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January 21, 2022

We live in an always-connected world where multiple things fight for our attention. From enticing shopping offers to social media notifications and screaming full inboxes, digital distraction is really at your fingertips. That means, as an event organizer, you are competing with the endless tabs of distractions to make your event successful. So, how do you cut through the noise and keep your attendees' attention?While you might think having compelling event content alone can help you engage your attendees (it can, to a degree!), you need to go beyond that to give your attendees an immersive, well-rounded event experience.Before we dive into the solution, let's see some more challenges you might face with attendee engagement besides perpetual distractions.

Attendee engagement challenges

Short attention spans

People's attention span has been declining for years, and especially with the rising on-screen fatigue, people quickly lose interest in a session and start multitasking.

No sense of belonging

Unless you collect your attendees' feedback/suggestions and involve them in ongoing conversations, they won't feel valued and part of the event. Visual cues are out of the equation with attendees' webcams turned off. So you need to find innovative ways to collect your attendees' feedback, know how they feel about your event, and gain their commitment.

Lack of fun and interaction

It can be challenging to get your audience to interact, have fun, and engage in meaningful conversations with each other in a virtual event. In addition, the fun part of a buzzing physical event goes missing. When the sessions are merely one-way, presentation-style video conferencing, attendees quickly drop off and never return to your future events.  If you face the above challenges, we can help you tackle them with our newest addition, Embed Your App. You can now connect various custom or third-party apps to make your events on Hubilo more engaging.

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Introducing Embed Your App

With Embed Your App, you can easily connect some of the best apps available for engagement, gamification, virtual photo booth, social media, and more to your event and sessions. And your attendees can seamlessly interact with them as a part of your event.As a result, your attendees are never bored, and they give their maximum attention to your event. You can also connect to apps you use every day for feedback, polls, or surveys to capture valuable inputs from attendees and display interesting stats to make your sessions more informative.Let's see more ways you can tie an app to boost engagement at your events.

Ideas to engage your attendees

engage audience with Hubilo & apps

Embed Your App enables you to integrate various custom or third-party apps to your event using an iframe. Here are some examples to help you get started:

Add more fun with gamification

Gamification is a great way to motivate your attendees, influence their behavior, and achieve event goals. Connect the gamification app Kahoot! to conduct exciting quizzes, games, and contests and keep up the event's momentum throughout the day.

Leverage your social channels

Adding social media feeds at your event helps attendees share their favorite event moment with the world. Connect social wall app Walls.io to add your social media accounts to the event feed and amplify your event's reach. This way, you earn public shout-outs and user-generated content for your brand.

Conduct interactive surveys & polls

Collecting feedback is critical to make the attendees feel valued and determine the success of your event. You don't have to make your attendees switch between tabs to provide feedback anymore; connect Slido to quickly engage your attendees with live polls, Q&A, and surveys from within the event interface.

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Add a virtual photo booth

Virtual photo booths are your free photographers—collect and display photos from your attendees on your feed to make their event experience more memorable. Integrate with Snapbar to let your attendees capture and share themed selfies from your event on their social media.

Include real-time language translation

Make all your attendees feel included by offering real-time language translation. Connect apps like Kudo or Interprefy to enable attendees to experience your event in their preferred language.

Enhance the hybrid event experience

Give your in-person attendees the power to explore different booths and sessions and plan their session path. Connect with ExpoFP to give your attendees access to an interactive floor plan, filter the plan by booth, company, or category, and bookmark booths they want to visit.

The possibilities are endless

event Contests

Hubilo's Embed Your App offers extreme flexibility and opens up numerous new ways for you to engage your attendees.You can choose and connect apps to your event based on your needs. Let's say you are hosting a fundraiser event. In that case, you can integrate with GoFundMe to raise awareness for your cause and allow your community members to learn more about your mission and contribute to it.Besides using standalone apps, you can also use a combination of apps to power your overall engagement. For instance, you can ask attendees to post their game scores (powered by Kahoot!) and selfies (taken via Snapbar) on the social wall (by Walls.io) to increase your event's digital footprint further.Curious to see our out-of-the-box integrations? Take a look Want to see this feature in action? Book a personalized demo right away!

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