailers to be sent out to the members.

The organizers opted for Hubilo’s email marketing solution to execute this event marketing plan, focusing mainly on promoting the multi-event app that was to be launched on the day of the event. A brief email was sent to the attendees with details on the event and the event app along with highlights, important event app features, etc.

4. Live Q&A

EO Mumbai’s event focused mainly on knowledge sharing, encouraging youth entrepreneurship through experience. For this, detailed sessions were conducted as part of the event for which Hubilo provided one of the most engaging event-tech tools i.e. the live Q&A feature.

This was perhaps one of the most utilized solutions on the day of the event whereby attendees could engage with the session and the speaker by asking questions in real-time which were then answered by the speaker. These questions were displayed on the screen set up at the venue and were asked through the event app.

Learning from EO Mumbai’s An Evening with Ritesh Agarwal

A very to-the-point event with the agenda to encourage entrepreneurship and provide some valuable learning to its members, here are a few learning that team Hubilo received by powering the event as well as our on-site experience at the event:

1. A ‘to the point’ event agenda helps optimize attendee interaction

As in the case of EO Mumbai’s event, the ultimate goal of the event was to provide valuable learning to the attendees through interaction with the invited guest speaker. The agenda and schedule prepared for the event were thus quite short and to the point and short.

This ensured that attendees do not face burn out in terms of back to back, unnecessarily long sessions instead of short valuable time with the event speaker accompanied by effective Q&A. This is very important for attendee engagement.

2. Carefully crafted pre-event marketing strategy is effective towards fulfilling the event agenda

The event organizers had a strategy in mind pre-event in terms of what they wished to achieve from this event. This event was not only a knowledge-based affair but also a platform for the event organizers to launch their all-new organization app which would help members engage with all their future events as well.

For this, a pre-event email marketing strategy was put into action which proved effective in helping organizers achieve this goal of maximizing the event app adoption rate on the day of the event as well.

3. Event tech features such as Live Q&A are very useful in knowledge-based events

As mentioned before, sessions that are simply long and one-sided fail to truly engage attendees and in terms do not contribute towards the fulfilment of the event agenda.

Event-tech can be a really effective helping hand in such cases with tools such as Live Q&A which ensure that the sessions are in way two-sided interactions whereby attendees can communicate directly with the event speakers and engage with the learning being imparted.

4. Event app is a great tool for corporate to manage multiple events within a year

For organizations that conduct multiple events within a year, having separate event apps for smarter attendee engagement can prove to be tedious. Organization apps or multi-event apps are a great alternative for such organizations as these apps save them time and money.

All their events can be listed on a single platform, the same platform through which they can also engage their attendees with each individual event as well, This also promotes member interactions on the app and encourage communication and networking among event attendees through set event app features.

These are just a few of our takeaways from attending EO Mumbai’s latest event.

Have you ever attended such a knowledge-based corporate event before? Do share your experience with us. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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