Dont's of Delivering Successful Virtual Events

The Don’ts of Delivering Successful Virtual Events

Murtuza Ali
July 2, 2020

Some mistakes are so costly that you don’t have a chance to rectify them.Event professionals and organizers of virtual conferences, summits, trade shows and meetings are rigorously thinking about how to ensure that they are able to host and deliver successful events.

Whilst you work hard to do things perfectly with brilliant execution, you also need to make sure that you avoid doing certain things for your virtual events.The things you must not do have a clear negative impact on your events, attendees, speakers, and sponsors as well.If you would like to learn how you could make the overall skeleton of your online events strong and admirable, check out the below DON’Ts of hosting and delivering successful virtual events.

  1. Don’t make your virtual event just a one time show

If you want to take huge advantage of your virtual event, don’t make it just a one time event for your audience and attendees.You need to be able to repackage your event content that could further ignore the vigor in the attendees.Get your videos ready, repurpose your session content, make articles on key takeaways from your events, recap blog posts.You can use all those types of content for your marketing strategies too. You can distribute the content to your online communities.Make the event memorable for your audience.

  1. Don’t partner with the wrong virtual event software provider

This is the worst you can do. Partnering with the wrong virtual event software provider will turn your event upside down.There are so many virtual event platforms you can choose from. However, you need to ensure that you are going to choose the right one.Working with the best virtual event software provider should be part of your overall event execution strategy.Consider these:

  • Do your need analysis 
  • Obtain information from various event tech service providers
  • Compare and evaluate different options
  • Check for customers support
  • Have full visibility into all the features of the online event platform
  • Now what kind of customer support you get
  • Technical aspects of the software
  • Etc. 
  1. Don’t forget your exhibitors and sponsors

Your exhibitors and sponsors are also your audience. The exhibitor and sponsors space/booths you provide them with on your best virtual event software/platform carry great value to them.Moreover, involve them in your sponsorship activities and marketing. Once you have a few sponsors and exhibitors book/confirmed, use their names in marketing to attract more sponsors and exhibitors.Provide all the necessary information to them in your sponsorship proposals and deals. Create value for them and deliver.

  1. Don’t leave social media unused

It is fair to say that a good number of event professionals and organizers avoid aggressively exploiting the use of social media channels they have.Social media is incredibly important in the digital world. Your audience and attendees are online and thus you should be there too.LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels play a big role in spreading the news and buzz of your events and dragging your attendees into buying your event tickets.Entertaining and educative posts and content sharing on social media platforms help you boost your brand awareness, brand image and create trust.

  1. Don’t ignore to craft compelling stories for your marketing

Storytelling is the best tool for marketing your events. People remember stuff by recalling stories you told them.Stories can be in the form of anything - attendee testimonial, sponsor testimonial, key takeaways, case studies, etc.Start drafting compelling stories and use them for your marketing purposes. Create blogs, case studies, videos, etc and share them with your online community members and on your social media platforms.You may also have email addresses of your attendees - you can keep them engaged even after your event is over by providing them with valuable information and content they care most about.

  1. Don’t neglect testing and dry runs

When you organize virtual events, you are going to be using an online event management software for all different types of activities and operations. Like - session hosting, speaker lounge, engagement & networking, interactions with sponsors and exhibitors, etc.Your tech use will be higher for your virtual conferences, summits, trade shows and meetings. Hence you need to ensure that there are not glitches or technical issues during events.Thus the best way to keep in up and running is to do multiple tests and dry runs before your events.A good virtual event technology provider helps you with it. Your customer support manager ensures that they do testing of various functionalities of the best virtual event software by involving you, your speakers and your sponsors.This will allow you to spot any issues and resolve them beforehand. This will further enable you to ensure that your event operations and production are smooth without any hassle.

  1. Don't be uncreative 

Events are meant to be creative for your audience.Being uncreative with your virtual events will add to the disinterest of your attendees.When you host online events, you need to be although more creative with your events.

Creative Mind For Virtual Event

You can become super creative with these top 10 virtual event management software features.Consider these: how you can add more fun and entertainment to your event engagement and networking. How you can make your speaker session more compelling. How you get your attendees talking about your event before they go live. How they remember your events forever, etc.Creativity will create fascination for your audience and they will be captivated and engaged in your events.Final thought

Keep in mind that you require to avoid all the things that could potentially harm you or your overall virtual event operations. Because the intensity of fear of losing is always higher than the hope of achieving.

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